Beeeeg earthquake

Last night there was an earthquake. It was huge, but centred so far up North and off shore that it wasn’t strong in Wellington. It did however, go on for ever. It was the sort of earthquake that never ended but I hovered sitting up in bed waiting for it to get *really* big so I could get under the doorframe.

I think I said “Is it *still* going?” about three times, so there you have it.
I watched Ice Princess again last night because I was Teh Moody Crazy woman. Lee went out to quiz without me and I had a bath. And watched Ice Princess, which is much better than Goal!

I have another evening home alone tonight, I think I’ll get some scrapbooking done. Possibly have another bath. In a couple of hours I get to go to the Children’s Book Awards which will be fun and swanky and followed by wine and nibbles. Quite excited actually. I am wearing my Fin pants in order to look a bit swanky myself.

PoF: Fin pants. Nearly warm enough to lose the polar fleece too!
CO: socks


4 thoughts on “Beeeeg earthquake

  1. I’m home alone tonight too! I thought you were doing something for *some* reason. Want to come over? I could scrounge warm food for us?

  2. Yay for children’s book awards! I predict your future will involve a glass of bubbly and then silliness and then gigglingly wandering home, possibly to giggle some more. I see all… But apparently have no earthquake sense At All.

  3. Use the power of physics, Dawn!
    Was that the quake at 3 something this morning? ‘Cos I didn’t feel it but did wake up around that time…curious…

  4. Me & the sis looked at each other for a while during the earthquake, then she ditched me for the doorway. Plainly she has more a stronger will to protect herself than I do!

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