an attack of the lazies

I thought about going for a run this morning, but I didn’t. I should have, because now I’m feeling sleepy and cold and if I’d run this morning I wouldn’t be feeling sleepy. I might still be cold though. But I had an attack of the lazies and did not run, which means I haven’t run since Monday, because I am slack.

I watched my new Batman Forever DVD on Tuesday and Wednesday (in two parts) and yeah, I still like that movie. I hadn’t remembered how camp Jim Carrey plays the Riddler though, and those are actually mostly-opaque tights he’s wearing all through the movie, you can tell because the green is paler where it’s tighter over his thighs. Brrrrr.

I used to own this movie on video and I watched it over and over and over as a teenager. A heap of the dialogue has stayed with me too..although Chris O’Donnell in the batmobile calling out “come for a little ride in my love machine baby!” is still cringe-tastic. I love the character, but that line…gah.

I have too much study to do and as it turns out, I’m not motivated to do it instead of watching the new Veronica Mars. I really want to do some more patchwork and pick up my scrapbooking again, so I’m gonna go hardcore on it all this weekend and get stuff done, I’ll schedule it in with my mooching.

I went into Whitcoulls late yesterday afternoon and that was an awesome time to go in and spend my leftover birthday vouchers. It was the last hour of their special coupon sale and I got Piratica half price, one Meg Cabot Mediator book %30 off and another %25 off. I also picked up a hardcover copy of Across the Nightingale Floor for $3 and a children’s sci fi for $3. If anyone else is keen on the $3 Nightingale, they have quite the stack at Whitcoulls Lambton Quay and it is an awesome book. So, five books for less than $40 = great shopping time!

PoF: cold, not enough layers
CO: sleepand not spending all my money at evin shire games on Shadows over Camelot and Chez Geek expansions….