blogger of the month

I have blog fads, and my current one is (as I mentioned yesterday) is Gala Darling, who is obsessed with fashion and being fabulous and dying her hair amazing colours. She also loves cake. I love her.

Today she posted an incredible article on how to be confident. I want to recommend it to all my girlfriends but also to me, so that I will be a bit more brave in my fashion choices.

Things Gala makes me want: a necklace of pearls, pink hair, slouchy boots, designer jeans, a fantastic pink apartment and a party where everyone dresses like they’re from the Marie Antoinette movie, cupcakes. Also a more visually interesting blog.

That’s all for now. I had a very nice relaxing weekend but it is over now and this morning I dreamed about clowns.

PoF: swirl of the world
CO: living a more fabulous life
Oh, PS: our moviefest entry “Princess Consuela” made it to the National Finals. Yay us!

green blogging

via my current muse Galadarling, I am connected to No Impact Man’s blog, specifically why we should eat less meat for the environment.
Now…if I could just stop loving roasts and bacon so much….

I got some more writing done today. I’m still increments girl, but each session takes me closer to the end.

PoF: my turn
CO: breathing. I’m finding it hard to remember to breath deeply. I think I need a wrist tattoo like Lindsay’s one. Uhm. Page past the ass shots, the one I like is at the bottom of the page.

3 more brunches

Last weekend we went back to Fresco, which we’ve enjoyed in the past, but mostly because I wanted to go to Borders and I didn’t want to eat at Leuven again.

Fresco is fine, not great, not terrible. I had a scone craving so I ordered a giant cheese scone that came with little bits of bacon through it. It was nice but kind of heavy and dry. Lee had a big breakfast type thing that seemed fine.
On Sunday we went to Plum, we were up that end of town and most of the places we know are good were full. Plum has been refurbished so that it can be a bar at night, this means there’s not much room. They had a heap of staff on but the food still took a while to come.

Lee had pancakes with berries and I had fruit salad (trying desperately to get some vitamins into my system.) The fruit salad was pants. At first I thought it was good because they’d put maraschino cherries in it, and I *love* maraschino cherries, but then it turned out that no, the salad was pants. The apple was floury, the orange was tart, the kiwifruit OK and then the only other fruit was one piece of pineapple (also tart) and some weird tamarillo thing that I was too scared to eat.

Lee’s pancakes were nice, but it was real loud and overall we didn’t enjoy it there. It’s a good space to people-watch though.
This morning we parked by the library and headed towards Arizona. I suggested we try Arabeca since we’d not been there before (and I get more blogging out of a new place.) The cafe itself is really nice, and it was nice and quiet and no trouble getting a table. They have T Leaf Tea so I tried out the cinnamon apple and it was expensive ($4.20) but it came with a jug of extra hot water so that I could have several cups. I approve.

The food came out super-fast but my poached eggs on toast were Finc level tiny. Lee had (surprise surprise) the big breakfast, and it was really good. Nice cranskies, nice mushrooms, nice hash browns and tasty eggs. The bacon was nice but a little too oily. The poached eggs were good, and made with vinegar which is another plus, but I kind of need more than one tiny bit of ciabatta per egg.
So, we liked it there, but if we go back I’ll order more bread. Or something.

PoF: Dark Night
CO: breathing