My darling husband has switched us to Meridian Energy, since it’s the only totally green power company in New Zealand and the latest Greenpeace clean energy guide shows our previous power company has gone into the red of burning coal, oil or gas. So, I am very pleased that my electricity at home will now be not only renewable but from a company who only plans to use renewable energy in the future.
So. Yay for Lee: Mr Awesome.

I had another flare up of my darling belly. Stupid gluten, why are you so tempting? Yesterday was particularly bad, and I stayed home from work. One benefit to being sick in that way is that I got some writing done. I think I write more when I’m working longhand, so I will endeavour to do a bit more in notebooks and not just rely on having the laptop. I am especially pleased because I wrote a scene that I thought would be difficult, and was dreading but it came out easily and with pleasure.

I think I should do some work tomorrow on character outlines. I might write up rudimentary character sheets like for a roleplaying game, so that I have something solid to refer to and some basic abilities and stats laid out. I realise this is incredibly geeky, but I have to do it in a way that I will use and I think this will work for me.

I didn�t get the job I interviewed for, but I am very happy for C who did. Yay C!

Some books I’ve read lately:

The Invincible series by Robert Kirkman.

This is a series of graphic novels printed by Image, set in a DC-esque world. The main character, Mark is son to a guy who is much like Superman (alien, superpowered, world renowned) and in the first book, he manifests super powers. The stories are pretty standard supers versus threat stuff, but made wonderful with touches of the down to earth personal strains of being a superhero. Mark’s mother is especially wonderful, she’s used to watching her husband fight crime on TV half a world away and then appear for dinner. Now her son is also out there, risking his life. Anyway, it’s cool.

Thieves by Ella West.
A New Zealand book awards nominee, this is a young adult book about a girl who can teleport. One day, after keeping it secret for a very long time accidentally does it in front of her entire English class. The next night she is taken to The Project. The Project is very mysterious, but uses her and four other teleporting teenagers to do special missions. Exciting.
Boyznbikes by Vince Ford. (another book awards candidate)

A boy is suspended from school for doing something kind of stupid. His Dad takes him on The Big Ride, a motorcycle pilgrimage across the North Island. Secrets are revealed. Men ride Bikes. Beer is drunk. I learned about motorbikes, and I loved this book.

Now I’m re-reading Anansi Boys. Loving it.

PoF: stars
CO: planning tomorrow


I spent Thursday afternoon, Friday and 4am on Saturday morning thinking about how much I wanted the Care Bears tshirt so on Saturday Lee took me out to breakfast at Arizona (stupid non-gluten free cornbread) and then he went to squash and I walked home via shops and bought the tshirt.

I also went through their $5 men’s tshirts and bought two pirate-themed monstrosities to customise. Yesterday morning I made the white one into a crossover front wrap top with the huge skull and crossbones and “Black Rose tattoo parlour, Sapporo Japan” on the back. It’s quite uh, low cut so I think I shall try and save it for parties. I am still considering what to do with the XXXL black one with the skull and crossbones that says “Surrender the booty”. I’m sure it will be something good.

Then I came home and lo, did the housework. I vacuumed, laundered and mopped. I tried to finish demolishing the pile of stuff. I stripped the bed and washed the sheets. I aired the pillows*.

In the afternoon we sat in the sun some and visited my sister and her baby and then we went into town and sat on the waterfront and ate dinner at Lido and then we saw For Your Consideration which is good but not great. I liked it, and I laughed a lot, but it’s not any better than Christopher Guest/Eugene Levy’s other stuff. Afterwards we’d planned to go to the Cuba St Carnival Parade but my belly was complaining about the corn bread so I felt miserable and we went home.

Sunday I went for a run. Man, it’s hard to run in that heat! I did alright though, went my long route and ran a bit more than I walked. I felt good after, so I waxed my own legs again and customised that tshirt. Seraph and Viv called to say they’d drop by so I cleaned the house again. It’s amazing how much we can mess up our house in a day, but I managed to get the coffee table mostly cleared which is kind of a coup.

I didn’t get any writing done this weekend, as I was too busy with other stuff like actually finishing my wedding album! Oh yeah. It’s back in the binding and everything. I rock. So I’m gonna try and get something done tonight and really focus on Thursday.

PoF: Guns
CO: achey belly
*Well, I stuck one of my pillows on the windowsill by the open window. It counts.

