I had a good weekend. Saturday morning started with a run, and I did my ordinary route coming back on Mulgrave and found I could have run longer. The route took about 15 minutes, which is pretty quick for me, so I must be getting fitter and running more than walking!

Then Lee and I had brunch at Arizona (Mmmm flapjacks) and he bought me some very nice and very expensive running shoes. I tried them out briefly in the afternoon, jogging to the supermarket and back to pick up some stuff we’d forgotten earlier.

We had an impromptu dinner party with Seraph, Zephfi and Jase and that was very nice indeed. Ate roast beef, brownie cheesecake and icecream and played Shadows Over Camelot. We won! Yays yays! I played Sir Percival, the knight with the pansy heart shape on his chest plate. I got the grail and then spent most of the rest of the game in Camelot healing and kicking siege engines.

Sunday was a blustery rainy mess of a day, so no run for me. Instead I finished the task I was supposed to hand in weeks ago for school, messed about on line and did some patchwork.

In the afternoon we visited Lee’s sister and family and admired their new 42inch LCD TV. Lee’s sister is unsure of the size and thinks it is too big. It is very big, but I’m used to the projector so… *shrug*. Swearing niece was in good spirits and demanded Lee read a Thomas the Tank Engine book to her three times.

After that Giffy came over to work on her wedding invites, and I sat and quilted swearing niece’s quilt. I’m getting it done quite quickly because of watching all this Quite Interesting. Man, I love QI. It’s just so entertaining and educational. Did you know, for instance that the largest living thing on earth is not the Blue Whale? It’s a honey mushroom in some big National park in America. The mushroom’s root system spans like, the whole park or something.

Today dawned bright and sunny so I got up and went for the long run I had intended yesterday. It was the same one I did the day before my birthday, up Hobson, along Tinakori and back along Hawkestone and Molesworth. I did it in about 25 minutes, so I’m feeling well pleased with myself. After about the halfway mark my right ankle started giving me gyp, complaining about all this bending I was making it do.

My right shin started getting shooting pains too, I think I can officially call it shin splints, since it continued to hurt a while after I finished and running my finger up and down the muscle gives me pain. Just writing about seems to have caused it to flare a little again…I don’t know what that’s about. Anyway, I let myself walk the last bit and that seemed to ease it a little and then I did some squats on the balance ball and that definitely worked the right area, although that hurt some too.

I am wearing pink/pink superstripes, grey and white striped long sleeve t with black Kapcon t over top, pink hoodie over all that and denim pleated skirt. My shoes are my black nosweats and I feel cute, although suspect I will get cold as the day gets more and more Southerly-tastic.

Le sigh.

PoF: cute!
CO: running? Socks! School work

wicked cool

Last night was the Revival of one of my most favourite roleplaying games ever: Slayers East. It was wicked cool. Giffy and I were late due to miscommunication (quarter to six, not quarter past six!) but once we got our character sheets sorted, Morgue spieled for a while and we started up.

In the interests of reintroducing the characters it was mostly framed around the return of Giffy’s character CC to Exeter. Thrown into this equation was the spell over the Slayer household which meant none of us could remember anything about the supernatural. Too cool.
I got some quotes down, but I don’t suppose they’ll mean much to anyone who wasn’t there. I got to have an awesome moment when I regained my memory and went all hard-core kick-ass slayer, and Morgue even simulated a cheesy crash zoom into my face for the reaction.

I am getting excited about the next Jenni’s Angels project, which hopefully we’ll get started filming in a couple of weeks. I’m a bit anxious to start sooner, but there’s no real need to.

PoF: didn’t want to get up
CO: itchy nose and hot chips for lunch

Whooo the wind

Bits from my weekend:

Friday night played Shadows over Camelot again, and I loved it even though we lost to the forces of darkness. Stupid Morgan card taking away our life just as I was about to beat the Black Knight. Grumble.

Pleasant Saturday afternoon with patchwork and movie writing, something about sitting around with friends and creating something together in a low-key way is very very nice.

