emo tear

I read the newest Phyllis Reynolds Naylor “Alice” book in just over a day. I just adore them, as you’ll no doubt remember. Alice has become my friend. C understands, she read the book this week as well. It was called Alice in the know and ended rather sadly I thought.

I shouldn’t have read it so fast, but I have so much other stuff to read I couldn’t help myself. I am half way through Monster Blood Tattoo which is a kind of Alaizabel Cray/Phillip Pullman -ish thing. I am quite enjoying it.

I also started Mirror, Mirror which is a Gregory Maguire book retelling Snow White but all mixed up with the Borgia family. I know nothing about the Borgias so it is quite interesting and I’m not far enough through yet that I’m hooked. I remember Wicked was quite hard to get into, it was really after the first part ended that I enjoyed it.

Re-watched the Little Mermaid last night, I still remember the words to every single song, which is not a surprise to me. It was my sister and my favourite album for about three years and we’d sing along on car trips to Taupo so….I was surprised to realise that Ariel does the fruit-cup girl thing to get the Prince to take her home off the beach right when she’s first human. She’s all “I’m so helpless and need a big strong man to take care of me!” just, without speaking, and he’s all “I have to take care of you because you have no one else and you’re so thin I worry you’ll evaporate.” (She really is very thin).

New Lost and new Veronica Mars were great like woah. I heartily approve of all this psychological theory showing up in TV. I don’t want to give away spoilers so I’m just saying it’s neat is all.

PoF: I remember why I don’t wear this hoodie, it has a lingering pee-like smell WOVEN INTO THE FABRIC!
CO: wheeeeee My Birthday! I am getting excited!