Great Little Moments of Cinema

Inspired by Morgue’s post here which has been niggling away at me, because I can’t remember the tiny moments that I love unless I am watching them.

I finally have a little moment to share:

Brick…Brendan goes to find Dode “Coffee and Pie oh my” and as he approaches the stoners, one is making a noise with a straw over and over again. He takes the straw and ties it in a knot, stopping the noise. You don’t see Brendan’s face for that whole sequence. Just legs and arms.

You got any favourite little moments of cinema?

Fit of madness

I am attempting to write my novel in a month. I do this by blogging?

Uhm, kiwiNoWriMo that’s Kiwi Novel Writing Month, a spin-off from the American NaNoWriMo which happens in August. It is good to have a deadline and to make little tickers that fill up as you go. It’s just the kind of incentive I needed to pick up my book again and start hammering away at the first draft.

In other news, Mr Vintage has a sale on via Ferrit. . Lee bought the Cobra Kai hoodie for himself and the ‘Word to your mogwai’ tshirt for me. It only lasts until tomorrow so be quick!

Real Groovy has some of the same tshirts and stuff as Mr Vintage as well, at exactly the same prices. They had the Cobra Kai hoodie in Medium but it was a bit stretched out and manky from being on a hanger.
Trade Aid aren’t going to be stocking No Sweat sneakers any more. The reasons given to me are as follows: The ‘no sweat’ company is making profit, and Trade Aid prefers to help struggling people, the shoe factory is being moved from Jakarta to…somewhere else, and third no one in New Zealand was really buying the sneakers.
The upshot of that is that they are currently on sale at half price, so I bought a pair of red and a pair of black and that should last me a while.

I can’t get over how cold it is in Wellington now. I freeze. I freeze like a sad little kitten left out in the snow. i.e. with much pathetic whining.

Finally, I braved the Illicit store in town and found their stuff to be not as prohibitively expensive as I had thought. Plus, they had some familiar Sock Dreams stock there; a bunch of sourpuss stuff – socks, arm warmers and gloves all reasonably priced, some pantyhose and stockings that I recognised from the site and the lace-up fishnet gloves I bought Rachel last year. So, that was a surprise. I may have to go back and stock up, since I absolutely love my sourpuss socks.

PoF: pjs
CO: not getting out of warm bed

I simply love you more than life itself

This weekend I have slept it til 9am both days with no effort at all. It’s because it’s cold like Antarctica and dark as anything in the mornings. This means waking up with the alarm tomorrow morning will be something of a challenge, but I fee pretty good for those extra hours of sleep.

Yesterday when I finally braved the cold and got out of bed, I turned a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tshirt and a supre bag into the coolest tote I own. You can see it here.

Here are some 48 hours films from this year, collected together on one youtube playlist. I haven’t watched all of them, but bookcase is on there, and you know I love that film….

Yesterday Lee and I visited my sister and her family. I got to try and read Put me in the zoo to Ely, and although she mostly wanted to open and shut the cover and stare at the polka dots on the endpaper, I think she appreciated my picture book reading experience, and is looking forward to the next book I read her.
Today we went out for brunch at the Roxy cafe with Lee’s parents and brother. I am slowly becoming addicted to professionally made poached eggs on toast. I also had honey smoked bacon and a stolen bit of Lee’s hash browns….Mmmm.

I did about an hour of scrapbooking before I got bored of it, and then I filed all the finished pages into plastic protectors and then in order in my album. I’m not actually binding them in until I’ve finished the thing though.
It’s nice to look back through the scrapbooks. I like it.

I managed to get all the laundry done this weekend, but that’s all the housework I’ve managed. It’s simply too cold to be energetic. I hate winter. I want to live in a tropical climate.

Last night it took me a while to get to sleep and I started singing the songs from Les Mis to myself (in my head). Annoyingly the one that kept getting stuck was the “Little People” song that Gavroche sings and is really obnoxious and annoying. I much prefer Eponine’s songs and anything involving Enjolras, the hot revolutionary.

PoF: casually warm
CO: extremely uncool music. (Muppets, Elton John, Musicals. You must all un-friend me on myspace now, that’s how uncool I am.)

happy making

I ate a piece of deep fried sushi at lunch time today. I thought it was a stuffed mushroom, but it looked a bit weird so I wasn’t sure. Turns out it was a piece of deep fried tuna sushi. It was odd, but oddly edible and actually quite nice. I don’t know that I’ll be going back for more though.

On Monday I had a Muppets vinyl album returned to me along with nice MP3s of all the songs off it, and a couple of other albums. This guy had had my album since University and I had just chalked it up as lost, but he was really sweet and apologetic about taking so long with it!

