New Moon

I was going to write about how the Moviefest finals were a bit pants, but I see that Matt has it pretty much covered.

Instead I shall write about how little I am enjoying Lee being on call right now. Every morning for the last four days he’s been getting calls. At least this mornings one wasn’t until the (somewhat) reasonable time of 7.05am, and I was able to just read my book.

I have now finished the second in Stephanie Meyer’s phenomenally successful vampire teen romance series New Moon which has Edward, the sexy sexy vampire leaving Bella, the human girl, because she is in too much danger from him and his family even though they have sworn off human blood.

Bella spends a lot of the book being incredibly emotionally damaged, to an extent that really began to piss me off. I mean, I really like this character and I wanted her to suck it up, move on a little and become stronger for it. Instead she attaches to another male, relies on him for her happiness and leads him on romantically.

Jacob is an awesome character, he is fun and in love with her and a werewolf. Bella knows she can never love him back in the way he wants, but she needs him so much for the comfort and for the companionship that it doesn’t matter.

I wish she could be strong without a male. I wish she didn’t *only* care about Edward, to the exclusion of her mother and father and her own life.

Aside from these (slightly major) issues, I really enjoyed the book. The characters are all (mostly) appealing, the action is exciting and Meyers writes in a way that really draws you in and keeps you hooked. I will be reading the threequel.
I’m just a sucker for a vampire story. (ahah the pun! I kill me. Literally!)

PoF: My inner child is a nasty little monster
CO: brunch now please


The minnen drake from IKEA has settled in nicely, and enjoyed meeting some new people on Wednesday.

A Fistful of Dollars is a good movie. I think I need to watch it again to really grok what’s going on and if in fact, he has any money at the end of it. I like Clint Eastwood.
Maybe I should be a cowboy for Hallowe’en?

I am still adoring my super-soft dressing gown from Cotton On in Australia. I pull it on if I wake up in the night too cold. I wear it in the morning after my shower. I have to resist changing into is as soon as I get home. I can pull the hood up and snuggle into it and it’s like cuddling the softest teddy bear you’ve ever touched. Bliss.

I was going to write about the delicious food we ate while on holiday, but I am hungry now and want my breakfast. I might just go and bounce at Lee until he wakes up.

writing update

I printed out the first draft and took it on holiday. I have been reading through it, circling typos, crossing out redundant “she said”s and “replied X”s and making notes where there needs to be more explanation and clarification.

I think the very start will need rewriting a bit, but I managed to get past 20 pages of re-drafting thanks to being stuck on a plane for a few hours, and I am very pleased to find that some of the jokes make me smile and even snigger.
This is awesome. This means that I have written something that has the potential to be good!

It is all very exciting, and the re-draft is pretty quick to do. Once I’ve done that and gone through and changed all the stuff that needs changing on the digital copy, I’ll read it through again and make a time-line/story arc/plot point map to make sure the action is flowing in a way that makes sense. (This was Lee’s idea, and I suspect it is a good one given the sporadic and scatterey way I wrote this thing.)

So yays!

Now, to get back to redrafting.

Holidays are nice

My birthday party was awesome fun. Party like a Rockstar is a pretty good theme, a lot of people dressed a bit edgier than they might have ordinarily and there were some stand out cool costume efforts as well.

My friends are lovely generous people who give good presents, help clean up and generally make me feel very happy to know them.
Lee and I got up at 4.15am on my birthday to get to the plane. The flight was long but uneventful. I wrote in my real actual diary, which I hadn’t done in over a year. I also began re-reading Harry Potter 7, which is very good second time around. Although now that I know Dumbledore is gay I kinda want to re-read the whole series.

We arrived at 7.15 am in Brisbane along with a million other people who all had to go through immigration + customs with us.
We picked up our zippy little automatic rental car and headed to the Sunshine Coast, arriving way to early even with a second breakfast pitstop in some small town.

We left the car at out hotel (the Break free Caribbean Mooloolaba) and explored Mooloolaba. Underwater World was awesome. Giant sharks, giant rays, seals, otters, zillions of fish from around the world, turtles, a crocodile and a frozen giant squid (3 metres).

