Head cold check list

I don’t know about you, but when I get sick I forget things. Even things that I should really remember like, how to get well again. So, for my own reference and maybe yours as well, here’s my Getting a Cold checklist.

  • For a sore throat: hot lemon honey drinks, or Barker’s lemon barley cordial with hot or cold water.
  • Vicks Vaporub for easy breathing at night
  • A hot bath warms the body and eases the sinuses
  • Codral to sleep well
  • Keep warm, keep hydrated
  • Eat citrus fruits, kiwifruit, bananas for the vitamins
  • Comfort food: thick soup, irish stew, fresh vegetables
  • Watching DVDs or TV while wrapped in a duvet with a hottie or a wheat bag speeds healthfulness
  • Berocca, mega doses of vitamins help you feel better soon

If anyone has anything more to add, please comment and let me know!

PoF: not warm enough
CO: stoopid cold

sick Jenni

Hummm…well, karma was listening when I was saying to Norm how happy I was I hadn’t got sick this year post-48 hour film comp. Karma was listening and went “Oh, hey, yeah! Have a cold!”

Either that or I picked it up off Morgue at Slayer’s East. One last parting gift, huh Morgue? Thanks.
The screening of our movie was on 9.15 on Thursday. It occurred to me afterwards that I should have advertised it to my online friends and got more votes for our movie…heh. It went well. There was a moment of panic and 15 seconds of blackness before our short started but then it played and it was good and loud and it got laughs at the jokes, and all was well in the world.

I think our film suffered a little from following the hilarious Unnecessary Sequel to ‘March of the Penguins’. Les Promenades des Moutons was very very funny, especially the redonkulous sheep suits worn by three actors. It was a good film, styled like a mockumentary making of kinda playing alongside the actual movie. I think it deviated from genre a little but yeah. It got my second vote all the same.

Working in town is dangerous to my bank balance. I bought new jeans this week because I saw Glassons had them reduced to $30. I’m glad I did, my old jeans are all getting a bit old and thin. The new jeans are thick and warm and black with white stitchings. I like them. Then I went to the Warehouse and bought a $3 Ninja Turtles tshirt to make into something cool.

On Thursday I got given my own Trade me tshirt. I asked for a double XL so I can make something neat out of it. Not sure what yet. Maybe a pinafore with a little frill?

The weather has been very nice, especially at working-to-work time. I like walking along the waterfront in the sunshine, it really wakes you up. It should also be making up for the amount of fast food and delicious baked goods I’ve been eating at lunch time just because I can. I have seen some ducks in the water in the morning but that’s it for marine life.
I went to the dentist yesterday morning. I love my dentist. He did three fillings in about forty minutes. I was a little late to show up and I don’t know how long it takes the anesthetic to kick in, so I can’t be sure, but it felt fast. I was only 15 mins late to work. I did have to deal with the face numbness all morning though, and that makes me miserable. Still, the teeth don’t hurt at all today, so once again I say “My dentist is the best!”

Today we’re going to the Food Show. I have to write my final essay for my school course first, and I am clearly procrastinating by writing long blog entries and eating mandarins.

Finally, I will tell you how good at sleeping I am. I went to bed at about 9.30 last night. I read Sunshine for a while and then started dozing. I must have fallen asleep at about 10.15. I woke when Lee came to bed, and I woke again to have a drink. (My cold started with a nasty sore throat) I woke up again when the alarm went off at 7.38am. Then I woke up again at about 8.30. Lee got up, I opened the curtains to read. I read Sunshine felt myself nodding off again and thought ‘why the Hell not?’ and woke up again at 10. Aaaah.

Take that sleep deprivation!
Take that weakened immune system!

Jenni wins!
PoF: warm
CO: brain no worky too good

Post-48 hours

The 48 hour film competition is over for another year.

On Friday Lee and I went to the Mt Vic bowling club to collect our elements and genre.
The elements (for every team) were:

Character – Jerry/Gerri Reed, a hypochondriac
Prop – rope
Line of dialogue – “what do you call that?”

Our team, to our great amusement drew Monster or Science Fiction for our genre. There was brief talk of doing a sequel or prequel to Monster Hunter IV, but there was general consensus that it would only really be funny to us.

We did a massive brain storming session with some really fantastic ideas coming out, but it was Jackie’s “Destination Earth” idea that everyone really loved. There was some competition from the “two men in a box” idea, but I was pleased we went with the broad comedy.

So, we were making a science fiction film. A travel show for aliens interested in visiting Earth. Two hosts; one an expert, and one learning about Earth. Some stuff about Earth’s history (as perceived by aliens) and then a bunch of fun things you can do on Earth.

