I had a good weekend. Saturday morning started with a run, and I did my ordinary route coming back on Mulgrave and found I could have run longer. The route took about 15 minutes, which is pretty quick for me, so I must be getting fitter and running more than walking!

Then Lee and I had brunch at Arizona (Mmmm flapjacks) and he bought me some very nice and very expensive running shoes. I tried them out briefly in the afternoon, jogging to the supermarket and back to pick up some stuff we’d forgotten earlier.

We had an impromptu dinner party with Seraph, Zephfi and Jase and that was very nice indeed. Ate roast beef, brownie cheesecake and icecream and played Shadows Over Camelot. We won! Yays yays! I played Sir Percival, the knight with the pansy heart shape on his chest plate. I got the grail and then spent most of the rest of the game in Camelot healing and kicking siege engines.

Sunday was a blustery rainy mess of a day, so no run for me. Instead I finished the task I was supposed to hand in weeks ago for school, messed about on line and did some patchwork.

In the afternoon we visited Lee’s sister and family and admired their new 42inch LCD TV. Lee’s sister is unsure of the size and thinks it is too big. It is very big, but I’m used to the projector so… *shrug*. Swearing niece was in good spirits and demanded Lee read a Thomas the Tank Engine book to her three times.

After that Giffy came over to work on her wedding invites, and I sat and quilted swearing niece’s quilt. I’m getting it done quite quickly because of watching all this Quite Interesting. Man, I love QI. It’s just so entertaining and educational. Did you know, for instance that the largest living thing on earth is not the Blue Whale? It’s a honey mushroom in some big National park in America. The mushroom’s root system spans like, the whole park or something.

Today dawned bright and sunny so I got up and went for the long run I had intended yesterday. It was the same one I did the day before my birthday, up Hobson, along Tinakori and back along Hawkestone and Molesworth. I did it in about 25 minutes, so I’m feeling well pleased with myself. After about the halfway mark my right ankle started giving me gyp, complaining about all this bending I was making it do.

My right shin started getting shooting pains too, I think I can officially call it shin splints, since it continued to hurt a while after I finished and running my finger up and down the muscle gives me pain. Just writing about seems to have caused it to flare a little again…I don’t know what that’s about. Anyway, I let myself walk the last bit and that seemed to ease it a little and then I did some squats on the balance ball and that definitely worked the right area, although that hurt some too.

I am wearing pink/pink superstripes, grey and white striped long sleeve t with black Kapcon t over top, pink hoodie over all that and denim pleated skirt. My shoes are my black nosweats and I feel cute, although suspect I will get cold as the day gets more and more Southerly-tastic.

Le sigh.

PoF: cute!
CO: running? Socks! School work