The MP3s are now loaded on my player and they are very cheerful and fun to walk to work listening to. My faourites: pachalafaka, hey mister bassman, sax and violence, being green….so many good songs. They are so upbeat and funky and familiar I find myself walking along grinning to myself and trying not to dance.
The other albums have some familiar and some unfamiliar songs, like Zoot singing While my guitar gently weeps and one very sweet song sung by Gonzo called:
The Wishing song
I wish I had a coat of silk, the color of the sky.
I wish I had a lady fair, and then a butterfly
I wish I had a house of stone that looked down on the sea
But most of all I wish that I was someone else but me.
Now I don’t have a coat of silk, but I still have the sky
Now I don’t have a lady, but there goes a butterfly
Now I don’t have a house of stone, but I can see the sea
Now most of all I know that I am happy to be me.
I’m happy to be me.

Walking to work along the waterfront is getting colder and colder, my face is freezy by the time I get to work, but it is still stunningly beautiful. The harbour is calm most of the time, and deep and blue. On the way home I get to see the Water Whirler performing, all lit up.

Lee bought me a fancy new camera, because he is awesome. I took some video of the water whirler yesterday that I will put up on youtube, just because.

I am settling in well at my new job, and have started to feel like I know what I’m doing most of the time. I am confident on the 0900 number now and although there is still a LOT to learn I’m feeling good about it.

PoF: duvet
CO: cold ears!

The bewildering array

As long time readers ought to know, I am somewhat food-oriented.
My new job is right in the middle of town, so when my lunch hour comes around I find myself in easy walking distance of countless eateries. Some are excellent little cafes, some are designer bakeries, some are junk food central and some are terribly overpriced.

I find myself craving Burger King day after day, which is not good. In my first week I had pan fried pork dumplings at the Reading centre, those were good. I have tried mee goreng, KFC, a slice of pizza from Abrakebabra and handmade sandwiches from the lunch lady who comes round the office. I also bought fluid smoothies a couple of times, but it’s getting too cold for them.

The sheer variety available to me is somewhat baffling after years of working in Ngaio where the options are: overpriced cafe, BP, dairy or the supermarket if I had my car.

Today I relate the story of Jenni’s tragic lunch hour of no cake.
I bought a supermarket sandwich on the way to work, because it was a cold day and I didn’t think I’d want to venture out come lunch time. The sandwich was disappointing. I found myself craving a nice cakey donut from Alyssa’s bakery (best round cinnamon donuts in town, BTW) so I went for a walk to get me some. I reasoned that even if they did sell out of said donuts, they should at least have a nice little iced cupcake for me.
Alas, it was not to be. Neither donut nor cupcakes were in evidence. I decided to try Pandorro bakery for a chocolate bread roll. Have you ever had one? They’re brilliant. Another block and a half of walking and I get to pandorro…no chocolate bread rolls left.
I figured maybe the cafe in Te Papa might have cupcakes, because they have all sorts of food designed to appeal to kids. All they had was chocolate banana muffins. And that was not what I wanted.

Disheartened I returned to my place of work and ate the cookie-fudgey-picnic from my drawer. It was alright.
What shall I have for lunch tomorrow? I think I may have to try and get a donut again. Those donuts are like crack to me.

PoF: Tigger
CO: Lunch possibilities.

Wellington 48 hour finals – reviews

Fighting egg films Chad: tale of a dance
– Musical or dance
Total low budget fun. Three guys on top of a hill, the best dancers in the world. They have a kung-fu movie style dubbed dance-off. It was low tech, it was dumb, it was simple and it was danced enthusiastically and poorly. I loved it to bits.

Good times Maori detective and the boogie fever
– Grindhouse
What can I say?
Blaxploitation cop movie with lots of good Maori jokes. I especially loved the delivery of “Aue”. I was pleased it won.

Indefatigable La promenade des moutons
– Unnecessary sequel
This really didn’t stand up to a second viewing for me. Someone said on the forums that they took the easy way out doing a mockumentary instead of a proper unnecessary sequel, and I can’t help but agree. The sheep costumes were still funny, but not as funny as before. It is beautifully shot though.

Little pig productions A Void
– Science fiction or Monster
Meh. Too slow to get started. I could see that there was meant to be a slow build of tension but I didn’t buy into it. It was very well made; great lighting, great overall look, but I thought the sound let it down a bit. Cute cat. Good twist. Nice sfx. One thing it had going for it: it was definitely a short film, it wasn’t a feature film compressed into 6 minutes.

Lol Groundhaus
– Grindhouse
I….it was a splatter film. A splatter film with lots of naked lesbing. I didn’t really get it, although I quite liked the use of the ‘missing reel’. No real story arc, but I dunno, lots of other people liked this more than I did.

