Innocent can never last

Last night, since the rpg group was sans hix, we sat and chatted for a while and then I coerced them into play testing my as yet unwritten Mean Girls game.

It was great. We went through character creation and I explained how I thought it would work and how the diary chair should function. As we played I made notes on how conflicts worked out and after a school day’s worth of play in which my character (originally a target) usurped the banker’s place in the clique we had a break down of what worked, talked through some goals and nutted out some special powers.

The only bad thing about that is I feel like I don’t completely own the game. It was a collaborative effort with my group sorting out how the mechanics should work. Of course the premise is still mine and the basic stuff but still. I guess I’ll write it up and put a dedication to them when it’s published! (kidding I am about the publishing).

I got some good quotes, like:
“There are no Goths under the sea”
but most of them I suspect will only work in context.

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