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I read the newest Phyllis Reynolds Naylor “Alice” book in just over a day. I just adore them, as you’ll no doubt remember. Alice has become my friend. C understands, she read the book this week as well. It was called Alice in the know and ended rather sadly I thought.

I shouldn’t have read it so fast, but I have so much other stuff to read I couldn’t help myself. I am half way through Monster Blood Tattoo which is a kind of Alaizabel Cray/Phillip Pullman -ish thing. I am quite enjoying it.

I also started Mirror, Mirror which is a Gregory Maguire book retelling Snow White but all mixed up with the Borgia family. I know nothing about the Borgias so it is quite interesting and I’m not far enough through yet that I’m hooked. I remember Wicked was quite hard to get into, it was really after the first part ended that I enjoyed it.

Re-watched the Little Mermaid last night, I still remember the words to every single song, which is not a surprise to me. It was my sister and my favourite album for about three years and we’d sing along on car trips to Taupo so….I was surprised to realise that Ariel does the fruit-cup girl thing to get the Prince to take her home off the beach right when she’s first human. She’s all “I’m so helpless and need a big strong man to take care of me!” just, without speaking, and he’s all “I have to take care of you because you have no one else and you’re so thin I worry you’ll evaporate.” (She really is very thin).

New Lost and new Veronica Mars were great like woah. I heartily approve of all this psychological theory showing up in TV. I don’t want to give away spoilers so I’m just saying it’s neat is all.

PoF: I remember why I don’t wear this hoodie, it has a lingering pee-like smell WOVEN INTO THE FABRIC!
CO: wheeeeee My Birthday! I am getting excited!



Got a link through a livejournal buddy about how blogs are evil. My personal favourite part is when it says:

Because this article is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, some may need to read it twice and use it as a stepping stone to further study on this subject.

That is how I’m going start all my blog entries from now on. And yeah, I’m going to keep blogging because I don’t think that sharing information is evil and I think that reading other people’s blogs opens people’s minds and also pathways to understanding.
But what do I know?

I went for a jog today. I woke up early and tried and tried to go back to sleep but I couldn’t. So I got up and Lee said from the bed “you are so good for getting up and going for a run” and then he went back to sleep for like, an hour. I ran my usual route, jogging quite a lot and battling with unstretchy hamstrings for a while. Stretching really helped and once I consciously tried to lift each leg and extend my stride it felt better too. I managed quite a bit of jogging, came home and did some excercises on the swiss ball. I’m not stiff at all today and my knees only made a minor complaint while running.

I should really do a longer route on the weekend. Probably Sunday, because something rankles about exercise on your birthday. I have tomorrow afternoon off work because I worked Saturday morning, I am going to buy myself some pink jewellery and the last Lemony Snicket book, I could maybe go for an afternoon run? Walk into town run home? Eh. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

PoF: pink/black super stripes
CO: my birthday is soon

Small actions

Morgue has been saying some pretty cool stuff about ways to change the world. Small group action discussion starts here.

Today he linked me to a really interesting place called Pledgebank where you go and say “I’ll do (thing) if other people say they will too.” I signed myself up for the ‘donate clothes I don’t wear to charity’ one, since I do that anyway and she only needs a couple more people to meet quota. It seemed like a nice easy way to get started.

The nice thing about it is that they advertise their successes so you can see it works. All most people need is a little nudge and they can start doing things that make a difference, however small it may be.

Pof: getting warmer, fleece may come off
CO: bookcrossing


The End the final Lemony Snicket book comes out on Friday 13th of October. In just four days!
In the lead up the elusive Mr Snicket has published The Beatrice Letters which is an exquisite work of book art and reveals the answers to a couple of the mysteries.

There have also been a series of “Vile Videos” published online, the first is all 12 previous books in one minute, the middle is a strange video montage that I’m not sure I understood and the last one? <a href="The End the final Lemony Snicket “>Awesome, it’s Mr Snicket himself. It’s a great song and funny to watch and, aw just watch it. It’s short like a minute long and the song is so catchy!

