48hours the Grand Finals

Same disclaimer as the other day; if you don’t like what I say, fine. It’s just one person’s opinion after all 🙂
The finals for the 48 hour film competition were broadcast last Friday on C4, Giffy kindly opened up her house for us Jenni’s Angels teamsters who were able to make it out.

Arthaus by Dueling Tiger Stand
I really, really enjoyed this movie. I was tossing up between this and Baby Farmer for my vote…It was a pretentious art film but done as a Reality TV show where conceptual modern artists had to compete and every week one would get voted off. Hilarious stuff and really, very well done.

Jake and Angel Whiskers by Masonic Pictures
Cute as Hell road movie acted by mice. It was pretty funny watching the mice swear and the rat on a motorcycle chasing the leads was great too. Nice use of sets…dollhouses and rat mazes and metal running wheels. The Barbie car they escaped in was a main feature. I guess I felt like they’d counted on getting Cute Animal Film and then made a road movie around it? Meh. It was still great.

Slade in Full by White Tiger
You remember what I thought about this one right? I really don’t think it should have come second, it’s just not that good!

Baby Farmer by Clean Slate
This is very rewatchable and stands up well each time. I realised I hadn’t seen the first ghost sighting the first time I watched it…spoooooky! I voted for this film.

Brown Peril: The Tim Porch Story by The Down Low Concept
This was a mockumentary about a man who wants to be the first Tongan badminton champion. It was well made, and had some very funny moments (favourite: the guy in the backround of an interview coming out of the R18 booth, seeing the camera and going straight back in again). It was very much influenced by the Christopher Guest type mockos and it was a great example of that. I just…don’t think it was the best movie in competition.

Time Tourist by Dance Donkee Dance
Nicely made retro scientist film, nice use of filters and props but the story wasn’t very clear. There was a bit much wandering around…it didn’t do a lot for me.

The Escort by FR7835
This film was a bit too ambiguous. I *think* I know what happened, but I needed a little more explanation to be sure. It reminded me of an Australian short film I saw a few years back and loved. Norm was very impressed by the green screen and I was impressed by the high shots. They must’ve had a ladder or something…

Action at Both Ends by Daddy Cool
This was very funny, and pretty clever too. A good example of Based on a True Story. It was very Dunedin and very Studenty, but that was really appropriate to the story. Again, some funny moments but the whole was a bit meh.

3 thoughts on “48hours the Grand Finals

  1. It really seemed like there were more films than that – maybe just all the commentary stuff padding it out. I think Time Tourist and Slade In Full were the weakest, and was similarly disappointed that Arthaus didn’t place. Brown Peril was fun, but hardly out of the box.

  2. Arthaus should have won. I thought that Brown Peril was crap. Lame and derivative. But that’s just me.

  3. They’ve all started to blend into a blur for me.
    I watched with C, and we were disappointed when “Baby Farmer” got third, appalled when “Slade in Full” got second, and just weirded out when “Brown Peril” won. I’d wonder whether there was a regional bias, but then Arthaus would have done better. 🙂

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