batty batty batty batty batting

I’ve had a busy couple of days doing not enough study.

Work’s been busy with people away and the school holidays drawing lots of people in away from the icky weather. The wind is so awful today!
I haven’t run since Sunday and I’m anxious. I did my balance ball DVD last night and it was fun and my hamstrings are still nowhere near long enough for the dog pose or any of the bending forward with straight legs she wanted me to do. I promised myself I’d run this morning but I had the shite-ist night’s sleep ever last night. I couldn’t fall asleep and then I just kept waking up all night.

At 6 I woke and heard the wind howling and decided that I wouldn’t run, so I turned off my alarm and tried to settle…I hate when I can’t sleep.
Yesterday I did this big tour of a bunch of different kinds of libraries; parliamentary, university and the National as well as public. It was really interesting and nice to meet people from other library systems.
I picked up batting to go in the middle of swearing neice’s quilt yesterday and washed the fabric I’m planning on using as batting. I also picked up some fabric for Giffy and Beau’s wedding quilt. I have planned what it will look like, made decisions about blocks and block sizes and got advice from my Mum, so it’s full steam ahead once I recieve the fabrics I ordered off trademe as well.

Study is hard. I find it very hard to concentrate when people have made all sorts of lovely Logan/Veronica fanvids and put them up on youtube. *le sigh*

PoF: warm + boring
CO: fish’n’chips for lunch I think.