Not much news

I have started and continued writing my next book; a superhero chick lit. I have found that writing in the first person is heaps easier, it’s just flowing out of me.

I have a little cardboard backed moleskine notebook from Borders and it’s a joy to write in. It has unbleached paper and the paper is thick and the lines are a good size. I have at least three pens in my bag. It’s a little excessive.

I saw my parents on Monday night and I spoke to my Dad about writing. He is 10,000 words into his novel which appears to be set in Ancient Egypt. The Tall Tale he had published in the Parkinson’s fundraiser book is awesome.

I’m going to the Thorndon Fair on Sunday. I really like going to the fair, it’s fun and full of stuff and we usually manage to get some Christmas present shopping done.

Yesterday I wrapped a present for Lee and put it under the tree. I am so organised this year!

Today I am going to a funeral. The father of some close friends died unexpectedly on Saturday morning so I’m going to be there for them. I have never been to a funeral before. I have to go back to work after it.

PoF: green face, fuzzy robe. I may be Yoda.
CO: pretty blank, too much sleep

Passing it on

So. My second draft is finished-ish. In the way that second drafts don’t really get finished they just get rewritten endlessly.
I have finished updating the thing and I went through yesterday and properly numbered all the chapters (53 all up, some very short) and then I stuck it on a data stick and gave it to C to read.

It is a very scary thing to do. But at the same time incredibly exciting and I am so eager to see/hear/read what she thinks of it. I am worried of course, but I am also ecstatic that I have managed to write something and get it to this stage. I am impressed with myself for my dedication and I think it’s a sign that I’ve kind of grown up. In some ways anyway.

So this weekend I have no novel hanging over me. I could do some work on my next one (wrote two mini-moleskine pages worth the other day) but instead I shall craft my little heart out and force Lee to take me Christmas tree shopping. I am very excited about hosting Christmas this year and I keep thinking of awesome things I could do 🙂

I am also happy with myself at work. I’ve been pushing myself the past couple of weeks to meet my daily email targets and I’ve been doing much better. Not meeting the target every day but getting closer and yesterday I did manage the email target so I am happy.
On the flip side there was a sausage sizzle yesterday at lunchtime and my stomach has been achingly gassy ever since. Damn you sausages, why are you so delicious?

Last night we saw Lions for Lambs which is a talky political movie about the war on terror directed by and sorta starring Robert Redford. It was good. The interview sequence (which is about a third of the movie) between Tom Cruise’s smarmy senator and Merryl Streep’s been there-done that journalist were astoundingly good. The stuff in Afghanistan was a but ropey CGI wise but affecting all the same, and the conversation between Robert Redford and the annoying-but-promising student had its moments.

It was a little bit flag wavy and a bit hyperbolic but I think it still made its point and I’m pleased it got made at all in the climate over in the states. I would recommend it to you if the thought of a talky political drama doesn’t immediately make you want to go to sleep.

PoF: pajamas
CO: nervous excitement.

Book reviews

Have finished the two new books in the Bloody Jack sequence and man, were they good.

I really like Jacky has a heroine because she is brave, flirty, fun, capable and willing to learn and change. She is also a show off, a danger magnet and capable of doing incredibly stupid things. Three dimensional characters rock my world.*

One frustrating thing about these books is the endless amount of trouble that Jacky ends up in. It’s disaster after disaster with a little bit of happiness and then more disaster. These two actually had some quite upsetting torture scenes in them as well, especially in Mississippi Jack which I could barely read.

The other frustrating thing is the endlessly strung out romance between Jacky and Jaimy. Every time they get close together fate (or disaster) drags them apart again. I want some freaking closure!

On the other hand I also want L.A. Meyer to keep writing these books forever because they are such good fun and so exciting and involving.

So, yeah. I’m a little conflicted. Mostly though, these are rollicking good reads. I want to call them Girls’ Own Adventure stories, because no other genre seems to fit.

