running and moviefest

Another run this morning. I figure if I aim for three runs a week plus pilates to balance it out I’m doing well. Today Lee came with me, which was nice because I got a shoulder rub while running which is yeah, pretty awesome actually.

He runs faster than me, which is to be expected with a nearly a foot of extra height. Pilates yesterday was very nice and unexpectedly exciting when I did one of the postures and my hamstrings are distinctly longer than last time I did that DVD. I have always had ridiculously short hamstrings and I’ve never been able to touch my toes, so getting closer to that is quite a big deal to me.

Yesterday was the National finals for Moviefest. Man, there were a lot of movies submitted to the competition! We saw all the regional finalists and then all the National finalists, which was a very long screening when you add it all up. Lots of variation in themes and many different interpretations of “the lesson”. Some you watched and just went WTF? Ours stood up very well to the competition I thought.

We got second runner up in the Hobbyist/amateur catagory, which was not much of a surprise. We were beaten out by The Consequence, and a claymation film called the Room. The awards ceremony was kind of painful to sit through, the speakers were interesting but not very encouraging I thought. There was a lot of talk about Peter Jackson and Apple Macs (Apple was a major sponser). I dunno. I kinda thought the whole thing could have been better organised. (The MC forgetting the winner of the school category ten minutes after it was announced was not a good look.)

The Gissy Boys won the overall competition with Horror 101, a very good horror film that uses all the conventions of creepy Japanese horror. I am happy for them, they had a huge family group there and they performed a haka when they won their category and a waiata when they won the competition. It was cool.

Anyway, my legs are getting stiff. I’m going to shift positions, which means I will call my mum instead of typing.

PoF: be afraid, comfy pants
CO: short films, Lee is writing one in the other room.