Biz-ay saving the world

Tomorrow is going to be a rush. Work in the morning then home. Collected by lovely ride giving boy at 1 and then quick quick through Costume Cave and find something I can wear to my birthday (Rachel has planted the idea that I could be Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman, so that’s my new back-up plan if they don’t have the bizarre purple confection I desire.)

Then it’s up the coast for Roleplaying Madness and possible Corona drunkeness if I can borrow money off my husband for beer. Crazy Kapcon peeps! Fairy roleplaying! Spa pool! Yeah! I may even run my P&P game again. I’m going to take it with me anyway.
Aaaaand at some point on Sunday I come home.

In health-related news. Cutting back on wheat/gluten is hard, but it seems to improve my belly issues. I am still taking metamucil, drinking yoghurt everyday and aloe vera juice too. I am feeling better than I have in months.

I haven’t run all week because the gail force Southerlies scare me. I shall do my balance ball DVD again either tonight or in the morning before work. I did do a teeny amount of running for the train on Wednesday: I was wearing my biker boots with the heel and no arch support and the train arrived just as I approached so I ran up the wee path, a strange bent over panicked run that really messed up my knees. My knees are still feeling weird today and I really wanted to wear my comfy sneakers but the rain meant it had to be boots so I went with the arch-supporty docs.

Brick has started at the movies. Go see! Go see! It’s just so clever and funny and wow. And more and more people are seeing An Inconvenient Truth and that makes me a happy Al Gore-vangelist. That website again is: Climate Crisis (uhm, it plays music.)

I’ve been taking the train to work an average of three days a week since I’ve been back from the film festival. I don’t like waiting for the train after I finish late on a Monday so I take the car then and then inevitably I have a meeting or something on one other day so I’ll use the car that day too. This is a direct result from seeing Inconvenient Truth. Yesterday my brother-in-law made fun of me for using the car, when I’m so vehement about reducing my carbon emmissions, but I just found this quote on the cimate crisis website: “Avoiding just 10 miles of driving every week would eliminate about 500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions a year
and if the movie teaches us anything it’s that every little bit counts, even if you can’t see a result from your actions straight away.

PoF: warm
CO: busy weekend

kitty blogging

well, all blogs are really about cats aren’t they? In honour of Animal Week and Debbie, I will relate some stuff about the cats I have known.

I grew up with two cats: Thomasina (called Tommy) and Balinor Beau Brummel (Bowie).
Tommy was a Tortoiseshell and White shorthair that we had since I can’t remember so I must have been very young. She was generally considered to be my sister’s cat, they had a real bond. Even if Tommy was comfortable on your lap, snoring away and with all the stroking she could desire, if my sister sat down in the same room? Tommy would move to her lap. It was a whole thing.

Bowie was a pedigree chinchilla persian, which means he was a long hair, but not with the squashed in I’ve-been-hit-in-the-face-with-a-brick look that some have. He was white with grey and red tips to the fur on his back and tail. His eyes were an astonishing blue-green.

As you can probably tell from the extended description, he was more “my cat” and man, did he suffer for that. He was never a lap cat though, I think Tommy had a fight with him early on and taught him that laps were her territory. He would sit next to you though, and he didn’t mind cuddles. We got him when I was about four years old. I remember going to pick him up and there being teeny wee white fluffball kittens all over the place. We got a deal on him, he was expensive but not as expensive as a proper pedigree because his markings weren’t perfect, so we got him a bit cheap on the condition that we never put him into a fancy cat show.

Bowie and Tommy didn’t really get on, she was generally the boss cat and bullied him a bit. He was tougher around the neighbourhood, beating up all the local cats and keeping their shared territory clear, but she could always intimidate him inside. She’d steal his food and everything.

Tommy was a neurotic cat, very skittish and weird. She didn’t trust people and was easily provoked. My mum used to have this ‘game’ of bugging Tommy, poking at her while she was sleeping until Tommy got fed up and scratched her. Mum would then complain about beings scratched and get no sympathy at all. In about 1994 Tommy was diagnosed with a hyper thyroid condition which meant we had to give her two sedative-type pills a day or she’d tear around the house at warp speeds and try to climb the walls. If she hadn’t had her pill she could go from sleeping to down the hall and out the catflap in about two seconds. Impressive.