Good Housekeeping

I think I’m going mad.
Let me explain. A couple of weeks ago Lee went out on a Saturday morning to play squash. It’s no big deal, he does that every so often. While he was out, I cleaned the house. It was prompted by a bad smell*, but in my cleanliness search for said bad smell I cleaned a lot.

I turned up Boys for Pele real loud and vaccumed, mopped, wiped down and washed for a goodly while. I also did the washing and took out all the rubbish and recycling. None of this is terribly unusual, I mean I’m not a total slob**, but the weird thing is this: I really enjoyed it.

I enjoyed the cleaning so much that I started sorting a giant pile of crap that’s been in the lounge lo, these many months. I started looking for other things to clean.

And I’ve been thinking about how much I liked the cleaning and looking forward to doing it again. So much so, that I asked Lee if he had squash planned for Saturday morning this week and was too embarrassed to tell him why I was asking.

Well, I’m not embarrassed any more. I may be going mad, or simply getting older, or maybe my gluten-lite diet is giving me more energy. I may even be turning into my Mother. (Well, probably not, since she cleans every day. I have no time for that level of commitment.) But what the heck, if it means a clean house I’m not ashamed.
I shall make it my vow to clean my house. I will commit to changing the bedsheets regularly and taking out the recycling. I will no longer be ashamed of my bathroom.
Yeah. Let’s see how long this lasts.

*which turned out to be an old Smoked Salmon packet in a bag waiting to be taken out.
**I’m not particularly tidy, but I like to have a clean place.

PoF: that extra $39 from JayJays. (Grey hoodie with dark grey stars all over)
CO: tomorrow morning!

best things ever

Cadbury’s chocolate sauce. It tastes like melted dairy milk, but it comes in a bottle so you don’t have to mess around with melting chocolate yourself. Also, it goes all thick and nice on ice cream. So good.

Tip Top jelly tip icecream in the two litre container. I know lots of people are all excited about cookies and cream flavour, but I need more intensity from my ice cream. I need Extreme Flavour red jelly, I need Chocolate Bits, I need jelly tip.
I also am enjoying the Strawberry Rocky Road flavour in the big two litre container, because it combines the yummy strawberry ice cream with the biscuity bits that cover a rocky road on a stick and it has veins of red goo as well.

While we’re talking about ice cream, Cadbury crunchie flavour ice cream is also supremely delicious. Especially when combined with the aforementioned chocolate sauce. I remember at Waitarere we were eating this very combination and Chelle said “The only thing that could make this better would be if there were hokey pokey bits in the icecream” and then there were! Perfect.

Bundaberg Peachee. You can only get it in a four pack of little glass bottles, and it’s always sold out because everyone knows about how great it is. It’s a fizzy drink flavoured like peaches. It’s awesome ice cold, but perfectly drinkable at room temperature as well.

If you can’t get Peachee, on account of it being sold out, Lemon Ale is my next best Bundaberg four-pack of little glass bottles choice. The Apple ale just tastes like appletiser to me, which is unimpressive, since I can just buy appletiser. Lemon ale tastes like that ‘old fashioned lemonade’ Schweppes sold for a while a few years back: it tastes sour and lemony, but sweet and refreshing. Good stuff.

Sunny Wellington Days. These are the best days of the summer. Why am I at work for them? There’s no wind, just a gentle zephyr and the sun is scorching if you’re in it directly. I sweated through my tshirt driving back from Tawa at 1.30 this afternoon. Yup. You wanted to know that.

PoF: emo
CO: ice cream and chocolate sauce.

small things

Love my Zambesi designed Glassons breast cancer research tshirt. It’s cool.
Need more product in my hair or I get a kind of mushroom shape over my left ear. Not good.
It’s very cold today and Lee woke me in the middle of the night by poking me in the face. He was asleep. Obviously dreaming of things he had to poke in the face.

I wrote about a thousand words of my book yesterday. It felt good.
Photo printing paper arrived yesterday so I madly printed photos. Now my printer is out of ink. Le sigh.
I also managed some scrapbooking yesterday. A certain Nick and a certain J-who-shall-not-be-named are again scrapbooked into immortality. Oh yeah.
Tonight: more delicious Slayers East. I have nearly cried even *thinking* about playing it, so let’s hope I can keep the tears at bay and not break down in front of my roleplaying group.

