About the game.

The game last night went really well. The players all got totally into character and I managed to pull off some great moments with NPCs mucking them up and giving them moral dilemmas.

I think the weakest link in the whole thing was me! I’ve spent so much time working on the mechanics of the game that I’ve neglected the story. This is very ironic because in a lot of ways it’s the most important thing to me as a roleplayer. Story and character development. I need to work out a plot arc, possibly based on the nemesis character invented by the girls last night. (I’m gonna go ahead and call the whole group girls because they all played girls so well!)

So. A bit of thinking needed and then it’ll all be shiny. I took Matt’s advice of drawing up a timeline as we played complete with problems and named NPCs and I’ll pad that out a little more to make a better story. More obvious moral choices make for more conflicts I suspect.

I was very impressed with the performance of the two neophytes. V jumped straight in boots and all with a fantastic turn as the Torn Bystander and Rachel shone as the Banker, using the underhanded tactics one would expect. I am in awe of people who can actually talk in character in the first hour of their first roleplaying game!

They also both made some very funny jokes and some very awesome character problem moments really pop so I am pleased.
I have some quotes but I left them all in a word doc on the laptop so I didn’t have to remember them. I’ll get them up tomorrow, promise.
Rachel did a good run down in the comments for Giffy here.

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  1. I did like the idea of a set of scenes with the ball culmination. The NPCs were awesome. I loved Mabel. Ok, and Todd. You were totally mean as Amy’s mother :-p.

  2. Playing this game was like having the oxygen sucked out of my soul.
    That’s a good thing, but …
    … The whole idea that you can’t leave the clique, even for a second, really messed with my head. About half an hour before the game ended, I was desperate to have some alone time away from the same faces. But that would have been perceived as disloyalty to the group and my character was too weak to break away. So I was stuck.
    And I really enjoyed that sense of social claustrophobia.
    I also found we spent most of the game ‘setting up’ big plot bricks to drop on each others’ heads – without really getting to a point where they started to fall on us. I suspect that if we were just playing this as a weekly game (not a 1-off con game), there’d be a lot to gain from having the first session just explore the world and the relationships – and then from the second session onwards, just hammer home the various social conflicts.
    Examples of that from our game: Rachel’s boyfriend being interested in V; my drug-dealing boyfriend vs. Mr Henson; getting come-uppance for my flash cartoon; the bitchiness between me and Gino and the potential boyfriend stealing; Mabel and Chad; the Gloria situation.
    I’d be really keen on another session with all the same players to see how things turn out. I also have more comments on the game, but let me know if you’d rather I emailed them to ya.
    Well done though.

  3. And yeah, totally agree with Rachel about your skills at portraying the NPCs. Those boyfriends were sooo annoying!

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