Freezing sunny

Got my new sock-dreams socks today. Very very happy.

I’m hanging out for getting new clothing storage. I’ve been buying new stuff like crazy lately and my existing clothes storage is packed to overflowing. I could throw some stuff out obviously, but I feel like I did a really big weed back at the end of summer.

We watched the first two episodes of the Mighty Boosh last night. It’s totally cracksmoking and weird, so I like it quite a lot and Lee is struggling. My favourite thing so far?

Sung:“Nicey nicey zoo zoo!
For him and her and me and you!”

If I had to compare it to something, I think I’d go with the Goodies. But it’s a bit of a stretch.
I thought I had other news, but I have forgotten it. I may remember later and then I’ll let you know. Oh yeah. I know! We didn’t get into the Wellington Finals of the 48 hour film comp. I’m not very surprised, although I think our film was quite strong it wasn’t y’know, ground breaking. The one I voted second from our heat has gone through though, which is nice. I sort of want to go and see the finals anyway.

PoF: so cute!
CO: socks.