One year today

This time last year I think we were in the Botanic Gardens, playing with parasols in the hot sun and having our photos taken.

I remember so much of my wedding day as if it were last week and then whole hours are just kinda gone. I wrote it all out in my diary on the plane to Gold Coast, so it’s not gone for ever, but I’ve been thinking about the day today and feeling happy.

I celebrated by reading my blog posts of a year ago, here and on lj, reading all the planning stuff and then the relief of afterwards and the honeymoon.

I want to go away again. I want to fly somewhere.
The sun is so hot today that when I went outside to read in the sun I had to come back in after ten minutes. I shouldn’t have worn black today I guess. It bodes well for wearing my strapless white dress out for dinner!

I am nearly finished reading the new Tamora Pierce novel Beka Cooper: Terrier, which is set in Olde Tyme Corus, and Beka is George’s like, great-great-great-grandmother or something and she’s a kind of cop. It took me a while to get over some of the cheesiness but I’m really enjoying it now.

There’s a new Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants book out called Forever in Blue. I have it on reserve.

PoF: l337 librarian
CO: I want my wedding again XD

4 thoughts on “One year today

  1. omg tamora pierce AND SOTP?? Please might I borrow apres vous (please note how polite I am being)?
    Yay for fond memories! Sun at lunchtime made me hot and sweaty enough to come back early too:( but 🙂

  2. Giffy has bagsed Beka Cooper next, but you could have it after her. I’m getting the SOTP out from the library though, so less of the lending.
    It’s the final book though, so hopefully there’ll be some nice boxed set of them coming out that I can buy.

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