Masonic pictures Hell Fire and angels
– war or western
At first I was sceptical. This team did a mouse movie last year (Jake and Angel Whiskers) and that was alright. More mice? Well, the sets and art direction were fantastic and the wee mice and the superb voice acting really sold the hard core ‘war is Hell’ message. Loved it.
The mice were very cute, especially with their little helmets on.

Panic attack Jerry Reed Drives Himself Nuts
– religious or educational
I don’t think I really *got* this film. I was waiting for it to be educational or religious for quite a while. I liked the jokes, and I liked the use of the Jerry Reid character but overall I was a bit WTF? Over the whole thing. I was wondering how they filmed the thing though, was the camera taped to the front of a car or what?

Prime rib Bookcase
– Crime
This is the team that did Gunther and Me one of my pet favourites from last year. This year it was a mystery about two rival librarians, one old school shush type and one radical and easy going. Books start disappearing, puns are made…my fave: “you’ve been caught with your hand in the bookie jar”.
I have a lot of love for this team. This movie was awesome.

The ministry of boys World of Rope
– Religious or educational
Michaela, our camerawoman last year starred in this one! It was a hilarious German educational film about the uses and dnagers of rope. It was apparently all improvised and man, was it ever funny. It won best costumes, best use of “what do you call that?”, best make-up and came second in Wellington. Nice.

The three dicks Whorecop 3: Night Justice
– Grindhouse
Here’s one that played and I didn’t understand why. It was a bit like White Tiger’s one last year, where the audience all seems to be enjoying it but I’m sitting there going “are we watching the same film here?”
It was a nasty looking thing about a man dressed as a woman who was a whore and a cop. There were some pretty upsetting shots; up the short skirt, being screwed from behind, just too much leg, etc and I just couldn’t find it appealing.

Traces of nut First Death II
– Unnecessary Sequel
The sequel to a movie that doesn’t exist. I don’t think I would have included this in the finals, although it was technically very good as the story was pretty unoriginal. (Obviously that is going to be a downfall of the genre…) but it just seemed like they wanted to make a Die Hard movie, so that’s what they did. Some funny jokes, a lot of sexism and a really upsetting come on line at the end.

Will she wait Shooting Star
– Musical or Dance
Possibly my favourite movie. They really nailed the musical, which is a large ask in 48 hours. A hip hop musical about a rap star in a hit and run, the woman who witnesses it and the cop who checks him out. The music was catchy, and performed well. The story was concise and easy to follow, the cinematography was lovely and yeah….pretty darn close to perfect.

Freaking awesome!

Like, OMG! A huge congratulations to Darren, Steve, Andrew and Sean and the whole entire team.

Tonight at the Wellington Finals of the 48 our movie Destination Earth was mentioned twice! We got runner up for make-up (it was between us and “World of Rope”, they won). Even better we were in the top three for BEST SCRIPT!

We were in the top three for best script. We were up there with “Bookcase” a mostly-teen movie about a library crime and “Maori Detective and the Boogie Fever” the Grindhouse film that won the finals!

OMG we must have been *so close* to being included in the finals.
Congratulations to the whole Jenni’s Angels team, this is a fantastic result for us 🙂
Still reeling at seeing myself on the big Embassy screen and hearing my voice on the big Embassy surround sound.


Lee and I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End yesterday. I liked it, although it is indeed over long and needs editing like whoa. Also, the bit where it turns into a Pretentious Art Film? Awesome. Random and alienating to the audience, but awesome.

I have had a lovely long weekend of social interaction. If I were a Sim my social bar would be nice and shiny green. My sickness has begun to let go of me, I still have runny nose and phlegm-y cough, but my head is clear and I actually feel a bit onto it. Alright body!

I have craft-making plans for this afternoon. Dolls and bags and tshirts oh my! We’ll see how that works out anyway.
It’s really cold. It’s only the 4th day of official winter, and my feet are freezing and I don’t want to open the door and let air in because it’s too cold.

Well, this post turned out quite rambly and random. I bet you’re thinking I’m not well again at all.
Our film didn’t make it into the finals. I am a bit sad, since I felt we were in with a chance this year and Les Promenades Des Moutons made it…Le sigh. Oh well, maybe next year hey? At least we should be on the DVD this year. Fingers crossed fingers crossed.

We went to Sweet Mama’s Kitchen for brunch yesterday and I had yummy poached eggs on toasted sourdough baguette. I was ridiculously pleased with my antique/retro/vintage teacup of Tea Leaf brand Red vanilla and raspberry rooibos as well. It was so warm and sweet and good and the cup so appealing. Lee had a breakfast burrito. I approve of this cafe and wish it was bigger so that I could always get a seat there!

PoF: Purple
CO: craft and herbal tea