48 – a little moan

The results for audience choice appear to be up on the 48hours websites discussion forum. I’m a bit pissed off because I feel like if the presenter at our heat hadn’t kept going on about how big our team was *at the screening* we would have got more votes.

As it was he pretty much said “Don’t vote for them because they’re all going to vote for themselves and it’s not fair.” Bullshit it isn’t fair. It’s not hard to get people to come to a movie, any of the other teams could have brought people along and besides, aren’t we supposed to be voting for the movie we like the best regardless?

Tall poppy syndrome. I’m perfectly willing to admit that Optimus Prime should get the audience choice award. I was pissing myself laughing and I voted it to be second after my own. (Let’s assume everyone on a team is voting for their own film, in that case the thing worth fighting for is actually to be so outstanding as to get the second vote.)

Obviously this is going to read like “I want to win the prize” but what I’m really complaining about is the presenter encouraging tall poppy syndrome. I think our film was pretty good, it’s hard to compare it with the second place getter because the genre and outlooks were so different, and there’s was also a very good film. I loved the use of the line “That’s what I’m talking about” for example.
I just wonder how the votes would have come out if the presenter hadn’t said anything about us rocking the vote. We are only 34 votes behind the second place people. I am pissed off.