Big decisions.

I’ve decided to change my name. I’m going to add Lee’s name to my own, so my current one will be my middle name and his will be my last name.

I’m not going to do it straight away though, as it costs $150 to change your name and get a new birth certificate and then I’ll have to get new bank cards, driver’s license and everything. What a headache.
My belly has been a tension knot all day and I’m sleepy! I relaxed a lot at lunchtime and now I’m hanging out for afternoon tea because I just want to sit down and zone out.

Got the MC sorted out (sister’s fiance) he offered us several different MC variations: gangsta MC, stand up comic, incomprehensible….we’ll see what happens with that on the day!
I’m very tempted to drink beer these evenings, because the alchohol is relaxing and I can have one without getting very buzzed. I just am leery of medicating stress with alchohol! It seems like a terrible reason to drink! Also I read in some bridal mag that you should avoid alcohol in the time leading up to the wedding because…some beauty reason…body functions less well? Skin might break out? Something?

I am eating a little more sugar this week than I’ve been having. Today I had half a kitkat and yesterday I had half a kitkat and three mallowpuffs. Then at dinner two glasses of lemonade and an icecream for dessert. There’s another icecream waiting for me at home. Yessssss choc bar, you will be mine. (I actually like choc bars, but I choose strawberry rocky road first knowing the choc bar will be left behind for me :p)

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More organisey

Right. Lee is doing final fiddles with the seating plan and then it’s done. More people who had to seated separately when we came to think about it. We’ve kept all the partners together side by side so that’s nice and we’ve put all the single people at their own table up on a pedastal so everyone else can point and laugh at them.
No, I’m totally kidding.

Wedding rehearsal is on Thursday at 2.30 so beach if it happens will be morning and not too far away. Favour boxes will need to be filled before then so we can give them to the caterers to lay the tables. Lee’s going to check if we can fill them later, maybe and drop them off on Saturday.

Ok, he’s yelling at me to come take a look, so I’ll see ya later.
Breathe deeply.

Holding out

  • seating plan: check for forgotten people and seperate aunts
  • make poster of seating plan
  • Guest book, decorate
  • Fill favour boxes with candies – Thursday or Friday
  • Collect polaroid from Lee’s sister – waiting until she’s found it.
  • Rehearsal?

Whew. List is slowly being conquered. My Mum called yesterday and fired off a bunch of questions. This in addition to the bourbon and coke slushy I had on Saturday gave me a very unhappy belly.
Saturday: editing with Norm and Steve = awesome.

Housewarming of Sok and Jase = really nice. I wore my wedding shoes and I think they’ll be fine on the day. I will wear them every evening this week also. Lots of compliments! Delicious coke and bourbon slushy disagreed with my belly quite a lot. Not good. Sass played with my hair, very promising indeed.

Home earlyish.
Sunday: Sass came over and played with my hair for proper. It looks awesome with the tiara, really cute and very different to anything I’ve done with my hair before. That makes it awesome special.
Hung out with Rachel all afternoon and talked. I remembered to work on baby quilts.

Nightwatch with Dagger, Rachel and Lee = awesome. I love this movie. It wasn’t as horror-ific as I’d thought it might be and that was good.
More later.

I’m bound to ramble

Got some stuff ticked off the list today.

  • Boxes, stamp and name
  • Music, decide on, make playlist
  • Makeup trial, book is on during the Kirks sale, yikes!
  • Hair trial, find time thanks to Giffy, yes. Sunday, right Sass?
  • Seating list, mostly done, refine further, make poster
  • Guest book, decorate
  • Wedding shoes, practise walking in
  • Talk to Lee’s sister about polaroid camera fobbed this onto Lee
  • Don’t panic

actually I’m doing alright with the not panicking. I think I’ll do some dance matting tonight to work out some tension. Or cleaning. Maybe both.

Organised Sam to be the guest book minder and although it looks like we’re short a driver for the evening, I think Mother-In-Law is going to sort something out.

I’m trying to get in as much Hogwarts Hocus as I can before I go on holiday/become too busy.
Tomorrow Steve and I are going to Normans for film editing. I’m hoping it won’t take all day, but I’m very excited to see what he’s got. Then it’s Sok and Jase’s in the evening. I’m glad I took an extra two days off during next week. I’m going to keep Thursday clear and have a stress-free Jenni relaxes day. I may even go to the art gallery. If I don’t go to the beach that is.
Watched new scrubs and new Lost last night. *bliss*

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Tension belly

To spotlight for blue ribbon, and things to stick into the cake.