Saturday night party, crazy Waikato supporter screamy lady was a bad thing. Catching up with old friends is an awesome thing. Especially awesome is constructing a whole story set in a similar universe and populated with friends over the course of an evening. My Life as a Superhero (or alternate title) is totally going to get written.

Sunday was nice and relaxing, got some school work done and let myself do some patchwork as well. Met up with my parents-in-law and saw An Inconvenient Truth. They came out changed. My Father in law, who is quite the down-to-earth skeptic was saying that the movie should be free to view and shown in schools. I pointed out this would probably happen when it comes out on DVD but you do get the sense that people need to change their lives now.

Dinner at Kazu was very good, although they don’t make okonomiyaki anymore and that makes me a very sad panda. Didn’t get any takoyaki either…*runs off to cry*

Monday I started with a run. I was doing that sleeping in thing where you doze a little and then wake up over and over and I didn’t want to feel dopey for the rest of the day. It was a nice morning for it actually, if a little cold. My legs were pretty happy to be running but the cold hurt my chest a bit. I managed quite a lot of running and came in at only 20 minutes for my slightly extended up and round Tinakori and back along Mulgrave route. I’ll have to start going further if I want to be running longer.

Lunch with my family was nice followed by more school work. I got a lot done so that’s very good of me.
Lee and I have been watching this TV show from the BBC called QI which stands for Quite Interesting. It’s a panel show hosted by Stephen Fry where the panel (which changes apart from Alan Davies, who is Jonathan Creek) has to answer very obscure questions but they get more points for being interesting. I learned heaps from watching it, and it’s really funny because a lot of the people they have on are comedians. Bill Bailey has been in two that we’ve watched so far.

PoF: black and white and warm
CO: hotdog for lunch maybe?
Edited actual good news! Lowest road toll for thirty years for Labour Weekend.

entry 901 (same as lj)

I could have been a teenage model.

When I was about eleven I was in a tearoom (cafes weren’t quite around yet for my family) on Lambton Quay and I noticed this woman staring at me. She met my eyes and gave me this huge smile and eventually approached my mum and introduced herself. Her name was Trudy and she ran a ‘grooming school’ for girls. She thought I was pretty enough to get modelling work and gave us the number of an agent in town.

Mum did the necessary legwork and I got some jobs posing for cover images for knitting patterns. We’d go to this weird old studio in a warehouse or something over Newtown way after school and I’d have to put on skirts (which I hated. I *never* wore skirts at this age) and some handknitted jersey and pose on a background. The make-up woman was really grumpy, I remember her getting really annoyed that I didn’t understand how to look up properly for eyeliner application and I didn’t like her coming at my eyes anyway.

A couple of times I posed with the ‘Chocolate Wheaten’ boy. You remember that ad, with the mother and the son arguing over which was the best bit? “It’s the Chocolate!” “It’s the wheaten!”. Yeah, him. He was shorter than me, and he could smile all big and fake whenever they asked. I would get tired and stop smiling after a while, because it was boring and uncomfortable work. This actually led to my personal favourite image which is me in a red checked dress and cream knit cardigan with a floppy black hat on, my hair brushed out. I am standing in front of a fake wooden fence with the chocolate wheaten boy and I’m pouting moodily and he’s got this huge fake grin. I have one leg up, with my foot against the wood and my hands may be behind my back. It’s cool.

This must have gone on for most of my second form year. I also appeared in an ad, one of those referendum ads with the camera interrogating people about the referendum as they tried to go about their lives. It was the one with the woman arriving home, and eventually slamming the door in the cameras face. Me and another girl were in school uniforms in the street behind her, propping up a bike and pretending to read a consumer magazine. I had fun with that girl, pretending that the consumer was something very exciting for us. We filmed that out in Churton Park somewhere.

Just before the start of third form I went to a casting call for a pharmacy ad. This is that one with a little blonde kid as the mascot. “Monday’s child is brave of face. Tuesday’s child has fallen from grace, etc” We (me and my Mum) spent the whole day out at some studio somewhere with all the other kids. I made another girlfriend there who I never met again. She told me a joke about a poo sandwich.

