48 hours – Sunday

Waking up at 6ish on Sunday felt like a sleep in, after 5am on Saturday. Sok and Rachel had both stayed over and I had to fight very hard with myself to not be grumpy at everyone. It may have felt like a sleep-in but after the huge Saturday I was still exhausted.
I wore short pants and big socks with my boots for Sunday so I didn’t have to worry about the mud getting on my pants. We went out to Fraser’s dad’s and I broke my no-macdonalds vow because Gorram it I wanted hot breakfast! I wanted pancakes! They were disappointing!

The filming on Sunday was totally awesome. Everyone was focussed, onto it and very professional. We flew through takes, starting at about 7.30 I think and we had all the main dialogue done by 11 I think. After filming the pick-ups Norm had requested and the sound effects of mooks screaming I was out of there with Rachel, Sok, Luke and Debs. We went back to Indigo City with all the footage from the morning and I crashed out on the couch in the sun. I have to say I was feeling pretty useless on Sunday afternoon, my head was spacey and every little thing was funny. I totally failed to remember who camera Mark was and was totally unable to make decisions *unless* I was in the editing room.

I got to make the decision about whether the soundtrack was rocky or less rocky. I chose Most Rocky, and that seems to have been a popular decision.

Lots of silly banter on Sunday and it was exciting to get the news from the set as more and more people came back. The stunts did turn out most awesome and if I could have any wish it would be to have a second unit: another camera and sound set-up so that the stunts could have been filmed on Saturday while we were busy up the road with the lead actors. Aaaaah blissful second unit dreams.

When Steve and I were called down to edit I have to say the rough cut that Matt and Norm had put together was so good I felt there was very little that needed to change. Steve had some ideas that turned out to be really useful changes, despite my skepticism. I don’t think I was very useful as an editor this year but I did get to tell Norm “Render, render it now!” which lead to the safety cut being released at 5.30pm with plenty of time to spare.

I cried when we watched the safety cut through on the big TV with the rest of the team. Partly because I really find the performances moving, partly it was joy that we’d made such a good film that would make it in on time and partly just because I was exhausted and the pressure got to me.
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48 hours – more stuff

Friday Lee and I have Maverick’s pizza and kumera chips for dinner and sat at Norm’s waiting to hear about the genre. Putting the TV on for the Campbell Live coverage of the start of the competition was a good idea because they told us the elements over that!

Then we had a moment or two to wait and Regan called to let us know our genre. When we heard it was a monster movie the entire writing team pretty much went “Hell, yeah!” and then we got into the whole writing process. Somehow it was harder and took longer than the audition session did. I’m not sure why, although Lee and Svend were both sitting in, which meant the number of people there wasn’t as low as it could have been. Mostly I think the scope of what we could do seemed so wide.

Lee and I left at about 11.30, having nutted out a basic plot, all the characters and the beats for the scenes. I was feeling pretty confident about directing, but I was worrying some about the casting (would Luke step up to the main character challenge?) and the location.

Saturday we woke up ridiculously early and left for Indigo City. Regan had crashed over at our place so she was there much earlier than she needed to be! There was lots of people arriving and getting excited and cursing the rain and sorting stuff out. I was really glad that people were on top of what they were supposed to be doing: props and costumes all got organised without me being consulted which was frankly awsesome. It meant I could focus on my understanding of the script, the motivations of the characters and what shots we needed.

Did some rehearsing with the actors and Lee and Steve had heaps of valuable input as well. Then we headed out to Fraser’s Dad’s place in Titahi Bay which had so many perfect perfect locations for shots and a little cottage available to be our base of operations and was just generally so damn perfect that the rain that fell on and off all day didn’t even really matter.
Actually, I never got that wet. Early on I established myself as the Important Person Who Holds the Umbrella Over the Camera. It was a big umbrella, so it fit me under it too. That combined with my layered clothes, big fluffy coat, scarf, hat, big boots and warm socks meant that I was warm happy Director. I did feel very bad for the poor actors who had to suffer through the rain and mud and cold and look like they weren’t.

More tomorrow. I am scatter brained and shattered.

PoF: slackie trackies
CO: still got a sore throat.
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Contrary to popular belief I did not stand over Norm saying “Push the Button! Push the button!” I stood over him saying “Render it NOW! Render it NOW!”

This weekend has been a sort of delirious rush of cold, rain, monsters and lots of mud. My sleep wasn’t too bad, I got home late Friday after the writing and had early starts both days but since all our scenes were exteriors we couldn’t shoot into the night so after seeing what the rough cuts of what we had I was allowed to come home and start falling asleep at my normal time.