I was pleased that when talking about casting I said “I’m quite keen to be the host” and everyone said “yes, it should be you”. My major tasks for the weekend as planned were to hold onto the kitty* and keep everyone fed. Thankfully we had a wonderfully organised American who was happy to take over those jobs. I’d already done all the shopping for Saturday day as well, and was told it was a good lunch, so I felt satisfied in my performance in that job even so.

Fraser was cast as the other lead, and Giffy was cast as “woman”. She got to go on a hot date with alien Fraser.
Saturday’s filming. We couldn’t have been blessed with better weather. It was sunny, mild and not a breath of wind. This meant there was no wind sound to edit out of our dialogue. We filmed in the cafe at the St James. My first filmed take involved me talking to Fraser and the camera while walking down stairs! This is harder than it sounds, and I think they used a take where I lose my balance a little and have to subtley fling an arm out. Things to remember: lines, walk down stairs without falling over, walk slowly so we get our lines out before we pass the camera, be perky and interesting.

Second location was at the Carter Observatory where I found out that the grounds of the Carter Observatory are really busy with people on a fine, sunny Saturday. Those people enjoy watching weirdos in wigs talking to camera. We ate lunch at the Carter; it was bread rolls, ham, lettuce, spinach, cheese, hummus, rice crackers, mandarins, bananas and cookies. Water, spree lemon and coke for drinks. I had the strange experience all weekend of getting really hungry, eating a few bites and then not wanting any more. I made myself eat anyway.

Third location was Lee’s parent’s place where we got a lot of hilarious scenes done. We wrapped the principle photography at 7pm on Saturday night; the best we’ve ever done in a 48 hour situation. And can I just say how impressed I was that we filmed two very key scenes with Giffy in under half an hour? I was convinced it wasn’t going to happen but the whole team pulled out the stops and she had a whole five minutes to get ready and go to a wedding. Yay us!

Back to Norm’s for dinner (Chinese food. The best ever.) and after a lot of waiting for the tech guys to do important things with the footage and the music and the graphics, and getting very grumpy about having to wait when I really needed to sleep, but we got my voice over work done that night so the graphics guys would have the timing.
We took Steve and Nick B home, I had a bath of relaxation and got about 6 1/2 hours sleep.

Sunday: I got to put in my two cents about the rough cut, record one more line of VO and appear as an extra (sans wig and with my back to the camera) in a “weird things humans do” pick-up. The rest of the day I sat on the couch like a lump and played Civ3. It was awesome. I felt a little guilty that I wasn’t doing more, but truthfully there wasn’t much I could do. I was on-hand if they needed pick-ups or VOs, but the film at this point was in the very capable hands of the post-production team.

It wouldn’t be the 48 hour film competition if there wasn’t some anxiety, and sure enough at 5 when we were supposed to be getting a safety cut out of the house and down to the drop off point there was a problem with rendering. Basically the film took way longer to render than it should have and the computers got shut down and restarted and everyone started freaking out.

Upstairs we had been quite complacent up until this point, and the tension really got to us. Fraser, Svend, Celeste and I had no idea what was going on and a bunch of people had gone down to the editing room and not come back up. The time was ticking on and I started to think we weren’t going to get it in on time. Thankfully at about 6.10 Andrew (writer, editor, SFX) came up and said “Oh yeah, there’s a tape. The safety cut can go in now” and we all breathed again.
Stacey went in with the tape and a second car was organised to take the proper cut in at 6.40. The tape left with Lee driving, Fraser as runner and our camerawoman Extraordinaire Jen with the camera, watching the tape to make sure it worked. They handed it in with time to spare and lo, the rejoicing was loud and excited.

It was really good to see the final film with all the graphic animation integrated and Darren’s music blending beautifully with the action and it all looking so good. I have a copy of it on this very laptop and I’m going to watch it in a minute.
A big thanks to everyone who helped out Jenni’s Angels in any way. It was really, truly appreciated and I had a blast this year. Not being outside in the rain and the mud made it so much easier!

*of money, not a cat

So, after the regional finals we’ll maybe stage a mini-festival of the films of all our friends. Those who come to movie night may get to see our one earlier though…be warned! I look like a crazed doll and I am channeling Petra Bagurst.
Also, after the whole competition is over we’ll be sticking it up on youtube. I’ll let you know when that happens for sure!

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quick update

Yup, I’m still alive.
My new work is fun, overwhelming amounts of information, but I am getting the hang of it and enjoying myself.
Walking to work along the waterfront has been very agreeable. Working in town is dangerous to my credit card. Today I had pan fried pork dumplings for lunch.

