Busy busy weekend

I went shopping on Saturday and got some new DVDs which made me very happy. I also bought a new top and that’s all I spent money on so I was very good and virtuous.

Ema’s party on Saturday was really nice and mellow. The drinks were rather stronger than I had expected and meant I got rather tipsy rather fast. I did get to wear my white strapless Gold Coast dress again which I was very pleased about.

Sunday was Yum Char – Da Vinci Code – 48 hours meeting. Very busy!
I didn’t much like the Da Vinci Code, I wanted it to be a smarter movie than it was. Also, not that much was actually to do with Leonardo Da Vinci so that was unexpected. I haven’t read the book so I didn’t know any of the plot twists going in but I did predict them all before they happened on screen. I found it to be disappointing all up.

The 48 hours meeting was pretty poorly attended, I mean, I know some people told me they weren’t coming but I was expecting a few more faces. Nothing to worry about as long as everyone comes through on the weekend. We’re pretty organised, but it actually makes me more anxious (I think because if we’re takig it so seriously it’s more Important and more scary.) Plus the time’s really flown by and I can’t believe there’s only a few days to go!

Maverick’s pizza for tea was DElish! I am so getting that again this coming weekend. Early to bed last night as I was feeling pretty shattered, but then as soon as the light was out I started obsessing about 48 hour film comp and bizarrely, cosplay. Why do I always obsess about cosplay in the middle of the night?

Today I am too cold.
PoF: Striped arm warmers
CO: 48


3 thoughts on “Busy busy weekend

  1. We got delicious Pepe’s pizza on the way home, after we smelled yours it was all we wanted!!
    I am veering between wildly excited about the 48hrs and ridiculously nervous. Oh I’m so stable. Sigh. Especially as I have NOTHING important like writing or directing to even worry about! Instead I torture myself with visions of writing down the wrong genre, character and item on Friday night.
    I am wearing my gloves to type 😉

  2. The book makes the Da Vinci link a bit more obvious, referencing quite a few more paintings and so forth – the title is more justified in that case. It’s more about his work containing all the clues to the Magdalene story.
    You might even find it interesting to skim through the copy Lee has with the pictures and see if any of the stuff the usually-annoying-author says about the possible interpretations is something you might agree with/find worth thought. Also, it takes less time to read than watch :-). I found when he got into historical ideas and analysis of stuff that I found it pretty interesting, I just hate hate hate the way he writes a story.
    48… I’m a bit oh, wierd, I’m doing nothing on Friday night but can’t be home cos of early start on Saturday and it’s all odd and possibly tricky to arrange and it’ll also be wierd having inadvertently attended two of the HOD meetings showing up on Saturday morning pretty much cold, keeping out of the way for a bit and then trying to be as useful as possible in an area about which I have few clues… although, given that I always notice the score in movies, I’m glad to be the monkey for the person who’s handling that kinda stuff :-).
    Pizza! Yum. I miss just being able to decide to have pizza for dinner. But these days any more than a coupla pieces, not balanced with plenty of veges, makes me feel pretty ill…

  3. It was a bit late for us Kapiti over-30 types to make it to the meeting. Was it productive?
    I understand what you mean about feeling like our organised-ness makes the whole thing More Important. But it’s all the great family from last year, plus a few extras, so it’ll be absolutely wonderful 🙂

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