We did.

The wedding is over. I can’t believe the wedding is over. All the organisation, all the stress, hassles, everything.
Quick highlights because I don’t want to blog it all:

A very flattering make-up artist (“Your skin is fantastic, you eyes are stunning, you look good in pink, you are beautiful”).
Photographs in the botanic gardens with parasols in the hot hot sun.
Of all the girls in the bridal party I was ready first. I was also the only one without a form of complicated underwear. Coincidence?
Being photographed from every angle by many different cameras, like I’m Nicole Kidman or something.
The ceremony, and trying not to cry so I can say my words. And the ring that Lee had bought on the sly, sweetheart.
Everyone hugging me and saying flattering things about the ceremony.
Everyone telling me how beautiful I looked/the dress looked/the tiara looked, etc.
My dad’s speech, which I didn’t cry during although it was a very near thing, in which he said how proud he is and was mildly embarrassing.
Lee’s dad’s speech in which he humiliated me and Lee. (Lee more).
My sister’s speech in which I very nearly cried at the end.
Lee’s speech during which I totally broke down. (I hope no one got photos of me weeping and pinching my arm to stop myself!)
It was really special that my brother, his wife and daughter could be there, as well as Lee’s sister, husband and daughter. The little toddlers apparently weren’t impressed with each other but they charmed the entire female side of the bridal party completely!

Seeing all our guests looking so fantastic and having fun! As expected it was hard trying to see everyone and people did get neglected but well, there were something like 90 people there.

I’m really looking forward to reading the guest book and seeing the photos the professional photographer took. Hopefully he’ll be at the BBQ this morning with a DVD for us (fingers crossed).

I woke up at 5am all hyped and dozed for a couple of hours. At 7 I got up and looked through the photos Svend, Matt and Debs had taken. Some of them require explanations. On the whole a wonderful crop of pictures with some really very charming shots, It made me happy to see the whole timeline of the day again.

Point of Fashion: Fin pants, stylishly messy hair
Current Obsession: when will people blog about my wedding????

13 thoughts on “We did.

  1. Lee looked stunning, radiant. Every inch the blushing groom. I teared up at his speech – but then, I always almost cry at weddings.
    You didn’t look bad, either – but I’ll tell you that in person in quarter of an hour when I tear myself away from the Internet and run down to the after-wedding breakfast.
    Seriously, you’re great together. Wedding of the Year! Well done.

  2. Congratulations! I can’t wait to hear about it from everyone and see some of the stunning photographs! I’m glad that it worked out so well on every account =) =) =)

  3. I’ll need to blog *after* I’ve sussed out what to write in your book so that I don’t repeat myself. So you’ll have to wait to read it! Hah!
    You two are so wonderful together though. I kept wanting to somehow hug you both at the same time. All a bit overwhelming (in a good way – too many happy emotions at once) πŸ™‚

  4. Yeah I wanted to hug you both at the same time too! But sadly had to do it seperately. Think that that is what started off my hugging frenzy ;o) Was just remembering though that at the last few weddings I’ve been to, I got & gave lots of hugs…

  5. Congratulations Jen πŸ™‚
    I’m glad it turned out to be such a wonderful and beautiful day!
    Definitely looking forward to the photos!

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