Lee and I watched Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang last night and I gotta say, it’s awesome. See, I can still watch action movies! They just have to be clever, funny, self-referential, ironic and fun. I went into it having very little idea of what it was about other than everyone seems to love it.

Essentially it’s a film noir, but it’s a sort of parody Hollywood as well. It was very very funny and seriously, some of the jokes had Lee and I laughing for about five minutes. My only complaint would be about the female characters… uhm, completely two dimensional apart from the main girl who was seriously kick-ass but was kind of a ho. But then that was addressed quite well by the main guy, so it’s a pretty minor complaint.

Steve must watch this film, if he hasn’t already. The rest of you should definitely see it too, but I kept thinking “Steve will love this” as the movie progressed.

Other than that I have finished the Uglies trilogy, and very good it was too. I now own them so if people want to borrow them let me know. C has the first one just now. I’m now onto Rainbow Road which is the third charming gay teenager book. Aaah so sweet. I have a huge stack of things to read at home, so hopefully I’ll get a chance tomorrow between the cleaning, the moving stuff and the cooking.

I’m less sore in the neck/shoulder area today, but my jaw aches a bit. I have to keep relaxing it and stretching it because its default seems to be clenched.

PoF: wool and layers
CO: new clothing storage