There were heaps of nice restaurants along the beach front, and we ate very well indeed. I shall make a whole blog on the food later. I also fell in love with a little chain store called Mobasa which stocks awesome clothes, quirky accessories, cheap earrings and funny slogan tshirts with nice art. I think it was made for me. I think I should open a franchise of it in New Zealand.

We went to Maroochydore on Monday and did some shopping (many DVDs), then on Tuesday we had a slow start, going to Underwater World again in the morning and then out to Australia Zoo in the afternoon. Australia Zoo was very good but very overpriced.
We saw the show at the Crocoseum with the birds flying about and the giant saltwater croc being displayed. Amazing stuff. I also got to touch a wombat, a kangaroo and a koala. I could have fed an elephant but the lines were very long.

It was astonishingly hot over there. I really really liked it.
Wednesday we went to the Eumundi markets, which I found to be not as cheap and interesting as I had hoped for. Then we checked out Noosa and I got grumpy from lack of food.

Thursday we had a nice nothing day, hanging about by the hotel’s pool and reading and catching a movie in the afternoon (it was much too windy to go to the beach). We saw Death at a Funeral again, and it was still pretty awesomely funny. Also bought more DVDs.

Friday we said goodbye to the Sunshine Coast and drove to Redcliffe, where we got on a big Catamaran called the ‘Eye Spy’ to go whale watching. It was a 1ish hour cruise around Moreton Bay and then out to the whale watching waters. The humpbacks calf around the East coast of Australia, so we saw a few different mummy and baby mini-pods.

They were very tolerant of the boat, and didn’t mind us coming quite close. They swam around and surfaced for air, didn’t see any tail slapping or leaping out of the water, but one of the babies did a little breach, which is when they come half out to get a look at you.
It was quite breathtaking even if they didn’t ‘perform’ like you see in videos, etc. They are just very big and it is quite hard to get used to that.

After the cruise we headed for Brisbane. Friday evening rush hour traffic is not the time to arrive in a large metropolitan city. Especially not when your hotel is located on a pedestrian only mall. The back entrance/car park was accessible through a one way side street, the entrance to which is through a poorly signposted part of the mall where you are actually allowed to drive but you have to turn a corner to see the side street.

Lee and I drove for about two hours trying to find the wretched place. I was close to tears by the time we parked in a parking building and went on foot to find the hotel, but it is to our credit that we didn’t get angry with each other. No fighting, no yelling. Just a lot of frustrated trying to navigate the one way systems and read the tiny street signs.

By the time we got into our 20th floor room at the Chifley at Lennon’s we were both a little anti-Brisbane.
I can’t recommend the Chifley, they charge you for parking in their carpark, their pay per view movies are $15 each and the rooms aren’t very well sound proofed. The room was teeny, although you get that at hotels, and there was no bath. The spa pool was nice though, and they provided towels for you to use at the pool.

On Saturday we went to IKEA, because Lee’s sister asked us to get a train set for Swearing Niece. Lee and I fell in love with IKEA. Lee bought a little barbeque. It’s silver and spherical and looks like a little alien UFO. I bought a giant dragon toy and some whimsical fabric amongst other things.

In the after-IKEA we went to Brisbane Museum which was very cool, although smaller than I would have expected. I really liked the Museum Zoo exhibit which was designed so you could see how big animals really are with a parade of taxidermy animals down the middle of the room and outlines of really big stuff on the wall.

Checked out the art gallery briefly too, but our feet were getting awfully sore by that point.
Sunday, our last day in Australia saw me being woken early by celebrating South Africans on the street 20 floors down. After checking out we headed to DFO, a big outlet mall right by the airport and more shopping than you can imagine was done. Lee got a whole outfit. I got new tog tops (2 for $15), high high top pink converse Chucks ($50), enough bras for a year ($80), the softest robe in the world ($30) and a Puma sweatshirt ($12.50) plus a Christmas present or two.

