Happy Monday!

Got my corsets, and they are so pretty! I haven’t had a good look at them as it’s not the sort of thing I really want to pull out at work. The red and black one looks Moulin Rouge fabulous and I’m very excited to get home and try them on!
Trademe is so great but so terrible too.

The weekend was a good getting things done weekend. I bought my wedding dress fabric, lining, thread and zip and delivered them to the World’s Greatest Mother In Law who had refined the mock-up a bit more and man, it’s looking nice. Soon-to-be Father in Law was quite impressed I think!

We also put in a deposit on my wedding ring and it’d being custom-made as you read this (hopefully). It’s nice and cheap and should look quite elegant with a carved koru to compliment the squirlies on my engagement ring. I am sans ring right now because they need it to match the wedding one to. I feel quite strange without it although it’s easier for washing/moisturising etc.

It feels good to get things checked off the mental list, and my wedding book is getting full. I talked to my sister yesterday about some of the things the celebrant mentioned to us and she showed me a Dr Suess inspired wedding vow: “Will you love her all your life? Will you take her for your wife?”

Flying Burrito Brothers is yummy. I had the lamb tostadas and they were so good. I wanna go back there for more food. Maybe order an entree as a main so I have space for dessert. The churros will be mine!

One bad thing from the weekend: had a funny turn where something caught in my throat and I couldn’t breathe properly for about an hour. I felt weak and strange and I was quite worried, but after a sitdown, lunch and some drink I felt more or less normal. It hasn’t happened again since, so I think I’m alright but it was worrisome.

Spent yesterday afternoon watching Clone High, Justice League Unlimited and Vernonica Mars. I liked all three, but I’m not sure about the last one for re-watching. It was pretty hardcore, but fun all the same. Will have to watch some more and decide later.

Point Of Fashion: Supergirl undercover for Hallowe’en
Current Obsession: Corsets

wake me up when September ends

Corpse Bride is neat. It’s very much Tim Burton and very much his schtick of dead people and dancing skeletons and beautiful boys with black hair….the songs are a bit forgettable although I did love the piano stuff and the harpsichords in the first musical riff.

I was a bit annoyed that maybe he’d done a Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas again and have the girl be well intentioned but ineffectual but then I realised that *all* the characters are ineffectual and then it was fine.

Oh! and the trailers for Narnia and Harry Potter? can I just say: I NEED to see these films NOW! AAArgh! *runs off screaming and tearing hair until the fanigirl squee is exhausted.

Current Music: Greenday


The whole Pania of the Reef being stolen thing made me laugh until I realised they’d actually misquoted the *original legend* in the newspaper. Now I’m just annoyed at the whole big deal that’s being made out of it.
In other news I have adorable photos of my almost niece and her “boyfriend.” Awww! (Both just about 2 years old)
Back at work today with the new/old hayfever meds making me feel a million times better. Tonight: nothing much is happening, but I want to see Corpse Bride.
Tomorrow: stuff! Tupperware, then dinner then other people watch Doom while I hold onto my $14 and mock them. Hopefully Giffy is free and I can hang out with her, otherwise it’s over to Mum-in-Laws for more dress stuff…actually Giffy, if you want to accompany me there you are welcome too! (Sure this could all be an email to Giffy, but then what would I blog about???) Then you could see the actual mock-up and not just the picture of it!
ahem. Sunday? Creepy movie? Hanging out?

I really want to see the Corpse Bride. *Le Sigh*
Rachel: I have officially given up on War of the Flowers it’s just too long winded and needs editing. This wouldn’t be a problem except that I seem incapable of skim reading. I think I’ve mentioned this before (although I can’t find where..) but Lee and I had a talk about it last night. He skims huge chunks of the books he reads but I just never got the hang of it. I like to read every word and then I get annoyed if every word isn’t essential to story. In essence: the book was too long and slow so I gave up. Sorry.

Point of Fashion: jeans, tshirt, red corduroy shirt: I am a teenager again!
Current Obsession: what’ll I do tomorrow night?

Insanely grumpy

I was insanely grumpy this morning. I’ve covered it up with cheerfulness at work, which is actually starting to seep through.
It’s lovely and sunny but when I went outside my nose went *sneeze! Sneeze! SNEEZE!* and I was sad.
Last night Lee and I had Nando’s chicken for dinner and it was awesome and I loved it. Then we went out to the back of beyond (Linden) for to meet the lady what’ll marry us. She is just as lovely as I remember and I’m pleased because she gave us a list of things to decide.

Will I change my name: Can I have a popular vote here? I don’t much mind my own name, I think Lee’s last name is quite nice. The idea of having a different last name makes me feel uneasy, although I’m sure I’d get over it. Lee says he truly doesn’t mind either way, so it’s down to me. What do you guys think? I used to feel this way but now I’m feeling kinda ambivalent.

Will my parents walk me down the aisle: None of this creepy outdated “Giving away” crap, but it’d kinda be nice to walk with one or both of them. Must talk to parents, see how they feel.

