cramps hurt me

Moan, moan whine.
Right so. Friday night had a bad start when I came home to find the Body Corporate fees in my building are going up %30. This is not a small amount of increase and there is no viable reason for it. Lee was not very happy and I was not very happy but we managed to get out of the house to see TP.

It was very cold on the waterfront so Chelle, Jase, Rachel, Lee and I took off to Maverick’s pizza in Berhamport for some amazingly good Italian Meatball pizza and two other flavours which weren’t quite as good. Soooo going back there.
Saturday we bought Lee lots and lots of clothes but nothing suitable for the wedding. We did get lovely shiny silver paper for the wedding invites though, so that’s something.

Yesterday I got my time alone and wafted around scrapbooking, jeans quilting, laundering, napping, reading. It was great. I started work on a Christmas present which I hope Giffy will like. I was going to do a lj entry which was totaly food porn but the camera’s batteries died and I couldn’t get the photo. Then I ate the strawberry tartes aux fruites so I couldn’t do it later on. Well, you’ll just have to wait til next time I have one.

Lee and I went to Elizabethtown last night. It was actually really creepy. I maintain with judicious editing and a bit of a rewrite it’d be a fine movie but as it stands it’s overlong, too bizarre to be acceptable in the setting and Kirsten Dunst’s character comes off as a scary stalker.

Man, though Orlando is Just. So. Good. Looking! So I enjoyed it more than Lee did because I could just kinda go “awwwww” and forget that the story made little sense and the mother was tapdancing at her husband’s funeral and doing standup comedy???? WTF? Y’see? It was creepy.
Then we came home and finished off the third disc of first season Scrubs. That was much funnier.

Point of Fashion: I hate Mondays which coincide with periods.
Current Obsession: my torso.