Biz-ay saving the world

Tomorrow is going to be a rush. Work in the morning then home. Collected by lovely ride giving boy at 1 and then quick quick through Costume Cave and find something I can wear to my birthday (Rachel has planted the idea that I could be Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman, so that’s my new back-up plan if they don’t have the bizarre purple confection I desire.)

Then it’s up the coast for Roleplaying Madness and possible Corona drunkeness if I can borrow money off my husband for beer. Crazy Kapcon peeps! Fairy roleplaying! Spa pool! Yeah! I may even run my P&P game again. I’m going to take it with me anyway.
Aaaaand at some point on Sunday I come home.

In health-related news. Cutting back on wheat/gluten is hard, but it seems to improve my belly issues. I am still taking metamucil, drinking yoghurt everyday and aloe vera juice too. I am feeling better than I have in months.

I haven’t run all week because the gail force Southerlies scare me. I shall do my balance ball DVD again either tonight or in the morning before work. I did do a teeny amount of running for the train on Wednesday: I was wearing my biker boots with the heel and no arch support and the train arrived just as I approached so I ran up the wee path, a strange bent over panicked run that really messed up my knees. My knees are still feeling weird today and I really wanted to wear my comfy sneakers but the rain meant it had to be boots so I went with the arch-supporty docs.

Brick has started at the movies. Go see! Go see! It’s just so clever and funny and wow. And more and more people are seeing An Inconvenient Truth and that makes me a happy Al Gore-vangelist. That website again is: Climate Crisis (uhm, it plays music.)

I’ve been taking the train to work an average of three days a week since I’ve been back from the film festival. I don’t like waiting for the train after I finish late on a Monday so I take the car then and then inevitably I have a meeting or something on one other day so I’ll use the car that day too. This is a direct result from seeing Inconvenient Truth. Yesterday my brother-in-law made fun of me for using the car, when I’m so vehement about reducing my carbon emmissions, but I just found this quote on the cimate crisis website: “Avoiding just 10 miles of driving every week would eliminate about 500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions a year
and if the movie teaches us anything it’s that every little bit counts, even if you can’t see a result from your actions straight away.

PoF: warm
CO: busy weekend