Eventually we all went down to the fake pharmacy set and the whole group of kids was arranged in a mob. We had to pretend there was something wrong with us and pull pained expressions. I held my belly and made out I had a tummy ache, apparently I did well, because they asked me to come back for actual filming but it coincided with the first day of third form and orientation for my high school so I said no.

In retrospect, I probably should have done it. That ad campaign lasted years man, and the rollover pay that I got even for showing up that first day was pretty sweet. On the flip side, they may have decided that I was “Thursday’s child has period pain” and I could never had lived *that* down at Wellington Girls.

I was offered some TV work later on, if I turned in a proper portfolio, but I’d become stubborn and a Moody Teenager(tm) by then, so I refused. I so should have continued on. I could have made so much money!

PoF: warm enough for Jenni’s Angels
CO: weekend

Have you been a good girl, Jane?

I have been a good Jenni today (so far). I forced myself to go for a run this morning because I felt miserable and my eye was twitching and I woke up early. The run was not so easy, shouldn’t leave a whole four days in between runs, so I went my old route of up Hobson back down Thorndon Qy. I did some extra laps of the Katherine Mansfield Memorial Park, which is actually what the lawn by the blind gardens is called.

Then I caught the train to work. Good Jenni.

I am reading 1602 by Neil Gaiman which was a birthday gift from Seraph and V. It’s really very good, although there’s a shapeshifting kid called Virginia Dare and I’m not sure who she’s meant to be. I like the character of Daredevil a lot, and I think it’s an artist who worked for Sandman: Endless Nights whom I really like doing the art. Lovely.

The Flight of the Conchords special last night was pretty cool, although a but cringe-tastic with the awful gigs they had to do.
In patchwork news I have a cunning plan for the backing for Giffy and Beau’s wedding quilt. I want to blog about it, but I’m not sure if Giffy wants for it to be a surprise or not.

Oh! and I finished The End by Lemony Snicket and it’s super awesome. I need more people to have read it so that I can talk about it.

PoF: Kauri cone flower
CO: more Shadows over Camelot tonight!

an attack of the lazies

I thought about going for a run this morning, but I didn’t. I should have, because now I’m feeling sleepy and cold and if I’d run this morning I wouldn’t be feeling sleepy. I might still be cold though. But I had an attack of the lazies and did not run, which means I haven’t run since Monday, because I am slack.

I watched my new Batman Forever DVD on Tuesday and Wednesday (in two parts) and yeah, I still like that movie. I hadn’t remembered how camp Jim Carrey plays the Riddler though, and those are actually mostly-opaque tights he’s wearing all through the movie, you can tell because the green is paler where it’s tighter over his thighs. Brrrrr.

I used to own this movie on video and I watched it over and over and over as a teenager. A heap of the dialogue has stayed with me too..although Chris O’Donnell in the batmobile calling out “come for a little ride in my love machine baby!” is still cringe-tastic. I love the character, but that line…gah.

I have too much study to do and as it turns out, I’m not motivated to do it instead of watching the new Veronica Mars. I really want to do some more patchwork and pick up my scrapbooking again, so I’m gonna go hardcore on it all this weekend and get stuff done, I’ll schedule it in with my mooching.

I went into Whitcoulls late yesterday afternoon and that was an awesome time to go in and spend my leftover birthday vouchers. It was the last hour of their special coupon sale and I got Piratica half price, one Meg Cabot Mediator book %30 off and another %25 off. I also picked up a hardcover copy of Across the Nightingale Floor for $3 and a children’s sci fi for $3. If anyone else is keen on the $3 Nightingale, they have quite the stack at Whitcoulls Lambton Quay and it is an awesome book. So, five books for less than $40 = great shopping time!

PoF: cold, not enough layers
CO: sleepand not spending all my money at evin shire games on Shadows over Camelot and Chez Geek expansions….


Played Shadows over Camelot last night with my Tuesday night roleplaying group and it was freaking awesome.

It’s a collaborative game with a roleplaying element…you aren’t allowed to talk about the number values on your cards, but you can say things like “I require someone to deliver the killing blow for me.” I got to be King Arthur, and since it is set after Guineviere has run off with Lancelot, I played bitchy, emo Arthur.

