who woulda thunk it?

It’s sometimes a surprise to find out that hard work and perseverance really do pay off. I have been making myself write, just ignoring all the reasons not to and freaking doing it, and now I have finished my first draft!

That’s right. I have the first draft of a fantasy novel for (female) young adults! I am so chuffed with myself I can’t even really believe it.

I can now print it off and start the redraft process, and when I go on holiday I am allowed to take a new notebook and get started on my *next* novel! Which is not to say that the rewrite will be done by then, just that I am keen to start the next one and I might as well start while I am keen about it. But I will put it off for two more weeks and keep my headspace YA fantasy centric.

Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.

PoF: Hooray for Cryptozoology
CO: finished! First draft is finished!


Lee is taking me to Australia for my birthday, and I am looking forward to it very much.

Our new Threadless tshirts arrived this week, and Emo Bear has been a big hit. I discovered that almost no one knows what Cryptozoology is, but I don’t care, because I still love the tshirt. Today I shall wear my Shaun of the Dead inspired ‘in case of zombies’ tshirt.

I have had success in making myself write during my lunch hour. I eat before my lunch time proper and then when the time comes I scuttle off to the library in Te Papa (it is the quietest area I have discovered, and it has tables and chairs), then I make myself write in my notebook.

It surprising how much it works. I’ve had some trouble getting the first draft finished, but just making myself write it seems to banish the fear a bit. I have solved a problem or two and made a bit of peril for one of the main characters which is always good. I have a few more scenes to write, but I am so close to getting the first draft done that I can practically taste it.

I go to write now.

I keep thinking of things I’d like for my birthday. If I was clever like Gala I’d make a visually appealing list of photos, but I don’t know enough html for that, so I’ll just go and stare at her gorgeous webpage instead.

PoF: pajamas
CO: weekend tomorrow, holiday soon.

Polar ice melt

So….the Daily Telegraph posted these images, and then Idiot posted them and I thought I should link as well:
No Right Turn‘s post about the polar ice melting. Two satellite images, one from September 05 and one from September 07. Scary stuff.

Maybe Lee and I should give up the whole apartment idea and move into the hilly suburbs.

In other news Lee and I are flying out to Australia on my birthday! Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, here I come.

I watched Bridge to Terabithia last night, and I really really liked it as an adaptation of the book. I cried my eyes out. The lead girl is really fascinating, beautiful and interesting looking. I want to see her other work.

PoF: Cryptozoology
CO: cold ears

Uses adjectives well

I think I need a holiday even more than I thought I did.
Either that or the change in the seasons is doing me in.
I have a yearning for the beach and the sunshine and the lying in stillness and thinking of nothing.

The last few nights I have woken at 4am and the broken sleep is making me fragile. Brittle like a dry bone. My neck keeps getting sore in the pinched nerve area from last time and my jaw keeps clenching itself without me realising.

In any case, I noticed that time is flying past at the moment, the whole month of September basically evaporated and soon I will turn 28. Although I don’t really mind about getting older, I find it really hard to cope with the thought of the eighties being thirty years ago….soon.

I think my new Emo Bear tshirt is rubbing off on me.

PoF: bath, nice hot bath
CO: Emotionally Hardcore

Bling bling

My hair has been dyed. It is red with black bits and my hairdresser fully styled it all Emo. Awesome. Expensive, but awesome.

Last night I saw Stardust and I really really liked it, and I want the dresses that Yvaine and Victoria wore and I want Tristan. So, you know. If anyone was wondering what I want for my birthday that’s three things right there!
The movie itself was great, interesting and pretty and funny. All the things I wanted it to be.

I am reading Pride and Prejudice, which I may have mentioned before I’m not sure, but it’s good. It’s all very familiar, as the BBC series and the Keira movie are pretty faithful so…yeah. It’s almost as if I have read it before, and I really haven’t.

Wednesday was Talk Like a Pirate day and I wore a frilly shirt, my new knee boots, striped socks and my pirate skull tshirt and jewellery and I felt glamourous somehow. It was the scarf I had tied around my head maybe? Maybe the boots as well. my boots are neat.

I am considering not eating sugary snacks for the month of November. I’m not going to do it next month, because hello? Birthday cake! And December’s out because I love those Cadbury Christmas Treets, but November has no festive candy or cake expectations and I do eat rather a lot of it. I’d be interested to see how I detox and how I function without it….of course I’d have to convince Lee not to have any in the house as well, but I think he’d be supportive.