I’m feeling very drained now but the best and most important thing is that we made an awesome film “Monster Hunter IV: Beyond Repair” and we got it handed in with time to spare. We sent Morgue (Mr Meltyman the monster) down to the Embassy with the ‘safety cut’ at 5.30, and then the finished version left at 6,40ish. We watched it through so we know the sound is fine and man, it looks good.

Once again I am astounded at the lengths my friends will go to for a common goal. Our team was a natch bigger this year, notable additions were the stunties, but it still felt friendly, co-operative and wonderful. There were no ‘buried in bananas’ shots like last year but all sorts of problems with the mud.

I’m not sure I’m making much sense at this point, I am exhausted and sleep deprived, but I wanted to sort of expell this stuff from my head as much as I can so I can get to sleep easily tonight. I’ve had a couple of glasses of bubbly and am feeling rather calm.

I have a sore throat hopefully after my day of rest tomorrow it will go away.
PoF: trapeze girls and trackpants
CO: getting some sleep

Skreeply McMurty

I am surprisingly calm today. This is because yesterday’s ball of tension is now diarhea. I love my body, it copes so well.
I am excited and nervous and I’m going very shortly to check the nzrag bb to see what’s the happy haps and I’m going to check the official website 48hours and see what the latest genre list says.

I wonder what we’ll end up making? There are genres that I dread and a bunch that should be super hoopy fun. Fingers crossed anyway.

My cellphone is currently charged, en-moneyed and off. Come about 6pm I’ll turn it on and be all ready to recieve important missives from V and Sok at about 7.10. The launch is going to be on Campbell Live on TV3 at 7. If someone could record it for me that would rock, as there’s a possibility that Sok and V will be pictured in their Jenni’s Angels tshirts.
Hmm. Off to email my Mum so she watches the TV3 launch.

PoF: Emba stripes on top, new shoes and OTK charcoal tubes on the bottom. Plus a skirt.
CO: 48 48 48 48 48 48 48

Generally better

The 48 hour film competition is this weekend.

I am nervous. I am stressed and nervous and my belleh is reflecting that. The good news is I’m not woozy today, just ditzy.

I am breathing deeply (when I remember) and concsiously relaxing my body (when I remember) and trying to get everything I can done in advance.

I also have PMT so I keep wanting to cry about nothing much. I slept alright last night but I keep waking up face down, neck at an odd angle an my teeth clenched. Lee specially got up early this morning to practise for the weekend so I started reading about 20 minutes before my alarm too.

Tomorrow: even earlier I think. It’s just a bit of acclimatisation, it should help for Saturday.
Uglies is very very good and it keeps surprising me and I really want to know how it ends.
PoF: Sourpuss armwarmers
CO: 48 48 48 48 48


Today I am a space cadet *whoosh!* into the stratosphere. I woke up 5am ish after a 48 hours film anxiety dream wherein Steve was working on another movie at the same time and all these tall men from the other film were hanging around and getting in our way. I woke up frightened that I would throw up and actually having strange rushes of saliva up my throat which I had to keep swallowing down.

I managed to calm down which seemed to help a lot, although I felt like crap when the alarm went off and after woozing through my shower and getting the shakes from the cool air I got right back into bed and didn’t get up again for quite some time.

What I did do today was buy workout clothes. It was because I needed to go out and get something for lunch and I didn’t want to walk so I thought I’d drive and then I thought since I’d be out I might as well take the car and buy the trackpants I’d seen in supre on Saturday. Then I went to Glassons and bought a slim line hoodie and the other Breast Cancer tee I wanted. I was in a very strange frame of mind, spaced out and somewhat singleminded.

My supermarket doesn’t sell rolled oats. It sells Allison Holst brand “wholesome oats”. I stared at the bulk bins for a wee while trying to see if there were plain old rolled ones, but I had to go for the wholesome ones instead. Odd.

I watched Dr Phil and dozed on and off until about 3pm then I got up and made wholesome oaty cookies. They are packed with sunflower seeds, dried apricots and coconut, not to mention uhm, sugar and butter, but they should be high energy for the full-on weekend. I intend to have them on location with me so snacks can be had between takes. We won’t have the same surplus of bananas as we did last year and I suspect they’ll actually be missed.

I have also done dishes, washing and lots of reading. I finished May Bird, (ended pretty annoyingly- leading straight into the next book with no resolution) and started one called Uglies by Scott Westerfield which is about a future where at 16 years old everyone undergoes an operation to become pretty and moves into a different part of town to have constant parties. The main girl is just a couple of weeks off the operation when she meets a girl who doesn’t approve of the whole system and runs away to an alternative society.

