I simply love you more than life itself

This weekend I have slept it til 9am both days with no effort at all. It’s because it’s cold like Antarctica and dark as anything in the mornings. This means waking up with the alarm tomorrow morning will be something of a challenge, but I fee pretty good for those extra hours of sleep.

Yesterday when I finally braved the cold and got out of bed, I turned a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tshirt and a supre bag into the coolest tote I own. You can see it here.

Here are some 48 hours films from this year, collected together on one youtube playlist. I haven’t watched all of them, but bookcase is on there, and you know I love that film….

Yesterday Lee and I visited my sister and her family. I got to try and read Put me in the zoo to Ely, and although she mostly wanted to open and shut the cover and stare at the polka dots on the endpaper, I think she appreciated my picture book reading experience, and is looking forward to the next book I read her.
Today we went out for brunch at the Roxy cafe with Lee’s parents and brother. I am slowly becoming addicted to professionally made poached eggs on toast. I also had honey smoked bacon and a stolen bit of Lee’s hash browns….Mmmm.

I did about an hour of scrapbooking before I got bored of it, and then I filed all the finished pages into plastic protectors and then in order in my album. I’m not actually binding them in until I’ve finished the thing though.
It’s nice to look back through the scrapbooks. I like it.

I managed to get all the laundry done this weekend, but that’s all the housework I’ve managed. It’s simply too cold to be energetic. I hate winter. I want to live in a tropical climate.

Last night it took me a while to get to sleep and I started singing the songs from Les Mis to myself (in my head). Annoyingly the one that kept getting stuck was the “Little People” song that Gavroche sings and is really obnoxious and annoying. I much prefer Eponine’s songs and anything involving Enjolras, the hot revolutionary.

PoF: casually warm
CO: extremely uncool music. (Muppets, Elton John, Musicals. You must all un-friend me on myspace now, that’s how uncool I am.)