Whooo the wind

Bits from my weekend:

Friday night played Shadows over Camelot again, and I loved it even though we lost to the forces of darkness. Stupid Morgan card taking away our life just as I was about to beat the Black Knight. Grumble.

Pleasant Saturday afternoon with patchwork and movie writing, something about sitting around with friends and creating something together in a low-key way is very very nice.

Saturday night party, crazy Waikato supporter screamy lady was a bad thing. Catching up with old friends is an awesome thing. Especially awesome is constructing a whole story set in a similar universe and populated with friends over the course of an evening. My Life as a Superhero (or alternate title) is totally going to get written.

Sunday was nice and relaxing, got some school work done and let myself do some patchwork as well. Met up with my parents-in-law and saw An Inconvenient Truth. They came out changed. My Father in law, who is quite the down-to-earth skeptic was saying that the movie should be free to view and shown in schools. I pointed out this would probably happen when it comes out on DVD but you do get the sense that people need to change their lives now.

Dinner at Kazu was very good, although they don’t make okonomiyaki anymore and that makes me a very sad panda. Didn’t get any takoyaki either…*runs off to cry*

Monday I started with a run. I was doing that sleeping in thing where you doze a little and then wake up over and over and I didn’t want to feel dopey for the rest of the day. It was a nice morning for it actually, if a little cold. My legs were pretty happy to be running but the cold hurt my chest a bit. I managed quite a lot of running and came in at only 20 minutes for my slightly extended up and round Tinakori and back along Mulgrave route. I’ll have to start going further if I want to be running longer.

Lunch with my family was nice followed by more school work. I got a lot done so that’s very good of me.
Lee and I have been watching this TV show from the BBC called QI which stands for Quite Interesting. It’s a panel show hosted by Stephen Fry where the panel (which changes apart from Alan Davies, who is Jonathan Creek) has to answer very obscure questions but they get more points for being interesting. I learned heaps from watching it, and it’s really funny because a lot of the people they have on are comedians. Bill Bailey has been in two that we’ve watched so far.

PoF: black and white and warm
CO: hotdog for lunch maybe?
Edited actual good news! Lowest road toll for thirty years for Labour Weekend.