evolution of Jenni

I ran again today, because my legs were super stiff last night when I collapsed on the couch and I thought a stretch would be good for them. It was so sunny this morning that I got too hot on my home stretch down Thorndon Quay and had to walk. Also, the zip on my bag broke and I came very close to losing my wallet. Thankfully I decided that running around the busy planted bit at the lawn was fun and I did it again, and saw my wallet on the ground.* New running bag now needed.

I ran *all* the way up Hobson St today. All of it! Plus round the lawns and a third-half of Thorndon Quay. It wasn’t easy, and I think I’ll do pilates tomorrow to give my body a break.

We’re up to season three House now which is nice. The end of season two was very exciting so I didn’t get any of my study done this week, bad bad Jenni.

I’m looking forward to moviefest tomorrow, and have encouraged a heap of people to come along and support us and the competition.

Yesterday I had sign language training in the middle of the day, which meant I had lunch in town and since I’d just been paid I got another top from Glassons like the black and grey striped one I love so much, except this one is white and grey. Oh the drama!
Lots of the polka dottie stuff is cute but I just don’t know about actually wearing it.

Back into town today for a stage show and Physio and I’m also totally going to nip into Unity and buy the Beatrice Letters, which Lemony Snicket has just put out in the lead up to the End, which is in stores Friday the 13th. Eeee exciting!

PoF: new top and Jenni’s Angels
CO: lovely sunny day

*This is especially lucky because I don’t usually take my wallet running, but I did today. Don’t know why.

Keep on running

I ran again this morning and lo! It does get easier! I was able to run through some distince leg stiffness and stretch the muscles out. They’re a bit twingey now, but the brisk walk to the train station an hour after warming down helped a lot.

I went the same route as Sunday, up Hobson and back down Thorndon Quay and I ran an awful lot of the way. Most of Hobson, all round the lawn at the blind gardens and half the pedestrian access to TQ. The second half of Thorndon Quay was mostly walking, but I climbed the stairs to get back to my apartment so I felt pretty good about myself.

Mostly I notice I don’t necessarily have more energy but I don’t feel tired all the time. This is a good thing.

After a couple of days break from my course readings, I’ve got a book I needed from fishpond, so it’s right back in it. Those turning up to movie night are going to help me out on one of my tasks. Should be fun.

Last night I ran the second episode (although third session including character creation/prologue) of my Alaizabel Cray game. I worry that I am giving too many clues and then I worry that there aren’t enough clues. I need to open some avenues for Svend’s cop to pursue, which should be easy enough once I’ve nutted some more things out. I actually need to give myself some time to work on this game and sort the story out because I worry that although last night was fun and I managed to throw the PCs a curve ball or two the story isn’t really happening.

Today I am all pinksey. My floofy purpley fuchsia skirt, bubblegum super stripes and pink hoody. I’m wearing white under the hoodie, but I don’t know how warm I’m gonna get.

I’ve read three books of Outsiders which is a pretty typical superhero team-up comic which happens to include Nightwing. I really enjoyed them actually, they introduced some neat characters and the jokes were very good. It’s a bit more edgy than an ordinary DC title, which is nice. I want the next one, but the library only has the ones I’ve read.

Marvel have been putting out ‘manga’ sized comics, in the nice small format. I’ve just found one on our shelf called Sentinal which is essentially a mecha manga about a kid in America finding an old mutant-hunting Sentinal, and converting it. Looks like fun, I think.

PoF: pinksey
CO: I am not looking forward to my lunch salad. I resent my lunch salad, I want it to be nicer.

Run on – ducking and dodging

There are ducklings at the botanic gardens right now. Two families of the cutest wee fluffy duckies you ever saw.
Today I went for another run. I was determined to run a little longer, so my route was: up Hobson St, round the lawn by the blind gardens, then down to Thorndon Quay with a nice long stretch to home. I started out slowly, because I was getting a bit of chest pain before I even started; seems like my asthma had a head start on me.

So, I walked a little more up Hobson that I normally do, and took a stretching and Ventolin break at the blind gardens. After enjoying taking some entire lungfuls of air, I jogged right around the lawns and then up the path to the pedestrian access to Thorndon Quay. I walked down half of that and then started jogging again and kept it up until I reached Resene. After Resene I walked to Wellington Beds and then jogged until I just had to stop and walk again.

I was so out of breath when I got home, Lee asked if I was alright. I can’t really tell if I’m getting much better. I certainly ran a lot more than I was able to last Sunday, but since Thursday? Well, the wind’s been bad both days and I’ve taken about the same amount of time (15-20 mins, not long) on each outing. I’ll just have to keep it up and hope I can improve measurably!

My legs are now slowly seizing up. I am working on my course work, but there’s quite a lot to do. I may have to ask for an extension.

dancing in the street

I promised myself I would run this morning, unless it was raining. Well, it wasn’t raining so I went for a run. The huge gales of wind made it a lot harder than it should have been, and I should also have taken some water with me, as my throat dried out very fast.
I went a different route today! Ok, so usually, I start at my building (duh) and run up Hobson St to the blind gardens, run around on the grass there and then head back the same way.

