Enjoy it while I’m still updating.

* Charge camera batteries
* Clean up a little (washing in machine)
* New hayfever meds
* Deliver dress, parasols, guest book and insects on sticks to Parents in Law. (scheduled for late afternoon)
* Sort out the vans

* Music list
* Meet Morgue at midday
* Return library books

I also started packing for the holiday (easy since a lot of what I wanted had just been through the wash), bought myself a soothing face masque and special foot treatment moisturiser, maybe got a little too much sun and remembered to charge Lee’s nomad which we’re using for music.

Still to do: drop keys of van to Will, have dinner.
I am feeling remarkably relaxed, I think due to the fact I can soon pass the buck on basically everything because I’ll be the bride. Tomorrow I just have to look pretty, talk to people and be bubbly and happy. I can totally do that.

Point of Fashion: new blue trapeze breast cancer t
Current Obsession: when is dinner?