Lee is taking me to Australia for my birthday, and I am looking forward to it very much.

Our new Threadless tshirts arrived this week, and Emo Bear has been a big hit. I discovered that almost no one knows what Cryptozoology is, but I don’t care, because I still love the tshirt. Today I shall wear my Shaun of the Dead inspired ‘in case of zombies’ tshirt.

I have had success in making myself write during my lunch hour. I eat before my lunch time proper and then when the time comes I scuttle off to the library in Te Papa (it is the quietest area I have discovered, and it has tables and chairs), then I make myself write in my notebook.

It surprising how much it works. I’ve had some trouble getting the first draft finished, but just making myself write it seems to banish the fear a bit. I have solved a problem or two and made a bit of peril for one of the main characters which is always good. I have a few more scenes to write, but I am so close to getting the first draft done that I can practically taste it.

I go to write now.

I keep thinking of things I’d like for my birthday. If I was clever like Gala I’d make a visually appealing list of photos, but I don’t know enough html for that, so I’ll just go and stare at her gorgeous webpage instead.

PoF: pajamas
CO: weekend tomorrow, holiday soon.