In tone it’s very similar to Feed, which I loved, although the pace is a little slow. Hum, want to read Feed again.

PoF: new workout clothes for sitting on the couch, under the duvet
CO: sleep, cleaning, 48 hours, not panicking, being useful

Jumping out a window

I am hyped for the 48, although I managed to do very little last night. I had plans for cleaning, brainstorming about genres and all sorts of other useful stuff.

Instead I went nuts with the icon factory on lj, watched the Corpse Bride and talked to my Mum. I did manage to organise getting an airbed off my sister so more people can crash at our place on the weekend if they need to and making a bag with all the hair and makeup products I can donate to the cause. So, the night wasn’t a total wash, it was just washlike.

I am battling my way through May Bird and the Ever After which is touted as being similar to Neil Gaiman’s Coraline. It is similar, but it’s also similar to a bunch of other stuff I’ve read and I’m finding the whole thing kinds of meh. I want to finish it, because I want to know what happens but it’s pretty predictable and not that involving, which is disappointing for a story about a girl trapped in the afterlife.

I’m pretty moody right now, I think it’s the impending weekend and the stuff I feel I should get done prior to it.

PoF: Purple stripes and jeans skirt
CO: 48

Busy busy weekend

I went shopping on Saturday and got some new DVDs which made me very happy. I also bought a new top and that’s all I spent money on so I was very good and virtuous.

Ema’s party on Saturday was really nice and mellow. The drinks were rather stronger than I had expected and meant I got rather tipsy rather fast. I did get to wear my white strapless Gold Coast dress again which I was very pleased about.

Sunday was Yum Char – Da Vinci Code – 48 hours meeting. Very busy!
I didn’t much like the Da Vinci Code, I wanted it to be a smarter movie than it was. Also, not that much was actually to do with Leonardo Da Vinci so that was unexpected. I haven’t read the book so I didn’t know any of the plot twists going in but I did predict them all before they happened on screen. I found it to be disappointing all up.

The 48 hours meeting was pretty poorly attended, I mean, I know some people told me they weren’t coming but I was expecting a few more faces. Nothing to worry about as long as everyone comes through on the weekend. We’re pretty organised, but it actually makes me more anxious (I think because if we’re takig it so seriously it’s more Important and more scary.) Plus the time’s really flown by and I can’t believe there’s only a few days to go!

Maverick’s pizza for tea was DElish! I am so getting that again this coming weekend. Early to bed last night as I was feeling pretty shattered, but then as soon as the light was out I started obsessing about 48 hour film comp and bizarrely, cosplay. Why do I always obsess about cosplay in the middle of the night?

Today I am too cold.
PoF: Striped arm warmers
CO: 48

Beeeeg earthquake

Last night there was an earthquake. It was huge, but centred so far up North and off shore that it wasn’t strong in Wellington. It did however, go on for ever. It was the sort of earthquake that never ended but I hovered sitting up in bed waiting for it to get *really* big so I could get under the doorframe.

I think I said “Is it *still* going?” about three times, so there you have it.
I watched Ice Princess again last night because I was Teh Moody Crazy woman. Lee went out to quiz without me and I had a bath. And watched Ice Princess, which is much better than Goal!

I have another evening home alone tonight, I think I’ll get some scrapbooking done. Possibly have another bath. In a couple of hours I get to go to the Children’s Book Awards which will be fun and swanky and followed by wine and nibbles. Quite excited actually. I am wearing my Fin pants in order to look a bit swanky myself.

PoF: Fin pants. Nearly warm enough to lose the polar fleece too!
CO: socks


Woo! Woo! I shouldn’t have chased my lunch sandwich and mandarin with candyfloss!
I couldn’t help it though, I’m reading Jacqueline Wilson’s new book Candyfloss and I wanted it.

Went to Norm’s last night for a run through/audition for the writing for the 48 hour film competition. It was great fun, we wrote a silent film about a deaf prisoner (Frazer) being interrogated by two people, one scary (Debs), one more sympathetic (Giffy or Sam). It had some beautiful shots in it and some very cool moments. Bleak ending though.

It was good because I felt like it was a movie I could direct. I feel my confidence growing as the 48 grows ever closer. Big meeting this Sunday.

It is very cold. It’s not quite so bad today because there is sunshine, but the air is still rather chill. I don’t like waking up any more.

News? I have no news.
PoF: pants
CO: candyfloss high