Reading ennui

Does anyone else get this? I read Uglies the other week and it was really, really, really good. I’m hanging out for the sequel (I’m second in the reserve queue) and in the meantime reading other stuff is really hard.

Partially this’ll be sick/cold= no attention span but I pick stuff up and in comparison to the book I *want* to read it can’t compare.

Abby Hayes (kid’s book) = boring. Poorly written.
Gunslinger Girls book one = sad, depressing, bleak.
Storyteller’s Handbook = too practical, boring, irrelevant.
Fairytale collections = read ’em all before, boring.

So, I’m re reading Necklace of Kisses, and loving it, because it’s lovely. I think I’m going to return all the library books I’m not actually *excited* about tomorrow and just cope with what I have left. I have a vampire novel by the guy who wrote Uglies, so maybe that’s my next thing.

The “vicious” Southerly front that was predicted has lived up to it’s name. Lee and I put the heater on today and neither of us can get further than a metre away from it. It’s like crack. Warm, cosy crack.

Oh and it’s confirmed. I can’t scrapbook with people who are doing other crafts. I work best on my own or with my Mum also scrapbooking. Presumably I’d be alright with anyone else also scrapbooking but I’ve only ever done it with my Mum (and my sister once).
Today I finished what I can on my wedding album. I need some more photos to finish it properly, but I’m pleased and I moved on to some other scrapbooking. It’s nice to be able to finish a page and stick it into teh album and say “It’s done.”

PoF: trackies
CO: the heater