Good Grief the comedian’s a bear!

Old muppet routines that I love:
The long drawn out joke from the title.
the “Telephone pole” bit.
The French guest star who sings “inch worm”

I also love the man who makes the dog blog. because he also does this kind of thing.

and Tori
and bad drinks. Well, you get the idea. The man makes me want to make postcards.

1 thought on “Good Grief the comedian’s a bear!

  1. I’m in a commenting frenzy!
    Most of my favourites are music-related: I like Fozzie directing the Banana Boat Song; Vincent Price singing You’ve Got A Friend; and the Hawaiian Cowboy song. The two star-crossed lovers singing Close To You always cracks me up too.
    Orson Welles interviewing Kermit and Fozzie on a never-aired talk show pilot (filmed before the Muppet Show started) is pretty great too.

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