More inspiration from a Picture Book

“The Short But Incredibly Happy Life of Riley” sounds good already doesn’t it? By Colin Thompson (one of my absolute favourites) and Amy Lissiat, whom I haven’t met before this is a story about how Riley the rat is happy and people aren’t.
It’s gorgeous and I’m going to steal a bit from it so you’ll see:

“..and one of the silly things about life is that people, who spend so much time not eating what they really want, in places where they don’t want to be, with people they don’t like, usually live for quite a long time. Whereas Riley, who spends all the time eating his favourite food in his favourite place with his favourite friends, only lives for a very short time..(cut here)…the answer is very simple really – you just have to be happy with a lot less.”

Essentially it’s a commenary on the Western ideals of more, now, faster, better, more expensive and how it won’t necessarily make you happier. There’s a great bit about falling in love too.

The pictures are sketchy but not as sketchy as Frog Belly Rat-Bone and Riley the rat is a pleasing shade of purple.
*contented sigh*

Point of Fashion: L337 Librarian, although according to crazy old man I look like a school teacher because of my glasses
Current Obsession: must remember to email my SDC entry when I get home.

If wishes were fishes

I wish I owned a house by a sandy seaside
I wish I were a successful, published author
I wish I owned a high-end digital video camera
I wish I was independently wealthy
I wish my seaside house had a fireplace
I wish I could fly
I wish I had a kitten
I wish I had a whole room just for my craft stuff, and the room would be light with big windows
I wish I could have my friends over for sophisticated dinners at which we did not talk about farts
I wish my friends could all be happy
I wish….

Game quotes (from last week)

I Know, Right? Quotes:
Amythest, some what exasperated: Does *everyone* want to try my lip gloss?

About their English teacher: Mr Henderson is a cop.

Kelly That mint lip gloss is really good!
Amy Thanks, it’s Prada?

Kelly: I’ll recommend a moisturiser to you because you’ll look like a wrinkled prune in two years!

Arizona-Rose, stirring…I’ve never borrowed a sci-fi book off my best friend’s boyfriend.
He’s into sport and he reads! That’s an interesting combination
Yeah so if he injures himself, he’ll still get into college
Yeah, or if he injures himself he’ll know why!

To the Japanese girl: I didn’t know you knew any Japanese!

Jocks: Toga Party!
Sakura: Is it Ok if I go and hang out with him, I mean the mall’s done.
Kelly: sure, we’re only choosing dresses for the BALL.
Amy: My mum threatened to cut up my credit card
Val: awww, that’s pretty harsh. I mean your only credit card.
Amy: I have three.

…not sure how much sense that makes to people who weren’t there, but I did add a little explanationary stuff.

clever title

This week should see me receiving a lot of trademe purchased fabrics, it’s very exciting. One extremely onto it seller has already sent me the stuff, which is lovely!

After finishing the top of the girl baby quilt yesterday I started work on the boy baby quilt, which will be a squarey I Spy quilt. It won’t be quite as long as the girl one which ended up kind of freakishly long, and will be just as bright and colourful. I made the first two squares a bit big so they’re being put aside for an I Spy quilt for someone else.

I am looking forward to receiving the fabrics so I can wash them, iron them and immediately cut them into squares for the quilt. I’m especially looking forward to the planes and helicopters print I paid for this morning!

Lee dropped me at work today since my glasses are unwearable. The sweetie is taking them into an optometrist today for fixing. He was also planning a trip to Kapiti to assemble his Grandparent’s computer, seeing the travel agent to book our honeymoon, consulting his father about bills and finally picking me up from work at 6. I suspect he’s getting everything he can out of the way today so that he can blob out for the rest of the week!

We spent a lot of time yesterday morning looking at airfares and accommodation deals online and the difference we’re paying to go through the travel agent is pretty minimal. I’m pleased because it means we can use it for a wedding register and people can pay whatever they like towards our honeymoon. Huzzah!

The tupperware-ing on Saturday was fun and produced the best chocolates ever omg! I am totally craving them so I’ll have to make some of my own. If only I’d bought the mini muffin flexi form, I could make them so easily! Delish chocolate orange almondy goodness…*sigh*

Murder Mystery evening on Friday was good fun, although I’d like to go again with a different group. Our table was pretty fun but I’m not fond of the random drunkenness of strangers. If it was people I knew that’d be different. (heh.)

What else? This week is looking as busy as last week, which is tempting me to flake out on the Bookcrossers meet-up tonight. I’d like to go but I’m worrying about parking and I don’t want to go out in the cold and what would I do about dinner? It’d be alright if Lee was playing squash because he could drop me off and pick me up on the way back but he’s decided to have a rest tonight so it’s all hard. Moan, whine, complain.

Right. I’m off to eat something.

chatted up

I got chatted up this morning by the nearly-2 year old that P looks after. How does a boy that young impress a girl? Well.
He spoke in a monotone, a bit lower than his normal voice and reeled off the following words: “digger tractor concorde jump-jet shark”.

See? That’s all his favourite things! What girl’s heart didn’t just melt?

actually there may have been two sharks at the end there, when I think about it. I know he was trying to chat me up because P said he’d tried it on a little girl at the swimming pool earlier. She apparently wasn’t very impressed with the technical stuff.

About the game.

The game last night went really well. The players all got totally into character and I managed to pull off some great moments with NPCs mucking them up and giving them moral dilemmas.