PoF: dark and cool. I have my tiger hoodie though, which changes the look somewhat.
CO: fun roleplaying tonight!


Friday a bunch of us went to the Summer Shakespeare, which this year was As You Like It which I saw as a Summer Shakespeare ten years ago, and a few years ago at Downstage set in Colonial New Zealand. I also played Corin, the shepherd in an extract for the Sheila Winn competition way back in fifth form.

So. I’m a bit familiar with the play, although I haven’t studied it in depth.
This version was set in modern times, with ninjas and pro-wrestlers. It was pretty neat. The girl playing Rosalind was very good as was Celia. Orlando was cool, although a bit buffoonish and very eager to be gay with “Ganymede”, which I found rather amusing.

My friend Nick was in the chorus and had a minor speaking role, of the guy who Audrey was supposed to marry before she met Touchstone. He was very good, and I was much impressed with his singing voice, which I have only heard before in singstar context, which isn’t really indicative. I also thought he looked the most like a commando in those crazy people-living-in-the-woods scenes.

Friday was the only night last week when it rained. It rained right on the play, and was getting pretty heavy by the time the interval came. The director came out and said they’d see what happened over the twenty minute break and if it kept raining they’d cancel the second act and we could come back another night.

I was pretty happy to stay since I had worn warm socks, three layers on top plus my big coat with the thick hood and hadn’t really got wet at all. Plus Lee and I had two blankets to share, so we stayed for the second half. Some of our group didn’t stay and I couldn’t blame them, but I just couldn’t see myself getting organised to come back another night either.

The second half was pretty much dry, right up until the final scenes, in which it got steadily worse. The curtain calls went quickly and then everyone ran for their cars. Lee and I had just got to our car when it really let loose and bucketed down.
For dinner I had a half-mini baguette stuffed with chicken and another roll as well, then a little cake. The next day for lunch we had more of the rolls covered in melted cheese. These gluten-tastic food choices were soon regretted by myself.
On Saturday we went to Rachel and Alan’s housewarming which I had fun at, but Lee mostly sat in the corner trying not to fall asleep. We left about 6.30 and did our grocery shopping and then came home and watched Remember the Titans. Which I hadn’t seen in some years.

I had a grumbly and achey belly by this time and spent a lot of time complaining.
Sunday morning I felt even worse and wasn’t sure I’d make it to Yum Char for Muggle’s birthday. However, once I’d had a shower I felt a bit more human and even though my head was doing a serious space-out thing I managed to sit through Yum Char, talk to people and have fun. I didn’t move from my seat at all, because I wasn’t sure about not passing out if I did.

I had a lot of fun though, with all the different people at our table. Something about the size of those round tables is very conducive to all sorts of simultaneous conversations. I laughed a lot, and managed to actually talk to Nick which was nice.
I got Lee to drop me home after while he went to do some perk jobs. I went pretty much straight to sleep and woke up feeling a bit better. I didn’t feel awesome, but less head spacey than before. Later Sass and Rachel dropped by briefly and I had to be coherent, which I think I managed. After that Lee took me out into the sunshine and I nearly fell asleep again so we came back and I had another nap before dinner.

Today I am still unwell. My belly is aching and I’m having the opposite problem to usual. I haven’t really tried to do anything today, so I’m not sure if my head’s still nutso.

I’ve read these books: Forever in Blue the final Travelling Pants book, which was very good. I love Bee.
1001 Nights of Snowfall which is a Fables title, and excellent. I love a lot of the artists used in this collection, so that made it even more enjoyable.
Little House in Boston Bay by Melissa Wiley. It’s a Little House book about Charlotte Tucker, who is Laura Ingalls’ Grandmother. Or will be. I quite liked it actually. They managed to keep the same tone that Laura used.
Y the Last Man: Unmanned by Brian K Vaughan. Set in 2002, this graphic novel is about a plague that kills every mammalian carrier of the Y chromosome on the planet, except for one guy and his monkey. It is awesome and I already have the next two on order from the library. Steve actually told me to read this about a year ago, well Steve, I finally managed it!

Next up: Seven Soldiers of Victory a DC ensemble title by Grant Morrison.

PoF: nightie
CO: stupid belly, reckless Jenni eating gluten.

note to self

…don’t go on holiday next summer until February. The weather this week has been stellar, just outstanding sunshine and very little wind. My feet are too hot in my fabric jandles. Too hot! In jandles!
I have new short hair. I like it very very much.

