Played Shadows over Camelot last night with my Tuesday night roleplaying group and it was freaking awesome.

It’s a collaborative game with a roleplaying element…you aren’t allowed to talk about the number values on your cards, but you can say things like “I require someone to deliver the killing blow for me.” I got to be King Arthur, and since it is set after Guineviere has run off with Lancelot, I played bitchy, emo Arthur.

What you have to do is stop Camelot being overwhelmed, and you’re being attacked on all sides and there are quests you have to complete as well. In one version of the game on of the characters is a traitor, but we played all good guys while we got a hang of it. The turn sequence requires you to advance evil and then do a heroic deed so I can see how you could succeed as a traitor quite easily.
Anyway, I enjoyed it a lot and highly reccommend it.

In other news, there’s a Craftwerk fair on this Monday at the Southern Cross details can be found here. Check this out for an idea of the kinds of things that will be available.

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