wuthered out

I finished Wuthering Heights this morning. I really enjoyed the language and the setting, but I didn’t like many of the characters. I’m not so sure that the ending is all that romantic either…

A two brunch weekend. Yesterday we went to Roxy and I had poached eggs with bacon and hash browns. Yum. The bacon at Roxy is amazing. Lee had a fruit bowl and toast, which was a bit of a change for him. Then we went out to Dress Mart to find boots for me and I found lots of boots I liked in the wrong sizes and was sad. Lee got new shoes and a jacket. Not fair at all.

Last night we went to the Rumpus, which was a large, strange, interesting party with special features like a computer that gives you a name and a clan, a wall of Paris Hilton images which you are invited to write captions for. As an introduction to what the night was going to be like I was invited to whip Fraser with a cat-o-nine-tails in order to win chocolate. It was fun.

My name was ‘Director Mosley’ and I wasn’t happy with that so after a couple of hours I did the Rumpletron again and got ‘Miz Foxy’ which I was very happy with indeed as a Drawn Together shout out. I was impressed that both times the Rumpletron put me in Team Vendetta. I guess I just am that vengeful.

Lee felt out of place with all the geek squad, but I got tired pretty early so I didn’t mind leaving when we did. I felt incredibly shattered this morning, almost hung over even though all I’d drunk was soft drinks and there was lots of nice food being passed around. I guess it was all the talking I did.

This morning we did a last minute clean and Michelle and Jase came by to accompany us to brunch while the Home was Opened. Apparently six groups came through including one who is interested in our place as an office. Fingers crossed anyway.

We tried to go to Sweet Mother’s Kitchen but it is too popular for its own good, so we went next door to Calzone, which was very empty indeed. I had a pizza for brunch because I just didn’t want any of the breakfast type food. Calzone food is good but it isn’t amazing.
I found boots at Gubbs on Manners St, right next to the Opera House. They have heaps of beautiful shoes there and all their boots are on sale for the end of the season. Mostly last pairs so there were lots I liked that they didn’t have my size for, but! The last pair I tried on; pretty tall dark brown riding boots with a low heel….they fit. And they looked awesome. And pretty, and cool and they were on sale for $149.

I brought them home. They’re over in the corner now, looking all tidy and pretty and impressive.
I wonder that my long stripey socks may not be dressy enough for my new boots but I’ll try them out anyway. I also have a bid on some bad-ass black boots on Trade Me with buckles and straps that will go nicely with my socks, so maybe I can have my boots both ways.
In other, non fashion related news I have completed the top of the baby quilt for Ayla. I have made a pretty yellow, sky blue, pink, purple and orange quilt with a green border. It has flowers on it and fairies and dragons, some stars and leaves and butterflies. I like it a lot. I have it ironed and laid out on the batting and backing to get around to safety-pinning it together.

My obsession with tshirts continues. I bought two Jay Jays tshirts to cut up and our second Threadless order should be coming in the next week or so.

PoF: Love and trackpants
CO: writer’s block, getting other stuff done