roleplaying quotes

From Best Friends: Big Brother Superheroes.

Legion: Thats the problem with you heroes, you don’t think of anything but yourselves.
Blue Steel (distrustfully): Yesss..Legion.

Stellar to Belladonna: There’s a bike in there, if you keep riding it you’ll go away!

Montage: Blue Steel eats things from around the house including a make-up case, shower head, railing of swimming pool (leaving poor Belladonna swimming for hours unable to get out).

Stellar to Serendipity: So, you totally fuck up people’s lives. That’s cool.

Belladonna to heroes: Hey, have you guys ever thought of using your powers for personal gain?

Serendipity: So, Legion, you’re waiting for your head to explode? How do you think that’s going to work out?

Blue Steel: Mirage, clearly you do not understand human emotions.

Belladonna: I have some push-up bras that you could use
Blue Steel: my body is not very malleable.
Serendipity: Technically Blue Steel is always wearing a tank top
Blue Steel: I enjoy your pun.

Mirage: The reason you’re still here Legion, is that if your head explodes people will want to see that on TV.

Stellar with the power of sarcasm fails again!
Blue Steel: You have chosen your side Mirage. I always knew you were evil!!

Blue Steel: Do any of you enjoy the steam hut?
Streak: Yeah?
Blue Steel: I believe that if I destroy the steam hut I can create the most awesome garden! Hydroponics!

Blue Steel (with pogo stick): I fear if Belladonna gets this she will win the competition.
Big Brother Voice: The eviction will be tomorrow at fnurhnur.
Housemates: What time?
Big Brother Voice: Go to bed!

Streak puts on glasses that the Big Brother Voice has given her.
Blue Steel: You look intelligent. I am seeing internal qualities that I’ve never seen before.

Big Brother Voice best hits: Cheese nose. Froooooooog. I have lost all sensation in my shirt.

Belladonna: If you win the eviction, can you tell me what the prize is?

Blue Steel drinks Draino and becomes drunk: We should find Captain Super and teach him a lesson.
Stellar: Yeah.
Blue Steel: Then we should find Iron Commando.

Legion: Hey, dont laugh at Serendipity! Don’t laugh at her pain!

Stellar re: Legion: Leave her alone, she’s got a lot of stuff in her mind.

Legion to Belladonna: why would a guy have sex with a girl other than you?

Mirage changes into togs instantly using her illusion power. Streak changed into togs instantly using superspeed. They scorn each other thus:
Streak: At least mine’s real.
Mirage: At least mine looks good.

Re: Iron Commando.
Serendipity: what was with his balloon pants?
Blue Steel: He was from another time, a time when men were strong. Like iron.


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