The medicine does nothing!

Once again I find myself under attack from the pollen of the world.

I’m taking Claratyne and finding it less than effective. It made me a bit better on Saturday and Monday but today it’s overwhelmed. There are just too many allergens in the atmosphere. I am a nose-blocked sneezing itchy eyes sleepy achey mass of hayfever.

Might mosey over to the chemist and see if they can’t suggest something else. I got Claratyne because my Dad bought it on my behalf and it was on special.

Tonight is High Society night. I may sleep through it, although I like the movie so much I won’t want to. So, once again I feel bleh.

At home I’m reading my new Fruits Basket mangas, at work (in lunchbreaks) I am reading through my pile of strong female lead books. At the moment it’s the first one in the Magic Treehouse series which has a male and female pair as lead characters. The girl is definitely the braver of the two but the make is the main character and it’s pretty much from his point of view. Not ideal in other words.

Librarian Jenni

Yesterday at the library I talked to the mother of an 8 year old girl who wants to be a boy. When asked why she wants to be a boy, she replied that boys get to do all the ‘cool stuff’ they get to go on adventures, be pirates and action heroes and generally be cool.

In all the tv and movies and books this 8 year old has encountered she has found no girls doing this kind of thing. Her mum wanted to know if there were any books we could recommend that show girls being the action hero.
The books that came to mind first for me were The Paperbag Princess by Robert Munsch and The Ordinary Princess by M.M. Kaye because of the stereotype reversal and because Paperbag princess was my favourite book when I was a kid.

Then I thought of the obvious solution: Tamora Pierce books!

I especially recommended Alanna: the First Adventure because of the whole girl has to pretend to be boy to do these things and because it’s a fantastic book. Hopefully the kid will get into it and read the whole series and I can put her onto First Test as well.

The only other ones I could think of were Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine and a bunch of Young Adult novels that would be beyond an 8 year old. I went ahead and told her mum about The Changeover by Margaret Mahy anyway because that’s cool.

It was a worrying exchange though, her mum is a dedicated feminist and her heart was breaking because her daughter thinks that being a girl is boring and useless. It was much harder to think of good kid’s movies that show a string female lead action hero. They’d already tried and rejected Spy Kids, Thunderbirds and a bunch of other stuff. I suggested Kim Possible but that’s all I had.

Leave all thoughts of expectation to the weatherman

My mother is visiting. This means I must clean the house. She always has this effect on me, and I wish I didn’t care as much. I don’t seem to mind my house being a dumpy pigsty when my friends come round and some of them are just as likely as my Mum to comment on it, but I dunno. Mum’s house is always a shining tidy example of clean and I grew up with that.

My problem is really that I have no time between now and her showing up. Tonight we’re going straight out after work to see the Tia Returned and likely I’m gonna want to sleep in tomorrow before Mum arrives at about 11am. Hmmm. Maybe if we don’t stay out too late I can vacuum when I get home. Oh the excitement of me!

all the people that I know
the apartment down below
busy with their starring roles
in their own tragedies

Last night I did tidy the lounge and mostly cleared up the table. There is rubbish waiting to be removed to the rubbish room (can do this on the way out tonight) and Lee cleaned the kitchen some. I did all our washing including sheets (Not that Mum is likely to check those, that was purely for my benefit. I love clean sheets) so really it’s just cleaning the floors and giving the bathroom a quick once-over.

Today at lunchtime I read the first book of Frank Miller’s Sin City. It was awesome. I must now go and study pictures of the movie and see who everyone is being. I suspect Elijah Wood is playing a seriously freaky scary Mo-fo.
By contrast the CardCaptor Sakura manga that I own are heartwarming and lovely and squee! They’re the second series so a lot of stuff is coming together and resolving and last night had a very lovely Toya/Yuki moment that made me cry in the anime and yep, made me cry last night too.

I’ve been doing what I’m told
I’ve been busy growing old
and the days are getting cold
but that’s alright with me

I love this weather, crisp and clear and bright but I hate that I have to stay inside and I can’t enjoy it. I also hate that my hayfever has come back. Tomorrow before the Mum arrives I’m going to nip to the chemist for some sweet sweet medicine. I’m thinking pills this time, can anyone recommend anything fast acting and not side-affecty?

Sunlight sends you on your way
those restless thoughts that turn to yesterday
never be afraid of change
Call you on the phone
I hate to leave you on your own
I’m coming home today

~Bic Runga, Listening for the Weather

Pleasant surprises

Pieces of April is a much better movie than any of us expected. It’s witty, really funny, sad and heartwarming. I loved all the characters and the reactions and the solutions. I’m thinking that’s a DVD purchase.

Ordered some new manga. Bad Jenni. Now I am waiting very impatiently for it to arrive.

I have nearly finished reading Girl with a Pearl Earring which is very very good. Compelling and arty and makes me think of the movie and want to watch it again.

Busy weekend ahead: Catch up with Tia on Friday night, Mother and Sister visiting for scrapbooking on Saturday, Hix’s birthday party Saturday night. Thankfully Sunday is empty. It will be a very lazy day I predict.

Rest of the Movies

On Sunday after playing a heap of Civ3 (I won by game purely on score at retirement year last night for those who have been following my game with baited breath) we saw two movies at the Embassy:

36, Quai des Ofevres which is the only *French* hardboiled cope drama I’ve seen. It was astoundingly well made, slick and crisp. The action scenes brutal but fast, the acting top notch. The story follows two rival cops who want the same promotion. One is a self-serving ‘straight cop’ who will bend the rules to get ahead. The other is a very effective cop who uses gangland style methods and is well liked by his team. It was sorta like LA Confidential except that the characters were many more shades of grey and it was set in present day France….

Then we sawBroken Flowers which is Jim Jarmusch’s (Coffee and Cigarettes) new film. It was awesome. Bill Murray plays an aging bachelor who finds out via an anonymous letter that he has a son. He has five options for which girlfriend of 20 years ago it could be and goes to see them. Classic social comedy full of great characters, set pieces and awkward silences. I’ve never seen full frontal nudity used to such good comic effect as in this movie. 5 stars, 5 Babylons, ten out of ten. Can’t wait to own the DVD!

Lee also liked it, so there you have it.

movie weekend

Busy weekend!
The Machinist is a very very good movie. Not much I can say about it without spoilers but I loved it and recommend it for people like me who enjoy mind-fuck films.

Animation Now! was its usual mixed-bag self. I kinda hated a couple of them, I loved a couple and the rest were enjoyable and forgettable. I found myself realising during the screening that I’ve seen so many animated short films now, and I remember only a few. The ones I really liked I remember and the ones that really disturb me. My favourite one on Saturday was called the Mysterious Geographical Explorations of Jasper Morello. You can see the art style here. It’s all silhouette steampunk flying machine fun, looking forward to that becoming available on DVD.

Final Fantasy Live Game on Saturday was way fun. I felt pretty in my outfit although the body fishnet made my vinyl bustier a little…slippy-downy. The fights were great fun, three people from the party lining up in battle pose and then running foward, performing their attack and then rejoining the line in true FF style. Performing victory dances was also fun, although I think Giffy gets the most-appreciated prize for her one.

My other favourite parts were the scenes with one or two characters walking through and everyone else stayed in the same place and had one or two lines that they’d say if the player approached them. It was so fun being the person wandering around and being a person with one line. Especially since the line I got to repeat was quite ominous and cool.
more later. lunch now.