happy making

I ate a piece of deep fried sushi at lunch time today. I thought it was a stuffed mushroom, but it looked a bit weird so I wasn’t sure. Turns out it was a piece of deep fried tuna sushi. It was odd, but oddly edible and actually quite nice. I don’t know that I’ll be going back for more though.

On Monday I had a Muppets vinyl album returned to me along with nice MP3s of all the songs off it, and a couple of other albums. This guy had had my album since University and I had just chalked it up as lost, but he was really sweet and apologetic about taking so long with it!

The MP3s are now loaded on my player and they are very cheerful and fun to walk to work listening to. My faourites: pachalafaka, hey mister bassman, sax and violence, being green….so many good songs. They are so upbeat and funky and familiar I find myself walking along grinning to myself and trying not to dance.
The other albums have some familiar and some unfamiliar songs, like Zoot singing While my guitar gently weeps and one very sweet song sung by Gonzo called:
The Wishing song
I wish I had a coat of silk, the color of the sky.
I wish I had a lady fair, and then a butterfly
I wish I had a house of stone that looked down on the sea
But most of all I wish that I was someone else but me.
Now I don’t have a coat of silk, but I still have the sky
Now I don’t have a lady, but there goes a butterfly
Now I don’t have a house of stone, but I can see the sea
Now most of all I know that I am happy to be me.
I’m happy to be me.

Walking to work along the waterfront is getting colder and colder, my face is freezy by the time I get to work, but it is still stunningly beautiful. The harbour is calm most of the time, and deep and blue. On the way home I get to see the Water Whirler performing, all lit up.

Lee bought me a fancy new camera, because he is awesome. I took some video of the water whirler yesterday that I will put up on youtube, just because.

I am settling in well at my new job, and have started to feel like I know what I’m doing most of the time. I am confident on the 0900 number now and although there is still a LOT to learn I’m feeling good about it.

PoF: duvet
CO: cold ears!

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  1. Ooh muppets on mp3! *wants it precccciousssssss*
    I seem to remember having 2 Muppet albums when we was little. I must try and have a look next time I’m chez parents..

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