What you have to do is stop Camelot being overwhelmed, and you’re being attacked on all sides and there are quests you have to complete as well. In one version of the game on of the characters is a traitor, but we played all good guys while we got a hang of it. The turn sequence requires you to advance evil and then do a heroic deed so I can see how you could succeed as a traitor quite easily.
Anyway, I enjoyed it a lot and highly reccommend it.

In other news, there’s a Craftwerk fair on this Monday at the Southern Cross details can be found here. Check this out for an idea of the kinds of things that will be available.

PoF: interview
CO: see above

emo tear

I read the newest Phyllis Reynolds Naylor “Alice” book in just over a day. I just adore them, as you’ll no doubt remember. Alice has become my friend. C understands, she read the book this week as well. It was called Alice in the know and ended rather sadly I thought.

I shouldn’t have read it so fast, but I have so much other stuff to read I couldn’t help myself. I am half way through Monster Blood Tattoo which is a kind of Alaizabel Cray/Phillip Pullman -ish thing. I am quite enjoying it.

I also started Mirror, Mirror which is a Gregory Maguire book retelling Snow White but all mixed up with the Borgia family. I know nothing about the Borgias so it is quite interesting and I’m not far enough through yet that I’m hooked. I remember Wicked was quite hard to get into, it was really after the first part ended that I enjoyed it.

Re-watched the Little Mermaid last night, I still remember the words to every single song, which is not a surprise to me. It was my sister and my favourite album for about three years and we’d sing along on car trips to Taupo so….I was surprised to realise that Ariel does the fruit-cup girl thing to get the Prince to take her home off the beach right when she’s first human. She’s all “I’m so helpless and need a big strong man to take care of me!” just, without speaking, and he’s all “I have to take care of you because you have no one else and you’re so thin I worry you’ll evaporate.” (She really is very thin).

New Lost and new Veronica Mars were great like woah. I heartily approve of all this psychological theory showing up in TV. I don’t want to give away spoilers so I’m just saying it’s neat is all.

PoF: I remember why I don’t wear this hoodie, it has a lingering pee-like smell WOVEN INTO THE FABRIC!
CO: wheeeeee My Birthday! I am getting excited!


Got a link through a livejournal buddy about how blogs are evil. My personal favourite part is when it says:

Because this article is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, some may need to read it twice and use it as a stepping stone to further study on this subject.

That is how I’m going start all my blog entries from now on. And yeah, I’m going to keep blogging because I don’t think that sharing information is evil and I think that reading other people’s blogs opens people’s minds and also pathways to understanding.
But what do I know?

I went for a jog today. I woke up early and tried and tried to go back to sleep but I couldn’t. So I got up and Lee said from the bed “you are so good for getting up and going for a run” and then he went back to sleep for like, an hour. I ran my usual route, jogging quite a lot and battling with unstretchy hamstrings for a while. Stretching really helped and once I consciously tried to lift each leg and extend my stride it felt better too. I managed quite a bit of jogging, came home and did some excercises on the swiss ball. I’m not stiff at all today and my knees only made a minor complaint while running.

I should really do a longer route on the weekend. Probably Sunday, because something rankles about exercise on your birthday. I have tomorrow afternoon off work because I worked Saturday morning, I am going to buy myself some pink jewellery and the last Lemony Snicket book, I could maybe go for an afternoon run? Walk into town run home? Eh. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

PoF: pink/black super stripes
CO: my birthday is soon

Small actions

Morgue has been saying some pretty cool stuff about ways to change the world. Small group action discussion starts here.

Today he linked me to a really interesting place called Pledgebank where you go and say “I’ll do (thing) if other people say they will too.” I signed myself up for the ‘donate clothes I don’t wear to charity’ one, since I do that anyway and she only needs a couple more people to meet quota. It seemed like a nice easy way to get started.

The nice thing about it is that they advertise their successes so you can see it works. All most people need is a little nudge and they can start doing things that make a difference, however small it may be.

Pof: getting warmer, fleece may come off
CO: bookcrossing