Following a rather busy few days at work I woke up this morning an hour and a half before my alarm in hideous pain. My neck and my right shoulder were just solid rocks of owie and eventually I braved the cold and heated up my wheat bag. With the warm I was able to nod off again but I didn’t want to aggravate anything so I have stayed at home.

I have been watching old episodes of the Muppet Show and chatting online all morning. In the afternoon I plan to get off the laptop and I dunno. Maybe do some Yoga?

We watched Flashdance last night and it’s really pretty bad. I mean, I had no particular fond memories for it, given that it was one of those films my older sister would watch over and over again, so I’m alright with saying it was awful.
My goodness but it’s cold. Snow overnight, rain alternating with hail today, high predicted of 8 degrees. *Hates winter*

PoF: very warm layers
CO: h_h

2 thoughts on “Infirm

  1. There *was* a lot of ass in Flashdance…
    Hope your neck and shoulder feel better at this end of the day :-/

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