I have been going scanner crazy! I have scanned and uploaded some comics I drew when I was but 17….ten years ago OMG! Uh, so if you want to appreciate the incredible rapier wit of me, go here to view. They’re not Shakespeare, but I like them all the same.
It’s too hot to run. I’m making that my official excuse for not running in days and days. It’s too hot and I’m gassy in the mornings.

I am pretty much finished with my current school assignment, which is lucky since it’s die Saturday and I’m going to the summer Shakespeare tomorrow evening. I just have to force myself to proof read it tonight and then it’s outtie. This is exceptionally good news since it’s been sucking up all my writing time. Now I can get back to my book! Yes yes yes.
Brain fried. Need ice cream therapy.

PoF: guns and new hair
CO: hot feets.

One year today

This time last year I think we were in the Botanic Gardens, playing with parasols in the hot sun and having our photos taken.

I remember so much of my wedding day as if it were last week and then whole hours are just kinda gone. I wrote it all out in my diary on the plane to Gold Coast, so it’s not gone for ever, but I’ve been thinking about the day today and feeling happy.

I celebrated by reading my blog posts of a year ago, here and on lj, reading all the planning stuff and then the relief of afterwards and the honeymoon.

I want to go away again. I want to fly somewhere.
The sun is so hot today that when I went outside to read in the sun I had to come back in after ten minutes. I shouldn’t have worn black today I guess. It bodes well for wearing my strapless white dress out for dinner!

I am nearly finished reading the new Tamora Pierce novel Beka Cooper: Terrier, which is set in Olde Tyme Corus, and Beka is George’s like, great-great-great-grandmother or something and she’s a kind of cop. It took me a while to get over some of the cheesiness but I’m really enjoying it now.

There’s a new Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants book out called Forever in Blue. I have it on reserve.

PoF: l337 librarian
CO: I want my wedding again XD


Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. ~ Dave Barry.

I forget how much I enjoy dancing. I like to dance at weddings, and I like to dance terrible dances like the Running Man, and the weird dance my sister and her friend and I put together based on singstar videos*.

I made some people dance at Giffy’s wedding, perhaps they didn’t want to at first, but then they had fun. I like to be asked to dance, it makes me feel all Olde Tyme popular**.

I want to learn a new form of dance but my work hours tend to preclude it, then there’s reasons like I already do too much, and I should be focussing and it all gets too hard.

Dancing is important because everyone can do it, it’s a non-verbal form of communication and it’s excercise.
Lee dislikes dancing, but doesn’t seem to mind if I dance with other people. He’ll dance one or two with me at a wedding, if I insist, but then I let him sit down and have fun with my fellow dancers. I get euphoric on the dance floor and I start wondering why everyone isn’t up there too.

I won’t do the birdie dance though. I refuse. I had to do it too many times as a kid and it has bad associations for me now.

*The best move is the repeated pointing at the ground behind your back with both hands, while you lean back, pelvis forward and switch places with your partner. A wide open mouth improves this move dramatically.
** I have a space on my dance card near the end of the evening…


This week is passing very quickly.

I started writing an entry about why I blog, but I can’t get it to sound right.
I am working hard on my school assignment. I’m nearly up to 10,000 words on it, and I resent it a little. I wish I was up to 10,000 words on my book, but I’m not being graded on my book, so the school work has to come first.
I dreamed this morning about buying tiny plastic toys.
Today it is raining. That’s alright.

It’s interesting to discuss Superman. I guess I could give Batman a try too, but I’m such a fangirl I’m not sure it would be so deep. I guess I could frame it around why the first two Batman movies bugged me, but then, I feel I’ve mentioned it before.

Next Monday is my first wedding anniversary. I have booked us dinner at a nice restaurant. I can’t believe it’s been a year.
Fed up with trying to find a local leg waxery for cheap I bought a kit to do it myself. I bought a home-leg-wax kit when I was a teenager and utterly chickened out of doing it. Today I waxed my lower left leg by myself. It was very sticky and messy and I can’t reach the back of my leg, but it was good, and hair came off and I feel a sense of accomplishment.
Shiny pink toenail polish increases the attractiveness value of my feet exponentially. I call myself Jenni Prettytoes.

PoF: I love my denim hoodie
CO: writing things