Have you been a good girl, Jane?

I have been a good Jenni today (so far). I forced myself to go for a run this morning because I felt miserable and my eye was twitching and I woke up early. The run was not so easy, shouldn’t leave a whole four days in between runs, so I went my old route of up Hobson back down Thorndon Qy. I did some extra laps of the Katherine Mansfield Memorial Park, which is actually what the lawn by the blind gardens is called.

Then I caught the train to work. Good Jenni.

I am reading 1602 by Neil Gaiman which was a birthday gift from Seraph and V. It’s really very good, although there’s a shapeshifting kid called Virginia Dare and I’m not sure who she’s meant to be. I like the character of Daredevil a lot, and I think it’s an artist who worked for Sandman: Endless Nights whom I really like doing the art. Lovely.

The Flight of the Conchords special last night was pretty cool, although a but cringe-tastic with the awful gigs they had to do.
In patchwork news I have a cunning plan for the backing for Giffy and Beau’s wedding quilt. I want to blog about it, but I’m not sure if Giffy wants for it to be a surprise or not.

Oh! and I finished The End by Lemony Snicket and it’s super awesome. I need more people to have read it so that I can talk about it.

PoF: Kauri cone flower
CO: more Shadows over Camelot tonight!