We spent a while after that chilling in the sun by a river (with a pelican in it!) and then went to the airport. The light home was way quicker, but there was some massive turbulence once we hit Wellington area and I had to try hard not to think about Lost.
Home again by 1am Monday morning and slept a nice long time into Monday. Labour Day was spent almost entirely in visiting our families; mine for lunch, Lee’s for dinner. It was extremely pleasant, especially since Wellington put on a nice sunny day to welcome us back.

PoF: “my inner child is a nasty little monster” tshirt from Mombasa.
CO: sunshine

Daylight smavings

I completely failed to cope with daylight savings this year. I woke up in alright time on Monday and Tuesday, but was something of a zombie and exhausted. On Tuesday night I didn’t sleep hardly at all.

Wednesday night was better, Thursday night better again and today I am feeling pretty much human once more.
Today is a stunningly beautiful Wellington day with high winds and the promise of summer eventually. I slept in, read some more Pride and Prejudice (Darcy’s proposal! Yay!) and Lee went to help his little brother move house. I have stayed to pootle about the house and do some spring cleaning.

So far: I’ve changed the sheets on the bed and put in the polar fleece blanket and memory foam pillow covers to wash as well. The fleece blanket is drying in the breeze from the open door.

I’ve cleaned out the bathroom cabinet and drawers, something that I really should have done before we started having open homes, but whatever. It’s done now. I have a big box of rubbish to show for it and very clean, tidy little bathroom drawers.

I have dusted and tidied and scrubbed at the shower some more, got the fittings a gleaming silver which is very nice and appealing. I can’t bring myself to do the kitchen just yet. I am blasting Tori since Lee’s out and my hands are all dried out and dishpanny, so I am having a blog break.

Poor blog has been very neglected lately, which has been reflected in the steady drop of site visits on my weekly stats.
Writing wise, I have been doing a little proof reading of my first draft. Hampered mightily by the fear that everything I’ve written is completely trite and awful. Another mental wall to push through I suspect, but it’s quite an intimidating one.
I’m also not sure if I should be correcting as I go, or if I should just sit down and read the whole thing through and ignore the errors until the second read-through. Any suggestions?

Steve said I should leave it for a month to get some distance…it might help with the fear, or it might make the fear a lot worse. I don’t know, I don’t know.

I have been frustrated and cranky for a few weeks now. I am putting it down to needing a holiday. I have been finding it very hard to be my usual cheerful self. Lee has been getting the worst of me lately, and I am sorry for that. It isn’t fair to him and I shouldn’t do it. It’s just easy to let it happen.

Birthday party, birthday and holiday in one week. Huzzah!

PoF: Destination Earth tshirt
CO: open home tomorrow. How can I make the place so appealing we get an offer?

Roleplaying – Mountain Witch

Last night we finished playing the Mountain Witch, the game where everyone plays a Ronin with a dark secret out to kill a magician on Mt Fuji.

I had a fantastic last session where I fulfilled my dark secret goal by stabbing C, then I went hard and helped to kill the Mountain Witch, took some proof and skedaddled out of the place to collect the reward money. With the reward money I liberated my sister from a brothel and we moved into the country where I started my own dojo.
I won the game!

My big speech, right after I saw C’s character Kiyo grabbed by the giant claw of a monster and dragged through a wall. I leapt after and attacked the monster, telling Kiyo “don’t worry, you do not die like this.” After we defeated the monster, Kiyo was on the floor, clutched in the claw of the monster still. I stood over him with my sword out…

“My family used to be important. We used to be wealthy and well thought of. Then something happened to my Father’s business, and he lost all his money. They sent some people to collect that money, and they killed him. Because of this my sister was sold to a brothel and I am reduced to fighting ghosts on a mountainside.

The good thing is, I found out who killed my father. I didn’t want that monster to kill you, because that pleasure shall be mine!”
Then there was stabbing, and I left, and then Kiyo got up, felt around in the wound, got up and rearranged himself. Because he was really the servant of the Mountain Witch.

Awesome stuff.

I found this game difficult, but ultimately fun. The genre is a very interesting one and we all had fun being Ronin. My character Yuki, won, but not after gaining himself the title of “Yuki the stupidly impetuous”!