Boys are neat

The ballet was wonderful. My sister was quite worried because it was a new version of the classic Nutcracker and she’s very much of the “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” frame of mind. At least when it comes to ballet.

However we were both pleasantly surprised and the show was funny, beautiful and wonderful. The new story goes thusly: Clara, Fritz and their parents are celebrating Christmas when Fritz clocks Clara one on the head with her new nutcracker doll. She is whisked to hospital and has to stay over night. There are lots of interesting characters at the hospital; nurses, silly doctors, other sick girls, Matron of Doom, etc. After the medicine dosing from Matron of Doom Clara goes to sleep and has a series of bizarre dreams.

Highlights include: the dance of the sugarplum fairy danced not by the fairy but by three men with broken legs on crutches. This was freaking hilarious. I laughed til I cried and it was over way too soon.
The love story between a doctor and a nurse.
The dance in the softly falling snow, whatever they used for snow just fell so beautifully and it framed every movement the dancers made.
Fritz’s Russian dance…amazing acrobatics!

On the other hand, a grumpy old lady shushed my sister and me, and we had hardly been talking at all. We were whispering and hadn’t even been doing it long! I figure the waltz of the flowers must have been her favourite music otherwise it didn’t make much sense. I also like that music. Must get hold of a copy.

I also bought two DVDs. Notting Hill was $20 and Wimbledon was $25. Now I own *all* the Richard Curtis films!!! Bwah-Hah-Haaaaaa!

Point of Fashion: pink tourist “Melbourne” tshirt from my Mum
Current Obsession: pain in my shoulder