Those are the two that’ve stuck in my mind. There’s a bunch of other things to consider but I have forgotten them so they can’t have made such an impression on me. Obviously we’re going to have to sort something out about vows…

Point of Fashion: Supergirl tshirt of cheer
Current Obsession: getting stuff sorted out

Chewsday sunshine

It’s very sunny and I’m feeling the hayfever without any meds.

I’m living on the wild side, not medicating. Yeah.
Has anyone got my copy of Lemony Snicket’s a Series of Unfortunate Events book 3: the Wide Window?
I haven’t seen it for months and months and I’m now thinking about replacing it so this is a kind of last ditch effort in the hopes someone actually does have it. It’s got my name written in the front and everything.
I’ve just finished reading the latest Lemony Snicket The Penultimate Peril and although it was funny and neat and exciting I can’t help but think he’s crossed a line into Young Adult content…I won’t say why, because it’s spoilertastic but yeah. Left me feeling pretty weird.

Yesterday Lee, C, Rachel and I saw Travellers and Magicians which I remembered loving in the film festival last year. It was slower than I remembered it being but then in the film festival a lot of what you see is paced differently to the normal Hollywood fare.

After seeing the preview for Murderball and realising that we could watch it when we went home, we all went home and watched Murderball. (Uhm, sorry, I’ve just finished the Snicket book it’s bound to have affected my writing style..) It’s an awesome documentary. Well made, well balanced, tough but surprisingly touching as well. It’s about paraplegic rugby players. Man, that stuff’s hardcore!

I got no crafting done yesterday, but I got on Lee’s non-angry side by doing dishes and washing and washing the duvet which was long overdue I’m sad and repulsed to say. It is now drying in the pseudo-sun by the window, draped over two chairs.

There was no drama at all about opening the bottle of mead. Nothing that needs mentioning. Everything went smoothly.

Point of Fashion: King Kong Crew shirt again
Current Obsession: why do my eyes hurt?
Edit: this week is the last week of the Small World, Big Town exhibition at the Art Gallery. You should really check it out, it’s neat.


I am resisting the urge to post the picture I had taken last night online. The mock up of my wedding dress is very very promising. It actually looks quite elegant in calico with pen lines and revealed seams so I’m feeling quite happy and excited.
Next weekend I shall buy fabric! Lining! Thread! Zip!

To combat the happiness I had my first proper anxiety dream about the wedding: It was a mere two weeks til the wedding and we were doing a rehearsal which turned into the real thing part way through. My bridesmaids (TP and Sok, randomly) and I wanted flowers but hadn’t managed to buy any, so we were running about trying to steal pohutukawa blossoms off trees.
The ceremony was to take place in the overbridge at university but a guy who looked a lot like Richard Attenborough told us it wasn’t allowed and we’d have to use a foyer instead. The bus we’d organised to collect people from in town and deliver them to the wedding arrived carrying only two people which could mean either no one else was coming or everyone was bringing cars and we’d run out of parking.

When I woke up I realised I don’t remember seeing Lee in the dream after the overbridge so presumably he was searching for a venue for the wedding while I was trying to figure out how to cut the branch off a tree without a saw! (The best blossoms were on thick branches).

My weekend has otherwise been restful and pleasant. I have purchased facial mask from Lush, the new Lemony Snicket book and several copies of Cleolinda’s book (one for me, the rest Christmas presents). I did not buy a Midnight Dance Bratz doll even though I want one very much and they’re on sale for $10 off.

I’ve done lots of scrapbooking and no sewing. I intend to sew a few Christmas presents and I should get started on those. I should also design our wedding invitations.

Rachel’s party was very pleasant, good food which I inadvertently stuffed myself with, great company and she seemed to like the pareu I brought back from Rarotonga for her. Hmmm. Still have two shelves free on the new old bookcase. I must be able to find something to go there!

Point of Fashion: King Kong Crew tshirt
Current Obsession: Making the most of the last day of the long weekend

la la la wibble

Weather = teh suXX0rs.
I had a funny dream last night but I haven’t been able to grab it’s tail effectively so it flew away. It did have ponies in it, which I suspect no one is surprised about.

I have put a photo up with all the My Little Ponies I currently own in it. If you fear not the ponies, go forthwith hence. (Is that correct usage of ‘hence’? Do I care?)
I have read books:

Nine Letters Long is the Young Adult sequel to Red Cardigan which is about a girl who receives messages from ghosts. It’s cool. A bit scary but not too bad, compelling…you really want to know what happens next!

Finished volume one of No Man’s Land graphic novel, and must read the novel novel that Hix lent me of the same story. Looks good, and not just because I’m a rabid Batman fangirl who owns novels based on the movies and animated tv show. Not at all.

Graphic novel called Flight appeared in the library and it’s neat. It’s basically a collection of short illustrated stories to do with flying and flying machines and kites and stuff. Little vignettes and gorgeous artwork. I like it a lot.
Have read a couple of chapters into War of the Flowers now so Rachel can be pleased. I suspect I will dedicate a chunk of my weekend to getting through its phone book like mass of pages.

Then (and only then) can I let myself read more of Anansi Boys.

Point of Fashion: Friday. Need sleep.
Current Obsession: 3 hours 45 minutes to go.