more from the wedding

Oddments from Giffy’s wedding that I neglected to mention in my previous post.

The adorable wee badges commemorating the wedding which are all blue and cute and nice. I am wearing one now. I totally stole like, five, because I knew there would be too many.

Meeting Xander for the first time (although I recognised him straight off from photos) and having him want to climb up on my lap pretty much as soon as I talked to him about Thomas the Tank Engine. He had fun playing with my bracelet which I chatted with Donelle and Michael.

Tiny Thai fishcake nibbles. OMG so good.
The speeches which were all lovely, were almost all tear-jerkers as well. Erik got my crying, and Muggle and Giffy herself. I told Erik off afterwards, but I really did enjoy them. There is something so wonderful about people being sincere about loving in front of so many people.

Dancing. I always forget somehow, that I enjoy dancing. The band was awesome, so very jazz cool and slinkster funk. Dancing while holding the hand of a girl feels almost magical somehow, like it makes both of us more beautiful.

When the back tables started queuing for dessert, I headed out the other door for another glass of sparkling rose (OMG yum) and the table of Frank, Jackie, etc made fun of me for trying to cut into the queue out of turn. I laughed and said ‘I’m in the Bridal party!’ After getting my drink, I was invited into the queue for dessert by a very obliging Ant and so got my dessert early all the same. On my way back past the hecklers I was able to say ‘I told you so! I am in the Bridal party!’

4 thoughts on “more from the wedding

  1. Yay I’m so glad you like the badges! I love how wee they were. When I was given the dimesions I had no idea because, you know, duh – metric! They’re *precious*.
    In the bridal party. Indeed!

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