Rogan Josh

I was overcharged for curry at the supermarket. I hate when that happens because I’m never brave enough to tell them.
It was delicious curry though, so I’m happy.

I used the magic printy box at the chemist to print some pictures of my sister’s wedding. It’s $1 per print if you get more than 20 so I’m quite happy with that. (Note to self, but more printer ink when next paid).
Lee has said I’m not allowed to go to Armageddon tomorrow morning as well as Sunday, so I don’t have to have willpower, Lee will be my willpower.

I’m linked to a library based comic on my livejournal called unshelved it’s sort of hit and miss like any web comic but the merchandise is rather good. I especially like the Fight Club/Book Club tshirt. In pink.

New Veronica Mars was like this for me (low level clothing spoilers): Ooooh Logan, he’s cute. Oooh Logan’s wearing a white tux *so dreamy!* Placate Lee and reassure that he is love of my life, not Logan. Logan without shirt. Guh. I could see that lovely hip bone that angles down towards the crotch. How I love that bone when combined with cut abs. Rachel knows what I mean. Then I cried. Not because of the hipbone, because of -spoilers deleted-.

Last night I found I couldn’t bring myself to watch the gift (finale to Buffy season five), too depressing. So I played singstar by myself and was frustrated by not being top of the charts (except for Madness ‘our house’ where it’s only me in the top five) and read my book.

My book is a graphic novel called Epileptic and it’s an autobiography as comic like Persepolis or American Splendor. It’s about the author growing up and having to deal with his brother’s epilepsy. It’s very beautifully drawn, lots of monsters and ghosts representing trials, disease and death. It’s huge, I’m still in the childhood and only a fifth of the way through, but it is very good. (Just checked it on the catalog and the reason it’s so huge is that it’s 8 volumes in one book.) It’s by David B.

Point of Fashion: Couldn’t find what I wanted
Current Obsession: Armageddon and Logan’s hipbone

barcha barcha

More socks ordered, yay yay. I have no willpower, yay yay yay.
I went to Jville mall during my lunchtime today and bought awful clashing knee highs for my Cindy Lauper impersonation on Saturday: solid yellow, purple fishnet, dark green camo. Must contact my sister and see if she still has that little black bowler hat.

I don’t have much news today. I only have three episodes of Buffy Season 5 to go, I can’t believe how little screen time Glory gets, she’s like, hardly around! I guess they made her so strong that they can’t really have multiple head-to-head battles without it getting boring real fast.

Lee’s out tonight so I’ll finish up Buffy and make some birthday cards, one for my sister one for my Dad.
I am really tempted to go to Armageddon briefly on Saturday morning just so cool stuff isn’t sold out when I go on Sunday. I am quite confident I won’t give in, especially since Lee is coming with me on Sunday, but I can’t help worrying that I’ll miss out on awesome DVD deals, Totoro pins, cute plushies, etc etc if I don’t get in there first thing Saturday. Oh, how I wish for a dealer’s pass.

PoF: supergirl t, purple and black stripe OTKs and wrestler boots (the boots of autumn)
CO: Armageddon. I need: Azumanga Daioh DVD #6
Fruits Basket manga 10, 11, 12, 13, 15 and up
Full Metal Alchemist DVDs vol. 2 onwards
Chobits manga (check numbers at home)
Cute anime pencil boards
Cute anime pins
Cute anime plushies

**Stickers, tshirts, etc.** Less important. Impulse buys.

Holy crap! Fishpond have all the fruits basket manga, plus a cd soundtrack, plus an official fruits basket journal!!! It’s ‘spensive though, $25 each. I’ll wait and see after the weekend.


This is a wee blog about being appreciative.

Lee’s cooking is divine, y’all. I’ve had two nights of really very good food. Monday: lamb stirfry with vegetables (uhm, beans and broccoli and mushrooms?) and a kumara/potato back topped with pinenuts.
Tuesday: grilled fish (divine, divine) with green beans and garlic bread. The fish was just wonderful, melt in the mouth but with a lovely texture.

I don’t think I appreciate him enough, I really am spoiled.