My belly is a knot of tension which will not turn into the sickness Lee has. It will not. Poor boy is very miserable, spent much of last night in bed. He got up quite a few times in the night which means I was awake too. I mostly got back to sleep quite quickly each time but I’m feeling pretty shattered this morning.

I was considering staying home from work with a kind of sympathy/must take care of Lee thing but if I do actually get sick I’ll want my wellness leave for that. Lee didn’t manage to take the marriage licence application in yesterday and left it at work so I can’t take it in today. It’ll be fine I tell myself, it’s only a couple of days they need to process it. It will be fine.

I watched War of the Worlds last night, with the sound turned waaaaay down so as not to disturb the invalid. It’s not the best movie to watch with the sound waaaaay down. I turned it off at the ferry sequence.

I got all the favour boxes stamped and named last night. My handwriting isn’t the prettiest in the world but it is legible and it makes it quite personal I think. I started making up some boxes last night and they look quite sweet.
So, spotlight at lunchtime then I’ve got to do a bit of phoning around.

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Wishes for a Wet Wednesday

Lee has come down with some sort of horrendous vomiting sickness. I dread going home…I want him to be well again and I don’t want to get sick too. I was doing so well not being ill before the wedding. Ack.

Not much that still needs to be sorted out for above. It’s getting too late to get the favour boxes properly calligraphed as planned, since we still haven’t heard from the woman who said she’d do it for us.


  • Boxes, stamp and name
  • Music, decide on, make playlist
  • Makeup trial, book
  • Hair trial, find time
  • Seating list, mostly done, refine further, make poster
  • Guest book, decorate
  • Wedding shoes, practise walking in
  • Talk to Lee’s sister about polaroid camera
  • Don’t panic

I’m beginning to get butterflies. I hope it’s wedding excitement and not illness.

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More Kapcon

Congratulations Giffy on being commenter number 2400! Your prize is….uh…to read this blog post! Hurray!
Basically I thought I’d write up some more about the Live Game because I had a ball and mostly just explained my character in the previous post. Here goes:

I entered the jubilee party with my friends Chastity Moonlight and Simon Quimby (really Ned O’Toole) and Eliza Doolittle. These were my only friends to know my secret life as a pirate because they were all pirates too. Awesome.

Over the course of the night I was relentlessly pursued by Lieutenant Wedderburn, whom I had refused marriage to a few seasons back. He had decided it was because he didn’t have a high enough rank in the navy and had returned to pursue my suit after obtaining Lieutenant. I on the other hand had no interest whatsoever. It became even more annoying when he began to suspect my piratical secret, I especially remember panicking when he insisted on kissing my hand only to examine my palm and declare:

“Your palms are much rougher than one might expect from a lady at finishing school” I told him off for being so personal and fled the conversation.

Other highlights include bargaining with Moriarty (Paul said I did a fantastic ‘deer in the headlights’ when he casually mentioned my ship), watching the divine Savoy Opera Ladies and the hilarious poetry competition. Dracula’s BLOOD! poem was side-splitting.

I also enjoyed talking to Mr Ingram and was quite pleased that he was hired onto my crew at the end of the night (not that he knew whose crew it was) and that he would write a novel of my heroic escapades. Mash was very convincing as an annoying American.

Mad props have to go Dorian Grey (not sure of the real name there, sorry!) Who was very charming indeed and quite caught Artemisia’s eye and interest. I was slightly annoyed at his continuing laughter at Chastity’s name but I imagine I could have put it aside. Suffice to say: if Dorian had asked Artemisia to marry him she would have said yes. No one else at the Larp can claim that! Of course, all that is moot since he would never have asked, being too busy being evil. We would have made such a wonderfully evil couple.

Aside from heaping praise upon my pirate crew (heap! Heap!) the only other thing to say is that Eliza Doolittle and I were very miffed that after we asked H.G. Wells to find out for us what the puzzle piece was, he gave it away. We’d been hoping to fetch a nice price for it, but had made up a story about an anonymous delivery to hide the true discovery of it (found it on a German ship I sank 9 days earlier) so he’d innocently given it away to the rightful owner. Curses!

Finally, I was most impressed with those in attendance for whom it was the first ever Larp. I was most impressed with all of you!

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