Last night my Tuesday gamer group did character creation for Spirit of the Century. Here’s what I’ve got for my new character….

Valerie D’Acourt and the King’s Ransom. A Spirit of the Century novel.
Following a rather unusual liaison at a grand society ball, nine months later Ex-pat French nobleman Jean-Luc D’Acourt finds a baby girl on the doorstep of his country manor.

Jean-Luc didn’t know what to do with this bewitching girl, so he educated her as he had been; in the Classics, fencing, unarmed combat and hunting. One month a year Valerie was sent to spend time with her mother in Faerie. There she was schooled in mysterious magics.

A Maiden Aunt eventually insisted Valerie be sent to finishing school, so from the age of 12 she attended a Lady’s Academy in London, where she learned the womanly arts, and fine manners.
(Aspects: “Fae born” and “Raised as a Gentleman”)

During the Great War; Valerie’s school is bombed during a blackout, at the moment of the bomb’s impact Valerie evacuates her classmates and school mistresses to the unpredictable realm of Faerie, where the threats may be even greater. Valerie is forced to save her classmates yet again.
(Aspects: “Caught between two worlds” and “They always have to be rescued”)

Astrid Hubble and the Sword of Legend
Valerie lends Astrid Hubble, tomb raiding Egyptologist, a hand with some troublesome cultists, who may know a little too much about Valerie’s unique situation. Valerie and Astrid become fast friends.
(Aspects: “Helps out friends in need” and “There’s no time, I’ll explain later.”)

Valerie D’Acourt and the King’s Ransom
The Fairy King demands demands a ransom from human kind for the return of the English Monarch, good King Edward. Valerie is caught between two worlds as reluctant ambassador. Valerie’s best galpal Astrid is assigned as Valerie’s bodyguard, but will she be able to resist taking some Fae souveniers?

The Conjurer has been tasked with creating a doppelganger of King Eddie, but no mere illusion will trick the magical Fairy King. Can the Conjurer outdo his best illusions? When he becomes victim to the wrath of the Fae Monarch Valerie will have to use all her talents to obtain a happy ever after.
(Aspects “Well connected to ‘the right people'” and “enemy = fairy king”)

Count Bakarov and the Ruckus in Russia
Upon reaching England safely, Count Bakarov is again in dire need of allies as his secret is threatened by cultists from Egypt. Allying himself with the enchanting Lady D’Acourt also threatened by the same menace and a partnership is formed that may be deeper than mere allies.
(Aspects “Enamoured with Count Bakarov”)

entry 1014, shopping is fun

for my last ‘proper’ day of holiday, I got my hair done and then went shopping.

Spending money gives me a buzz, an adrenaline rush and a happy sense of bliss. Today I picked up some stuff that I have meant to get for a while and some basics so that I shouldn’t need to go shopping again for a while *cross fingers*.

Nice shampoo and conditioner from the hairdresser. He gave me samples of them last time and they make my hair nice and soft and fluffy.

New Pajamas. They are a vertical striped flanellette confection of pink, green, white and blue. Lovely and soft, can’t wait to wear them! Sussan really do the best pjs, they are great quality and last for ages.

The Arrival by Shaun Tan. This is an incredible art book/sophisticated picture book with no words. It tells the story of a man who leaves his home land and moves to another country where he doesn’t speak the language. I’ve loved Shaun Tan for some time, and this book is basically a masterpiece. (Bought with gift vouchers, along with two pretty pens.)

Ink for my printer. Exciting stuff there.

Two big men’s tshirts from Jay Jays which I intend to make more interesting. The white one that says “Rockstar disposition” is going to be a hoodie I think.

A long sleeve v neck tshirt from Supre, just a nice layering top for $20

Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder from Borders, and finally got myself signed up to their email list.

Azumanga Daioh vol 6, which I have needed for like, forever. I had a nice chat about it and Robot Chicken with the nice young man at Gamesman. How old am I? Old enough to refer to him as a Nice Young Man, that’s how old.
Oh bliss. Shopping is awesome.

PoF: stripey arms
CO: scrapbooking


Flying Burrito Bros was excellent last night. I had build-your-own chicken tacos and managed to make it to taco heaven for a brief while. Raspberry margaritas are still good, and make me a bit silly when I’ve had an early lunch and no afternoon tea. Go figure.

Maui: One man against the gods

Go see it if you can. It’s an incredibly spectacular stage show, huge in scale in ways that ballet is not. I mention ballet because it was on at the St James, and generally I’m there to watch ballet. There is a lot of wire work, including people swinging out from the highest boxes over the audience in the stalls.