In other girl-pirate-novel related news I picked up Piratica 3 today. Awesome.

I am currently reading Eclipse the third in the annoyingly emo weak girl vampire romance series. It’s really well written. If only she could stop being so weak and emo, but alas, some things are not to be.

*worries that the characters in own book are not 3d enough…

These things come in Threes

On Saturday I drove (briefly) on the wrong side of the road, thinking it was a turning lane. I figured out it wasn’t when a car came down the road towards us.

Half an hour ago I hit myself in the head with my fridge. I was bending down and trying to get icecream when I pulled the fridge door open instead and hit myself in the head. Hard.

So, what stupid thing will I do next? The world waits with baited breath…

In other news I saw ducklings at lunch time today. In the pool on the side of Te Papa there are at least two duckie families. There is nothing that brightens my day like seeing those wee fluffballs with their little paddly feet…..*melts*
Must take my camera tomorrow and see if I can snap a Cute Overload-worthy shot.

Giffy’s show Suessical was really good. I loved the set design, the costumes, the leads, the Bid Girls, the songs were all catchy and the chorus work was very good. A great night out!

We were the classy table with all the KFC that the show had to wait for because three people were late. I laughed a lot, which makes Giffy happy, but the little blonde girl at the next table was quite disapproving of me. I figure she just didn’t get the jokes. I was too scared to bid for Horton the Elephant though.

My favourite lead was Gertrude McFuzz, she really had the adorable thing going and she could break your heart as well. Her singing voice was just stunning as well.

Giffy of course, was wonderful. I have a bunch of slightly fuzzy photos of all the costume changes, and she arranged it so we could take a group photo in Whoville at the end of the night!

PoF: Magic Tree
CO: second draft.

stuff and things

On the one hand, OMG gorgeous hot day out there, loving that!

On the other hand, I heard from my friend Bec, who is a meteorologist currently researching in the Arctic region. Uh yeah, Bec is a massive overachiever who puts all the rest of us to shame. She went to space camp in sixth form. Uh anyway….
I asked her “can you see the ice melting, or is global warming really a myth?”

She replies: “But global warming most definitely exists – the research I’m doing will hopefully come in useful for understanding that. When I was up there in July, they had the hottest temperature in 60 years of recording the weather at the weather station there (20.7 degrees). It was also the first time that the north-west passage has opened completely, with the minimum sea ice record broken by lots! It’s scary stuff, thats for sure.
It makes me sad to think that the places that I love won’t still be around (at least not the way I know them!) by the time our kids are old enough to adventure there.

A little first hand account, obviously not too much detail but there you have it.
In other news I managed to track down advent calendars with actual pictures behind the windows instead of crappy chocolate! Whitcoulls have a whole range of them!

I am currently powering through Mississippi Jack and loving it to pieces. The character of Jack Faber is just so appealing in all her show-off, flirty, break the rules charm. Plus the author is really good at making the guys very attractive….heh.
Should do some more proof reading or craft. Our house had another open home today but so far there have been no offers. Plenty of interest, but no offers. Le sigh.

PoF: hardly anything! It’s really warm!
CO: stuff to do

watch me procrastinate!

I should be updating my novel with the changes I decided on while proof reading. Watch while I do not do that!

Christmas is coming, and I am already very excited about it. Lee and I are hosting my side of the family for Christmas lunch this year, and I am mightily excited and slightly freaked out by that idea. Mostly I’m excited because it gives me an excuse to get a really large and over the top Christmas tree and go mad decorating it and the house. I love Christmas so much.

Our new apartment building should be ready* by 15th of December, but I’ve made it clear I am not willing to move in within a week of Christmas. With the delays that inevitably happen with new buildings I kinda doubt it will be ready in time, but it is exciting all the same.
Lee and I went to look at it this week, and it has most of its walls and half of the windows and electrical cables hanging out of the walls it has. Apparently it will be completed in just two weeks, painting and all but I remain skeptical.