I think the weakest link in the whole thing was me! I’ve spent so much time working on the mechanics of the game that I’ve neglected the story. This is very ironic because in a lot of ways it’s the most important thing to me as a roleplayer. Story and character development. I need to work out a plot arc, possibly based on the nemesis character invented by the girls last night. (I’m gonna go ahead and call the whole group girls because they all played girls so well!)

So. A bit of thinking needed and then it’ll all be shiny. I took Matt’s advice of drawing up a timeline as we played complete with problems and named NPCs and I’ll pad that out a little more to make a better story. More obvious moral choices make for more conflicts I suspect.

I was very impressed with the performance of the two neophytes. V jumped straight in boots and all with a fantastic turn as the Torn Bystander and Rachel shone as the Banker, using the underhanded tactics one would expect. I am in awe of people who can actually talk in character in the first hour of their first roleplaying game!

They also both made some very funny jokes and some very awesome character problem moments really pop so I am pleased.
I have some quotes but I left them all in a word doc on the laptop so I didn’t have to remember them. I’ll get them up tomorrow, promise.
Rachel did a good run down in the comments for Giffy here.

Point of Fashion: winter fleece lined skirt
Current Obsession: Weekend weekend weekend weekend

Time to shiver

I am Freezing today. I am so Cold I capitalize.

Tonight is the second playtest of my kapcon game and I’m feeling quite nervous actually. Having two Roleplaying neophytes is exciting because they won’t have any preconcieved notions of gameplay or any ‘baggage’ to unlearn, but at the same time I’m worried that they won’t like it and will never roleplay again and it’ll be All My Fault(tm).

A casual comment of Rachel’s about running out of the room in tears has me worried, since I’ve been in situations where that’s happened and it isn’t nice for anyone. Pretty sure she was joking, but then again my game isn’t about girls being nice to each other, quite the opposite…so I don’t know. I’m worrying about this because I’m bored, essentially. I won’t worry at all when I run it at Kapcon because the convention atmosphere is so casual. You know when you go to it that some games will be good and some not so great and that’s all fine.

Anyway, I bought a supermarket cake with pink icing on it, so if anyone does get upset we can smother the bad feelings with comfort food and that will still be *completely* in the essence of the game.
What else?

I’m reading Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede, which is one of the ones recommended to me by the library grrls for strong female leads. I like it, but I don’t *love* it. It’s very cleverly written with a strong theme of things not being done because it isn’t proper and the main Princess doing whatever she wants regardless.

Vertigo last night was good. I found I hadn’t remembered as much of it as I thought and was pleased to find as I watched that I had completely forgotten the ending! I like Kim Novak, but Grace is still the one for me. Also love Tippi Hedren more than Kim when I think about it.


Nothing much to say. I’m really liking the way the quilt looks, last night I put in a dragon and a castle. I don’t know if it looks too busy though, I think maybe I need to break the strips up with some plain fabric in between. I have left it out on the floor so the people coming over tonight can give their opinions.

I actually really like the way busy quilts look, but as ever I am aware that other people’s opinions may vary from my own. I asked Lee but he’s really the wrong person for that sort of thing.

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The scrapbooking madness of last week has given way to a mania for patchwork. I have been making a quilt for Katy’s girl baby and it’s so cute!

I went to spotlight yesterday for some more fabrics as I wanted to make an “I Spy” quilt, which is when you have big patches of printed fabrics with stuff on them so that you can then play “I Spy” with the child. I went through my fabric stash on the weekend and realised I had a few good prints, but a definite tendency to butterflies and not enough to make an interesting quilt. Yesterday I purchased fabric featuring kites, tractors (love that one), fairytale characters, fairies hiding in flowers, dragons and a kind of Harry Potter-esque rip off print with images of unicorns, dragons, ships, castles and wizards.

ahem. I may have also purchased giraffes on green and a selection of desserts of trademe. Fabric is cheap over trademe!
So, I’m limiting myself to one butterfly fabric per quilt and making a tending-towards-pastels for the girl baby and a tending-towards-brights for the boy baby and hoping I’m not starting some kind of gender programming too early. The girl one will have a bit more pink on but both will have fairies, unicorns, tractors and butterflies…so I’m not going to Hell right?

I’m gonna try and finish the girl one tonight. It’s a strip quilt which means long strips running the length of the quilt make up the pattern. I might do proper blocks for the boy one so they’re a bit different.

Point of Fashion: dressing warm, but with the option of cooling down later
Current Obsession: Quilts quilts quilts.

so very odd

I feel dizzy. I don’t think I’ve got the flu going round, as I haven’t got a sore throat or running nose. What I do have is bad tummy *again* and a sort of constant dizziness. Last night my neck and base of the skull hurt like billy-o but so far I’m ok for that today. I just have the constant dizzy.

I came home early from work yesterday and just got straight into bed. The relief I felt when my head hit the pillow was astounding. Lee came home early with a headache but he says he feels mostly alright today and went to work.
I actually wonder if it’s all just physical backlash from the stress I was feeling earlier in the week?

Anyway, we finished watching the first season of Scrubs and then we watched the new Lost. Mmmmm new Lost. I finished my Jackie Wilson book and am now deeply engrossed in the sequel to Bloody Jack. Both books are very well written but quite hard going.

Today I am going to take it easy. I’ll sit at the computer and play The Movies which Lee got for me. It’s a kind of sims game where you run a movie studio and have to produce movies. Empire said I’d love it and I’m inclined to agree although I’ll update when I’ve actually played some. I shall stay at the computer until I get too dizzy to sit up. Then I’m going to back to bed and waiting for Dr Phil.

Oooh I should finish my Kapcon game while I’m at it.

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