I have a lamb, kumara and rosemary pie in the oven. It smells so good!

PoF: Hair!
CO: pie

Be more upbeat

Things I love Thursday, as inspired by Gala and to ease the tension from my jaw. Here’s a random list of things that make me happy to think about:

  • The sunlight in the morning making the harbour sparkle.
  • Seeing teenagers making out in public and looking really serious about it.
  • New DVDs (today I got The Illusionist for $28)
  • Feeling like I look good in my outfit and getting a confident walk as a result.
  • Meeting friends for lunch in a cafe in the middle of a call centre-tastic day.
  • Jelly worms and triple Time Out bars.
  • The make-your-own Gothic Lolita doll place Elric described seeing in Japan.
  • New boots x 2 in one week.
  • Imagining life as a Famous Published Author.
  • Listening to exactly the right song at exactly the right time.
  • Working through the writing block.*
  • Ordering tshirts for the 48 hours Jenni’s Angels team, and they’re going to be so pretty and cool thanks to William’s l337 graphics skillz.

Today was lovely, sunny and warm and not too windy. The replacement hand-core black biker boots arrived (Trade Me trade) and they are perfection. I now have fancy dressy boots of awesome and hardcore boots of ass-kicking.
Remember to breathe and to relax your jaw. Daylight savings ends soon and I am getting my hair cut and coloured on Saturday!

*If you don’t know what happens next, just write one version of what might happen and it will generally turn out to be the right thing to have happen.

wuthered out

I finished Wuthering Heights this morning. I really enjoyed the language and the setting, but I didn’t like many of the characters. I’m not so sure that the ending is all that romantic either…

A two brunch weekend. Yesterday we went to Roxy and I had poached eggs with bacon and hash browns. Yum. The bacon at Roxy is amazing. Lee had a fruit bowl and toast, which was a bit of a change for him. Then we went out to Dress Mart to find boots for me and I found lots of boots I liked in the wrong sizes and was sad. Lee got new shoes and a jacket. Not fair at all.

Last night we went to the Rumpus, which was a large, strange, interesting party with special features like a computer that gives you a name and a clan, a wall of Paris Hilton images which you are invited to write captions for. As an introduction to what the night was going to be like I was invited to whip Fraser with a cat-o-nine-tails in order to win chocolate. It was fun.

My name was ‘Director Mosley’ and I wasn’t happy with that so after a couple of hours I did the Rumpletron again and got ‘Miz Foxy’ which I was very happy with indeed as a Drawn Together shout out. I was impressed that both times the Rumpletron put me in Team Vendetta. I guess I just am that vengeful.

Lee felt out of place with all the geek squad, but I got tired pretty early so I didn’t mind leaving when we did. I felt incredibly shattered this morning, almost hung over even though all I’d drunk was soft drinks and there was lots of nice food being passed around. I guess it was all the talking I did.

This morning we did a last minute clean and Michelle and Jase came by to accompany us to brunch while the Home was Opened. Apparently six groups came through including one who is interested in our place as an office. Fingers crossed anyway.

We tried to go to Sweet Mother’s Kitchen but it is too popular for its own good, so we went next door to Calzone, which was very empty indeed. I had a pizza for brunch because I just didn’t want any of the breakfast type food. Calzone food is good but it isn’t amazing.
I found boots at Gubbs on Manners St, right next to the Opera House. They have heaps of beautiful shoes there and all their boots are on sale for the end of the season. Mostly last pairs so there were lots I liked that they didn’t have my size for, but! The last pair I tried on; pretty tall dark brown riding boots with a low heel….they fit. And they looked awesome. And pretty, and cool and they were on sale for $149.

I brought them home. They’re over in the corner now, looking all tidy and pretty and impressive.
I wonder that my long stripey socks may not be dressy enough for my new boots but I’ll try them out anyway. I also have a bid on some bad-ass black boots on Trade Me with buckles and straps that will go nicely with my socks, so maybe I can have my boots both ways.
In other, non fashion related news I have completed the top of the baby quilt for Ayla. I have made a pretty yellow, sky blue, pink, purple and orange quilt with a green border. It has flowers on it and fairies and dragons, some stars and leaves and butterflies. I like it a lot. I have it ironed and laid out on the batting and backing to get around to safety-pinning it together.

My obsession with tshirts continues. I bought two Jay Jays tshirts to cut up and our second Threadless order should be coming in the next week or so.