In other news Lee and I just spent a lovely few hours enjoying the stunning sunshine, there was hardly any wind this morning but it picked up after lunch. We had a seafood platter on Oriental Parade and sat out in the sunshine.

I have ideas for handmade Christmas presents I need to get to work on, but that can wait. I have to do some work on my book now.

*code compliant and livable that is.

PoF: Mooloolaba tshirt
CO: so warm today!


Donate free rice by clicking on word definitions? addictive.

Also, as everyone has already told me, I like the Gilmore Girls. I’ve been watching the first episodes of the first season from my sick bed couch.

two things

I just wanted to share two more things…

One: Leonard Cohen on writing from the movie I’m your man (Paraphrased horribly)
You don’t have all the time in the world. You know how long it takes you to do anything, so you have to start now. You have to write what you’re going to abandon, put it down so you can see how it all fits together. Then you can throw it away.

Two: One of my motivational songs for making myself write , for much the same reasons as the quote above is Gwen Stefani’s What you waiting for?

Because seriously, what are you waiting for? I said to Seraph this afternoon, there will *always* be other stuff you could be doing. I have found success in just forcing myself to be doing writing instead of all that other stuff.
It seems so obvious somehow, but it also feels like a revelation.

dances with words

Hee! I have finished the printed out proof reading! It’s done!
Now it is time to go through the digital version of the thing and update it with all the changes, and probably make some additional changes as well.

After that it’s a quick read through and making of a plot map to check the that the highs and lows make sense, alter anything I need to and then I can *gulp* pass it on to someone to read….gah, it’s amazing how scary that step is.

But then, every step of writing this thing has been scary, until I’m doing it. Then it’s not scary, it’s difficult. Proof reading was fun though.
In more apartment selling related news, that’s the second open home in two weeks with no one coming through. Although apparently our land agent has been approached by a potential buyer who may come through this week so we must keep the place as pristine as possible.

Ok, I’m off to do some laundry and then get to work on the second draft proper.

PoF: swirl of the world
CO: Wooldoor Sockbat style WHEEEEeeeeeeeeee!


Finished Fables vol 9. Liked it a lot. Pleased to see certain characters, although remain vaguely dissatisfied that Snow’s only role now is “Mommy”. I mean, sure, she has a litter of kids, but she also has a whole heap of people willing to babysit, if she were to like, go and kick some ass again. *le sigh*.

I have been working steadily since returning from Australia on proofing my first draft…just going through and circling typos and making notes of stuff that needs to be added and striking through extraneous words and bits that are terrible continuity.

I think my favourite moment for bad continuity was when I had one of the main characters reading a map of the magical land. Which has never been mentioned before, is never mentioned since, and since the main premise is that they are *lost* in this world and need a guide….well. I struck right through that sentence, let me tell you.

I’m actually quite enjoying this phase, maybe because it’s quick, and interesting and relatively easy. I am a little scared of the rewriting phase, but I’ll face that when I come to it.

I watched some old episodes of the Twilight Zone last night, specifically ones Seraph had told me were the good ones, and man they really were good. Spooky and unsettling and awesome. I like the Children’s Zoo, Shatterday, Monsters and Button, button the best. Shadow Man was spooky as, but kept reminding me of an episode of Goosebumps, so made me laugh as well.

I have the DVD of Leonard Cohen: I’m your man. I think it must have just come out, and I got it with a birthday voucher from Trade Me, so I’m pleased indeed.

I looked in town but no one had the new Bloody Jack books, so I ordered them off fishpond. They were dispatched just an hour ago! So exciting! I would have ordered from goodbooksnz, but they only had one of the new ones and I must have both. I have run out of space on my graphic novel shelf. I am thinking I will have to make a separate manga shelf…hee hee hee.

PoF: stop cutting the magical tree
CO: do some more proofing!