wicked cool

Last night was the Revival of one of my most favourite roleplaying games ever: Slayers East. It was wicked cool. Giffy and I were late due to miscommunication (quarter to six, not quarter past six!) but once we got our character sheets sorted, Morgue spieled for a while and we started up.

In the interests of reintroducing the characters it was mostly framed around the return of Giffy’s character CC to Exeter. Thrown into this equation was the spell over the Slayer household which meant none of us could remember anything about the supernatural. Too cool.
I got some quotes down, but I don’t suppose they’ll mean much to anyone who wasn’t there. I got to have an awesome moment when I regained my memory and went all hard-core kick-ass slayer, and Morgue even simulated a cheesy crash zoom into my face for the reaction.

I am getting excited about the next Jenni’s Angels project, which hopefully we’ll get started filming in a couple of weeks. I’m a bit anxious to start sooner, but there’s no real need to.

PoF: didn’t want to get up
CO: itchy nose and hot chips for lunch