The bewildering array

As long time readers ought to know, I am somewhat food-oriented.
My new job is right in the middle of town, so when my lunch hour comes around I find myself in easy walking distance of countless eateries. Some are excellent little cafes, some are designer bakeries, some are junk food central and some are terribly overpriced.

I find myself craving Burger King day after day, which is not good. In my first week I had pan fried pork dumplings at the Reading centre, those were good. I have tried mee goreng, KFC, a slice of pizza from Abrakebabra and handmade sandwiches from the lunch lady who comes round the office. I also bought fluid smoothies a couple of times, but it’s getting too cold for them.

The sheer variety available to me is somewhat baffling after years of working in Ngaio where the options are: overpriced cafe, BP, dairy or the supermarket if I had my car.

Today I relate the story of Jenni’s tragic lunch hour of no cake.
I bought a supermarket sandwich on the way to work, because it was a cold day and I didn’t think I’d want to venture out come lunch time. The sandwich was disappointing. I found myself craving a nice cakey donut from Alyssa’s bakery (best round cinnamon donuts in town, BTW) so I went for a walk to get me some. I reasoned that even if they did sell out of said donuts, they should at least have a nice little iced cupcake for me.
Alas, it was not to be. Neither donut nor cupcakes were in evidence. I decided to try Pandorro bakery for a chocolate bread roll. Have you ever had one? They’re brilliant. Another block and a half of walking and I get to pandorro…no chocolate bread rolls left.
I figured maybe the cafe in Te Papa might have cupcakes, because they have all sorts of food designed to appeal to kids. All they had was chocolate banana muffins. And that was not what I wanted.

Disheartened I returned to my place of work and ate the cookie-fudgey-picnic from my drawer. It was alright.
What shall I have for lunch tomorrow? I think I may have to try and get a donut again. Those donuts are like crack to me.

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2 thoughts on “The bewildering array

  1. I could feel my arteries hardening just reading that ;p
    (btw the Cozy Cake Shop is a little gold mine of tasty fairly cheap little treats)

  2. Ah, a tale of delight and wonder for the tastebuds! With the exception of the mention of Burger King, ew. And KFC, similarly ew. And doughnuts, which aren’t really my bag… okay, then, mostly I’m just excited by the idea of cake :D. I have this craving to bake ginger crunch, yum, but I know I’d eat it all myself. Possibly in one day. So it’ll wait till I have visitors and an excuse to buy golden syrup :).

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