We were near the front of the Dress Circle, so the people flying about were right in our eye-lines. Very cool, although once again I wished I knew more Te Reo, as the dialogue and singing is all in Maori. The narration of Ra is in English although as Lee pointed out, it would have been better to be told what had happened *before* it happened, rather than after. But there were moments when there’d be a ripple of laughter through a part of the audience and I’d be like “Damn! Missed a joke!”

I liked it when one of Maui’s brothers said she was hung like a taniwha though. Holding a spear between your legs and shouting “Taniwha!” gets that joke across quite effectively. It’s a wonderfully fun show with kapa haka, physical comedy, fighting and lots and lots of fabric. Lots of fabric.

I made Lee go with me, and this may have been a mistake. I thought he would like it…and he didn’t hate it. He just didn’t like it much either. Too much art-wank apparently, although I didn’t notice any. Ah well, I’ve learned my lesson anyway. I did manage to get him to say he appreciated the jellyfish. The jellyfish are cool.

Today I am doing very little. I typed up what I wrote at Te Papa yesterday and I’m past 12,500 words now. Wrote a little fight scene this morning which I am quite happy with, but I’m thinking a lot of what I’ve written is more of an outline and could use padding out. I’ll leave all that til I’ve finished the first draft though.

It’s cold today and windy and a bit rainy. I am going to do some more scrapbooking.

PoF: tiger
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More on Slayers East


Last night was the hardest, most emotional roleplaying experience I have ever endured.

In the face of two incredibly Earth-destroying events, one of which had already begun taking effect and one that was about to, Candy took the power of an elder God into her body and made her stepbrother kill her.

I’ve had player characters die before, but never in such an affecting way. Not with my stepfather shouting “No!” and my mother running to stop me, screaming her head off and her step-brother holding her and crying because he didn’t want to hurt her. Morgue said I could still talk so I told him “Do it. Save the world, Zak.” and he did, and afterwards Scott and I were both crying and he was shaking and everyone else was completely stunned and man.

I’m glad I trust this group so much, even if I was a bit embarrassed about crying in front of them. There is just so much love and support, and once I/Candy realised that the only chance the world had was if I did the ultimate Heroic Sacrifice thing, just like Buffy.

I’ll probably write more about this whole episode, but not right now.

fun stuff

Lee bought me a mogwai on the weekend. I love my mogwai. Love love love.
Things I have achieved this week…

Visited Mum for scrapbooking yesterday with my sister and baby niece. I got scrapbooking done, yay me.
Practiced walking to trademe and it takes about 20-25 minutes, so that’s cool. I can leave a bit after I am used to in the mornings.

I visited to Te Papa today, I spent some time wandering through the Toi Te Papa/art of the nation exhibit. It’s very very good, and I liked the selection but it’s very big! My feet hurt. I found that being amongst all that stuff is quite inspiring. After a bit of staring at stuff I sat down and did some writing. I wandered a bit more and then sat down by the Treaty exhibit and wrote some more. It’s a good way of resting feet and re-energising, plus I got writing done.
Afterwards I went to the art gallery, but it’s between exhibitions at the moment, so closed.

On the way home I had a look through some shops and then I went to Spotlight and spent the gift vouchers I got from my library workmates. I a delicious purply fabric covered album with embroidered flourishes and a bunch of scrapbooking supplies, so I think tomorrow I will do some more scrapbooking!

I have also watched Moulin Rouge and seen my Mother-in-Law and Lee and I went to see Spiderman 3 which I loved. I adored emo-Peter Parker so so much.

I continue to have vivid dreams about change and work and strange things going on. I’m quite enjoying it actually.
Tonight I’m going to see Maui with Lee and my parents, we’re going to Flying Burrito Bros for dinner, yum yum yum.

PoF: King Crow
CO: enjoying my holiday.


These things I have done today (in no particular order):

  • Watched Dr Phil
  • Talked to my Mum
  • Baked a banana cake
  • Baked some pink chocolate chip cookies
  • Dishes
  • Chatted on gmail
  • Read chapters of Jacky Daydream, which I bought at the children’s bookshop last night
  • Found my patchwork square ruler, and cut fabric for a baby quilt
  • Baked and stuffed three potatoes, ate one
  • Stared out at the sunshine wistfully
  • Laundry

I still need to call a couple of places, and then I can go out into the sun and wander into town. I have a bit of time, but I want to see the light!

PoF: slobby
CO: banana cake smells good.