PoF: Love and trackpants
CO: writer’s block, getting other stuff done

Books are nice

I find myself unable to choose proper novels at the library. I am so used to picking what looks interesting while doing returns or emptying the rotation bins…and I’m not a librarian any more, so I don’t do those things, and I have forgotten how to browse the shelves effectively.

This is alright, because Central library has a seriously kick-ass Graphic Novel collection.

Blankets is my new favourite. It’s a beast, a phone book sized autobiography of growing up and first love. It’s told in lyrical simplicity and illustrated in simple, attractive line drawings. It’s about religion and being a brother, and slightly abusive parents, and not fitting in at school. It’s about meeting the girl, and loving the girl and going to stay with the girl and her family for two blissful weeks.
*le sigh*. I may have to buy it. Borders has it.

Novels of the purely text type-wise I am reading Wuthering Heights which I have never read before even though I’ve run the roleplaying game based on it several times.
I never studied it in school, and I’ve had a Wordsworth edition sitting on my shelf for some time, next to other ‘I’ve never read and really should’ books like Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice. Yes I know. I’ve seen the movies though.
So, Wuthering Heights is neat. I like reading a book that has a soundtrack in my head*. I have also come to the realisation that the games I have run of this book aren’t actually over the top enough! There needs to be much, much more melodrama and insane behaviour.

I’m loving the language and intrigued by the story, but I can’t get over how everyone in it is essentially nuts.
In other news we had our very first open home yesterday and two groups came through. Tomorrow morning a bunch of land agents are going to check the place out and hopefully start bringing people round. This means that Lee and I must keep the place exceedingly clean.

On the upside my patchwork stuff is very easy to pack up and put away so I have begun making the quilt for Luke and Sam’s baby (finally). I think I was spurred into action by meeting the adorable wee thing on Saturday.

It amazes me how very tiny new babies are. My newest niece is over 8 months old now and sitting by herself with no problems. Lee made her cry on Saturday by shuffling sideways. Babies are weird.
Cute. But weird.

*Sing like a mad ghost woman!
It’s me, your Cathy
I’ve come home
I’m so co-o-old,
let me in-a your window

Carbon Credits

Trade Me in conjunction with Meridian energy has a new category for carbon credits.
Obviously, I’m a greenie, so I think it’s a great idea. I think it’s been on the news and stuff, and so the three initial auctions for Gold standard carbon credits are all doing really well.

What really interesting is the way people are using these auctions as a forum to express their beliefs about the whole global warming/carbon credits/environmental issue. There are some very angry people posting comments on there, and a lot of people have been creating fake carbon credits auctions that Trade Me has to take down.

Just read the comments. It’s pretty fascinating stuff.

PoF: My Turn
CO: Open Home Tomorrow OMG.

Good Times

Last night I went to my first big TM dinner out. It was at Dockside, which I have never been to before and started about an hour after I finished work.

Me and my tiny paper star making buddy went to the library to kick around a bit before the drinks and we saw C and I had a very good although very slow to be made hot chocolate. It’s nice having conversations with people where you find common ground and as a result like each other more.

The dinner was in the plastic-walled balcony section of Dockside, and was well heated by those standing inferno things. It was very cold outside yesterday but it was pretty warm inside. The beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks were free and the whole dinner was paid for by the company.

It’s a startingly different situation to working for a government department.
Instead of letting people be cliquey there was arranged seating, mixing people from different teams up into different tables. I was sitting with two friends from CS and the guy who talks to the media, and a bunch of people from different teams. I had never met two of them, so that was cool, and dinner was very tasty.
Antipasto platter to start, corn-fed chicken stuffed with basil, feta and slow roasted tomato and kumara chips served wrapped in bacon. Plus new potatoes and salads. Yum. The only downside was the dessert, which purported to be lemon tart but seemed to be made of cream cheese and paprika. Not good.

I mingled around some and talked to my friends from my team and chatted with a couple of other acquaintances from the kitchenette. (Including a fellow Threadless addict.)

It was cool, and fun and I liked it, and I walked home slightly tipsy but cheerful and was home by ten.
Last Friday Lee bought fancy new bluetooth headphones that are too small for him. What this means is that he actually bought me fancy new bluetooth headphones. Then he went and bought even more fancy foldy bluetooth headphones on Monday.

I like my new headphones a lot.

PoF: happy spaceman, $10 from Jay Jays
CO: Open home on Sunday.