I also appreciate my talented and giving friends. The 48 hour meeting yesterday went really well and with an exception or two (no one wants to be Svend’s assistant!) we’ve got filled roles and a solid game plan for the big weekend.
I am a little sad that I can’t be the one to go to the Paramount and collect the genre and three elements and V case, but *le sigh* Steve makes compelling reasons why I should be with the writing team at 7.

Following that we had singstar madness (punctuated by the appearance of Grumpy Jenni, although I’m not sure anyone but Lee noticed) I wanted a nap but was actually having too much fun to kick people out. I love to sing Self Esteem so much. But it’s not $60 worth of fun is it? IS IT?

Crazed high warbling and accents make singstar so much fun. Next time we’ll have to move the coffee table and get some awemus dancing in too. My friends are so super-talented at singing, I feel rather humble.

Point of Fashion: boring easy clothes
Current Obsession: lunch now!

Through it all

some things from the weekend:
The train up on Friday afternoon was a lovely sunshiney ride, entertainment provided from Fruits Basket manga and a silly text conversation with Rachel. My sister met me at the mall after I’d picked up some important items from the chemist (concealer! Concealer rocks!) Her friend J was there too and we all went back to the hotel and played singstar.
The wedding rehearsal was really moving. My sister used the traditional ‘to have and to hold’ vows and I could see her fiance was quite nervous.
Then sister, J and I went to the Warehouse for cheap swimwear: the hotel had a pool and a spa and none of us had remembered togs! We ended up getting matching black and purple ‘yoga singlets’ and various different bottom parts. I gotta say, size 12 boys swim shorts are ridiculously comfortable! Girl’s board shorts should totally have that net lining as well. Plus, I had an internal pocket attatched to the waistband for keys or change or something. Boys’ clothing is so much more functional than girls’.
I was introduced to the delights of America’s Next Top Model by J. I already knew about it because Pirate Wench does recaps but there’s something about watching the bitchy and cheering when someone cries…and the photos they take of the girls are really gorgeous.
The rest of the night was pretty much singstar mondo ridiculouso. Amazing dance moves, silly accents, emoting and worshipping of fantastic performers makes for a falling-on-the-floor-laughingly fun time.
Saturday: wedding madness. I had my nails done a rather ugly shade of pink. i did get a rhinestoney flower on one nail though, which is very exciting. I keep wanting to pick it off, but I also want to keep it on to show off as well. My nails chipped quite fast as I had to run errands and they didn’t dry properly. Had my hair done (ow, ow, ow). Took between 1 1/2 and 2 hours, but it looked awesome so I didn’t care.
The weather was really sunny and lovely, there were flower girls and their siblings everywhere and Lee was in the next hotel unit over playing Xbox with the boys.
The reception and the wedding itself all went off fine, no hitches, although the speeches went on longer than I would have liked. I didn’t speak, although I probably should have. I was glad I’d said I wouldn’t though, as it meant I had nothing to worry about apart from leading the bridal march. I chanted “don’t fall, don’t fall, don’t fall” inside my head and it worked.
Lee’s parents and Sok’s mum were there, plus lots of my extended family so I had lots of people to talk to. Mr Sister’s family is about a million times larger than ours, and they weren’t even all there. The reception was something like 130 people strong.
Sunday I was exhausted. Lee and I stayed at my mum and dad’s and my sleep wasn’t very restful. The after wedding BBQ was nice though, a lot of mingling and present opening. Lee and I drove my aunty and cousin back into Wellington and after a bit of singstar with them I took them to the airport. Lee and I singstarred into the evening and then had an early night.
I didn’t want to wake up this morning.
PoF: tokidoki
CO: 48 hour film comp.

