black spots can’t be good

The problem with changing your posture for the better is that all the muscles that aren’t used to holding you up get put to work and they don’t like it. Why oh why is it so much more comfortable to slouch?

The problem with metamucil is that it has to be taken at night with lots of water. Stupid waking up at 4 to pee. I hate waking up to pee!

The problem with studying is that it eats up all your time. I enjoy the readings, so I read them all the time. Meaning I had a dream about wordless picture books last night.

The problem with running a mystery rpg is that you are paranoid about how many clues you give the players. I was terrified they were going to get to the heart of my mystery straight away. They didn’t, but I was worried!

The problem with having movie night every Wednesday is that I can’t have a bath as soon as I get home. Well, I could, but it’d be pretty damn rude of me. I’ll just wait until everyone’s gone and have one before bed. Mmmmm bed.

The problem with GMing a game and playing a range of NPCs is that I lose my voice and am dehydrated for a whole day after.

The problem with having all of these problems? I am cranky, grumpy and sore.

PoF: hot cold hot cold what is *with* today???
CO: uhm. all of the above?


7 thoughts on “black spots can’t be good

  1. Posture is a bane. Why do we need spines, anyway? If we could just flobble around in glutinous blobs there’d be hardly any muscle pain involved, surely. I am glad that my chair has moving parts and can be set to give good back support.
    I miss movie Wednesdays. Roll on October 11th when I can come out again!

  2. i think metamucil is sometimes better to take at night to start with at least, cos it can make your belly be a bit unpredictable to start with. the time that you take it probably influences it’s later effects also, so maybe night time is the best time to take it. i know that my aloe vera juice recommends being taken late at night and first thing the morning (on an empty stomach) and it probably has good reasons for that. i think as long as you take lots of water with the metamucil you should be okay
    huh. the index of medicines that i have at work says that psyllium hydrophilic muciloid (which includes metamucil) should be avoided w/in 2 hours of any medication, or immeditatle before bedtime. normacol also says not to take before bed. which i guess isn’t the same as at ‘night’. and it’s probably just so you don’t end up trying to sleep with a glass or two of water in your belly.
    eheh, you come up on page 2, if one searches for metamucil btw

  3. I keep trying to remember more about posture. An hoping that starting pilates will help me with it more.
    *hugs for a happier day tomorrow*

  4. Zephfi – and the pharmacist I talked told me to take normacol immediately before bed! Silly man. Good to know about the metamucil and medicines though.

  5. well, the advice *could* have changed since May ’05? But the New Ethicals I’m reading here def says for normacol:
    “Patient info: Do not take before going to bed. Have sufficient fluid.” and for normacol granules: ‘once or twice daily after main meal, not immediately before bedtime’
    ahh..i just found something online that said it’s better not to take it at night because fluid consumption is generally reduced. which i suppose makes sense cos maybe then water that would normally be used by the body to keep you hydrated through the night is instead being sucked up by the normacol. or potentially will be used to keep you hydrated instead of being sucked up by the normacol which might mean it’s less effective? i also read stuff recommending fibre at night so that the body processes it while you sleep. *shrugs* go figure!

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