Today was a huge departure because I ran from my building and then took a left up past Wellington Girls! I ran up that street past the supermarket and Thorndon pool and inhaled an awful lot of commuter C02. At the American embassy I turned right and took my ordinary route home. The new route was a lot harder, because the road is ever so slightly inclined and apparently running uphill even that small amount is really, really hard. It made the home stretch rather nice though, because it’s flat.

Now, I’m really keen to run again on the weekend and have it be heaps easier and fun. Fingers crossed anyway.

Other news? Snickerdoodles cooked on the bottom of the oven melt into one enormous Mega-Doodle. Still tasted good. I have a lot of dishes to do when I get home, but I’m feeling pretty good for the excercise so if I don’t fall asleep in my lunch hour it should be fine. I may have fish’n’chips for lunch again…because I am that evil.

PoF: inklined and skirt
CO: running? Really?

I fight crime

Just a few minutes back a customer came in and told my workmate that she’d seen a boy throwing books out of the side window of the library (down the back) and that he was going around to pick them up. He’d just left the library and was on his way to collect. My workmate had to stay at the desk, so I rushed outside to apprehend the lad, thinking to myself “what will I say?” and “it’ll be too late, he’ll have run.”

Well, I wasn’t wearing my glasses, but when I saw a boy with a backpack in his hand come round from the side of the library (a patch of land which is pretty much bog) I knew I’d found him. I gave him a “look” and he slowed down. (He was heading towards me, and the street. That was his first mistake.)

“Hey.” I said. “Have you got some library books?” Smooth. He shook his head.
“Can I look in you bag?” I asked, although it wasn’t really a question. I put out my hand. He nodded and passed me the bag. I opened it up, thinking all the while that I’d just apprehended an innocent waif. He mumbled something about “I was just getting some movies for my brother”.

I opened the bag and at the top were three DVDs. One was the Transporter, one was Mandy Moore in Saved! and the third? Family Guy Season two. All three still had their red security tags in and there wasn’t an issue slip in sight.

“These haven’t been issued.” I said. “I’m going to take them back into the library now.” The kid nodded. I noticed another workmate had come up behind me, she had my back and I realised I should try and put some scaring into this kid. I figured he wouldn’t give me a real name if I asked so I looked him straight in the eye and said. “If you try this again, I’ll call the cops.”
Then I walked away, DVDs in hand. My workmate agreed that getting his name would be difficult, so we let him go. Hopefully getting caught will put him off trying again. (He was about 11 or twelve I think.)

When I came back into the library, the customers and the workmate left at the desk were astounded. “Three DVDs” I said. Not even kid’s ones.

PoF: I *jandles* Raro
CO: Fighting Crime.

virtuous me

I went for another run this morning. This one was more like an actual run and not a stumble and suffocate like Sunday. I ran the same circuit as always (apparently I fear change) and there was quite a lot of running and not too much suffocating and I’m feeling pretty good about the world this morning.

Watched some more season TWO House last night and man, I love Wilson. Robert Sean Leonard is just so very adorable. One does wonder how he puts up with House’s behaviour though.

I love spring. The early sunshine, the late light, the slowly thawing Jenni, the pretty blossoms all over the suburbs. I hope it doesn’t rain this afternoon like they said it would, that would make me a sad catching the train panda.

PoF: black M43s
CO: food

Cook Book

I really loved Lady in the Water. It’s a bit of a departure for my darling M. Night, it isn’t a “twist” movie but rather just a story, told stylistically and with a lot of self-awareness. I suspect those people who think that Sixth Sense is his only good film won’t enjoy it so much, but I love him and I love his work and this is just my kind of story. Fairy tale, ordinary people, something strange…plus Bryce Dallas Howard is gorgeous.

Anyway, this entry is onstensibly about the book I am loving right now which is called Julie and Julia and started off here as a blog. Basically it’s one thirty-ish woman deciding to work her way through Julia Child’s book Mastering the Art of French Cooking, in a year. It’s full of funny anecdotes about trying to get marrow out of a cow thigh bone, making creme brulee and having borderline psychotic episodes about minor things.

It’s very easy to read and that makes it quick. Plus it’s all about food and that’s one of my favourite things so it’s all good.

We had Seraph and V over for dinner on Saturday and played all but one of my new card games. I really like Chez Geek and Totally Renamed Spy Game but I think I’ll have to play the Hollywood game a few more times to really get the hang of it. Fairy Tale’s instructions baffled me and I wasn’t feeling any braver after a few glasses of bubbly and losing at the other games so we all played Xmen on the Xbox for a while. Good fun.

The other neat thing I did on Saturday was get collected from brunch by Giffy and Muggle and taken to various shops. I am now itching to get back to the badge shop at Wakefield market. (I started my Christmas shopping already. If you know that I know that you like badges? Yeah. You might be getting something!) I am insanely proud of my new Danger Mouse badge.

Talking all afternoon with Conan was very fun as well, although the whole weekend ended up being a bit of a wash for my studying. Lee and I helped my sister unpack at her new house yesterday and I was wiped after (well, before) that.
Three episodes of season three two House and my weekend was over.

PoF: stripes, as ever
CO: calves feet in aspic
PS. Pearce reviews An Inconvenient Truth. Here. My review is about halfway down this entry.