Don’t stop

I am zombie Jenni. Sleepy zombie Jenni of doom.
I actually got to sleep through the whole night for the first time in a few weeks, so I think it’s backlash from that. My body said “Hey, this sleep thing is great! Let’s have some more!”
Out to the coast this afternoon and then it’s busy busy with sister-girl’s wedding. I hope the hotel bed is comfy because I might be able to manage a bit of a sleep in tomorrow if it is.
I’m on a manga kick right now, re reading Fruits Basket to prepare for cosplay at Armageddon and also a title from the library Genshiken which is about a club of Otaku, so very self-referential and fun to read.
Let me take this opportunity to brag about getting the new Princess Diaries book for free. The Australasian editions of Seventh Heaven were printed with the wrong author photo; showing the author of the Molly Moon books instead of Meg Cabot. No one caught this error until a bunch had been distributed including the ones the library had purchased. So, they sent the covers back and were left with the books. I got one of them! Sure, it doesn’t have a front cover, but it was free! Plus it has a “fake” author photo.
After this afternoon I won’t be online again until late Sunday afternoon, don’t go too wild without me, k?
Point of Fashion: Batman tshirt and stripey arm warmers
Current Obsession: keeping eyes open

Then I wonder why she sleeps with my friends

I am excitedly organisey about the 48 hour film comp weekend.
It makes me laugh how my friends who are new this year to it are all “Oh, I’m so unskilled, I will only be in the way” conveniently forgetting that last year everyone in the team (with the exceptions of Hix and Norm) were making it up as they went along.
Sure, a bunch of us have “skills” that we learnt through experience last year, but it’s not like we’re professionals! Besides, I just remembered that there are a lot of light bounce boards that need holding, and the only skill needed for that is the having of arms and hands.
What else? Apart from about five songs I’m not really that into Singstar Rocks, so I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to buy it.
The library has been crazy busy this week, partly because of increased business (being shut over Easter brings people in, holidays bring people in, special programs we run bring people in) and partly because our shelver is on leave. This means I have to shelve much more than normal. I am teh shelving machine.
Tonight I have to:

  • Pack up playstation and singstar and
  • Pack bag of clothes, makeup etc for the weekend before my sister comes by at 6.30 to collect them: bobby brown makeup, pjs, undies for under bridesmaid dress, undies for Sunday, fresh tshirt, socks. Toiletries, meds, bridesmaid dress and forgotten things can wait til tomorrow and go up with me on the train.
  • Laundry
  • Sew bridesmaid dress to chemise, to maximise invisibility of chemise
  • Decide what I want done to my hair on Saturday for prettiness
  • Go to Zephfi’s and collect pink warm thing
  • Watch new Scrubs and new Veronica Mars

Tomorrow I want to swing by the body shop for concealer and eye makeup. I can’t really afford those though, so I might well flag. I had to buy petrol at lunchtime. *ouch!*
PoF: buddha belly
CO: and it’s time, time, time. And it’s time, time, time. And it’s time, time, time that you love, and it’s time, time, time.

what happened (RPG)

Buffy last night (and it IS called “Lost Souls” so yay me) was awesome.
Slightly distracted by the enormous concert on over the road, we played a pretty intense game with each character having some wonderful moments.
My darling Jo had the boyfriend issues for sure:
First I had to save Randall (new boyfriend) from a crazed robot double of Svend’s character and fight her some. She’s stronger than me I think, so I just concentrated on getting him to safety. Then I got him to a safe house, and had a Veronica Mars type dream sequence with absent best friend Violet, (think like the Veronica/Lily and Lily/Duncan scenes from first season). I got some good clues and some plot pointy seeing the evil Vampire (Elric) doing good stuff.
I woke up when Violet said “I know where Bax is too” and showed me the safe house, me and Randall asleep and Bax standing and watching us. Creeeeepy!
The conversation that followed was strained, to say the least. Ex boyfriend creepily turning up, current boyfriend freaking out, jealous and angry, me trying to work out exactly what Bax is even doing there. I have always been the one that said that Bax was a *good* empath demon. Turns out I was wrong. Seraph is very happy that I finally believe him!
Evil robot turned up at the end there and it’s looking pretty bad for me and Randall. I don’t know how but next episode there’s going to be Spike in Crush*-esque weirdness for Bax and Jo.
Other stuff happened to the other characters and it was all very very cool. But this is my blog so I’m just going to rave about what I did. I got to self-righteously ask both boyfriends if they were giving me ultimatums when they told me to choose between them and that kind of stunned Steve I think. Wheee! I had fun.
PoF: pink skirt, wrestler boots, kapcon t
CO: 48 hour film comp
*The episode from Season five where Dru returns, tries to make him bad again and he frustratedly kidnaps Buffy and Dru, then Harmony freaks out at him.