Two pills a day doesn’t sound like much unless you have ever tried to give a cat a pill. Tommy got smart to tricks real fast. Mum tried to put the pill into the jellimeat and Tommy would carefully eat around it, leaving a sticky pill. Mum would put a ball of mince with a pill centre out next to the jellimeat, and after the first time when she ate it, pill and all, Tommy would eat around the pill. Mum tried to trick her by using three balls of mince in a row and only one had the pill in it. Tommy knew which one had the pill, and left it and then Bowie ate it. He slept for days.

Eventually it was grab the cat, pry the mouth open, shove the pill in, squirt water to enforce swallowing. Not fun for us or the cat.
Bowie was stupid. I mean this in a loving way, you understand but he really was inbred and it manifested in stupidity. First of all, he liked to be outside, in the mud, crawling through the compost and playing in the rain. He’d come in (a white cat, remember? A white, long haired cat) bedraggled, muddy and more often that not with a bug or spider hanging off him. He liked to be towelled dry so in really rainy weather, he’d come in wet, get towelled off and then go out and get wet again and then come back in for more towelling. We’d lose patience and just leave a kitchen towel draped over him. He’d walk around all afternoon with a towel on his back like a little camel sometimes.

Bowie also had a habit of forgetting he’d eaten. He’d demand more food and when no more was offered, he’d go out and get his own food. He was a great little hunter but he also liked to eat dead things that he found. Imagine if you will: white, long haired cat with diarhea? Dad would have to give him a bath to clean off the dags, and man Bowie hated that. There’d be yowling and crying and swearing (from my Dad) and then Bowie would be produced in the lounge, a sad white rat with a big head and a folorn expression, waiting to be towelled dry again.

Bowie died in late 1999 of kidney failure. He’d been famished for a few days, eating and then asking for more straight away, complaining around the house and messing up the litter box. Dad took him to vet after he started limping and he was put down straight away. Dad came to pick me up from work, I asked about the cat and that was it. Bowie was gone. He was cremated and put into a nice little kauri box which we kept on the shelf for a while. I think Mum and Dad have put him into their garden up the coast now, under a tree.
Tommy lasted a few more years, reaching a grand old age before slowing down and just kind of stopping. I was more affected by Bowie’s death than Tommy’s. I think because I was living with Bowie when he died but I’d moved out and Tommy had been alone with my parents in her last years.

My parents have a new cat now: Bilbo, he’s pretty neurotic but in a sort of anti-social way from living with just two adults all his life.
PoF: pink layers
CO: aww, reminiscing is fun.

batty batty batty batty batting

I’ve had a busy couple of days doing not enough study.

Work’s been busy with people away and the school holidays drawing lots of people in away from the icky weather. The wind is so awful today!
I haven’t run since Sunday and I’m anxious. I did my balance ball DVD last night and it was fun and my hamstrings are still nowhere near long enough for the dog pose or any of the bending forward with straight legs she wanted me to do. I promised myself I’d run this morning but I had the shite-ist night’s sleep ever last night. I couldn’t fall asleep and then I just kept waking up all night.

At 6 I woke and heard the wind howling and decided that I wouldn’t run, so I turned off my alarm and tried to settle…I hate when I can’t sleep.
Yesterday I did this big tour of a bunch of different kinds of libraries; parliamentary, university and the National as well as public. It was really interesting and nice to meet people from other library systems.
I picked up batting to go in the middle of swearing neice’s quilt yesterday and washed the fabric I’m planning on using as batting. I also picked up some fabric for Giffy and Beau’s wedding quilt. I have planned what it will look like, made decisions about blocks and block sizes and got advice from my Mum, so it’s full steam ahead once I recieve the fabrics I ordered off trademe as well.

Study is hard. I find it very hard to concentrate when people have made all sorts of lovely Logan/Veronica fanvids and put them up on youtube. *le sigh*

PoF: warm + boring
CO: fish’n’chips for lunch I think.